Eiji watched tediously as Tachibana was closing up the shop. His eyes followed him moving around as he had nothing else to do. Chikage was accompanying Ono to a sale at some store elsewhere so they were alone for the moment.

He watched the older man finally gather his things and get ready to set off, but stopped him by grabbing a hold of his arm. Tachibana turned to him sharply, looking drained for the day.

"What is it, brat!?" he asked in an annoyed tone. He was surprised to see the younger teen looking everywhere else but him and…blushing. This was the opposite from his usual demeanor.

"Well…I was kind of…wondering…"

"…" although he was still irritated, he waited till the red head finished his sentence.

"If…if you could…givemesomelessonsonkissing!" he blurted, hoping Tachibana would understand his words.

In fact, he did, and actually started laughing. Kanda's embarrassment was replaced with anger.

"What? I'm being serious here!" he flustered.

"Okay, okay, but you're a teenager. Haven't you experienced kissing before? Or are you that bad with the ladies?" he teased, giving him a smirk.

"Hey, I've had girlfriends! I bet more than you have, old man!" he bristled.

Tachibana didn't reply but set his things back down on a table nearby, staring at the other straight in the eyes.

"Kiss me."

Eiji was taken aback by the sentence and started blushing while stuttering. The silver haired man noticed and rolled his eyes.

"To see if you're a good kisser or not, idiot."

He stared hard at him, looking for any signs of amusement or mock on the other's face, but it was as blank as a poker's face. He ignored the heat in his face and hesitantly placed his lips on the other's. He kissed back, but only lightly. But Eiji wanted more.

He got bold and kissed his lower lip, asking for entrance. Tachibana stiffened briefly but relaxed once more and opened his mouth, letting both their tongues battle. He lifted his hands and entangled them into the teens red locks.

They were so caught up in their activities that they barely noticed the door open. They drew apart, both flushed and panting, to see Ono and Chi had come back.

Eiji started holding his hands up in defense, "I-It's not what it l-looks like. He was teaching me h-how to-," he was interrupted by Ono hugging-and for some reason-congratulating him.

"Master, I didn't know you had a "thing" for mister Kanda here," Chi said cheekily, smiling and patting his old roommate on the shoulder. Tachibana twitched and looked away sheepishly, a pink hue staining his cheeks.

Ono glanced at his watch and showed Chikage the time as well. "We better get going. Good luck you two," they said, bidding them goodbye and leaving them alone again.


"…so…want any more pointers?"