Ok So heres my first chapter.

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It's been Two years since he left me. Two years since that fateful day when I was left shattered into two. One half of me not over him and the other angry.

How could he do that to me? He didn't love me? Why?

The other part of me thinks he left to protect me. For my safety. But I don't even know anymore. I just can't decide. And since I don't sleep any more I keep having battles inside my mind.

Will the pain ever stop?

Just to top off the fact that he left me Victoria chose the worst time to show up. God that wicked being had the nerve to ask me what was wrong!

When I somehow stuttered outthat he'd left me and didn't want me a wicked grin came on her face. I had shut my eyes waiting forall of the shock and pain to leave me, and you know what instead of killing me she changed me!

Something about me having the rest of eternity to be a hopeless and sad mess. If I ever run into her again she won't live to see another day.

But there is one good thing I guess to take from all the painand sadness. Once I stumble led out of the forest 3 days later and bumped straight into Charlie I didn't want to kill him.

He smelt awful to tell you the truth. At least I could still live in society.

This leads to where i am right now at the premier of MY movie. Who would have thought that I Bella Swan would be a movie star?

Of course When my now manager saw me in the street on a sunny day, oh year I don't sparkle either but a nice "natural" glow that people dream for happens but doesn't look paranormal he instantly asked me to come along to an audition with him as my manager.

I only went alone to get my mind off things. Of course with my new found "beauty" I was given the role in 20 minutes.

The movie took 6 months to film and since he left me they have been the best months of my life.

I was swept up in my character that the pain about him was easier to bare with. Now it's over its back but not as bad as before.

You know what tonight I'm just going to be happy and watch the movie starring me in it.

Charlie and Renee are here to. They are psyched that I'm happy and am in a movie there daughter in a movie they can't believe it.

Neither can I.