Batman Begins: Batman/Bruce Wayne

Gotham city was an utter dump, filled with pollution and noise and crime. Will could easily think of a dozen other places he'd rather be, but his temporary job forced him here. Sighing, he wrapped his coat closer to his body, his daemon's reassuring presence behind him. She yowled a warning, just as two thugs emerged from an alley behind him. Will swore and turned around, mentally telling himself off for roaming around Gotham alone at night (or any part of the day). Just as they were about to attack, a black shape lunged down from above. In two quick motions, the would-be-attackers were knocked out cold. The shape paused long enough for Will to make out bat ears, a black cape, and a gecko clinging to his shoulder before melting into the darkness surrounding him. Once Will was back at his hotel, door locked, he looked back on the incident. It's odd, he reflected, that his daemon wasn't a bat.

Will almost grinned as he entered Wayne Tower. This was to be the last day of his temporary employment, before he could finally leave Gotham city. He would also finally be meeting Bruce Wayne, billionaire and owner of Wayne Industries. He would report his findings, collect his payment, and book the earliest possible flight out. He pushed open the meeting room door, and arranged all his information before him. The door opened with a muted click, and Mr. Wayne strolled in. Will's attention focused on the gecko perching on his shoulder.