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Well that prank on Edward turned out extremely well if I do so say myself. I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Even Emmet and Rose were in hysterics.

Now for Alice. I'm going for maximum impact. Alice's wardrobe. This may just be one of our most dangerous missions yet.

We'll work on Alice's prank later. .....................

Right now Rose Emmet and I are out and about Hollywood shopping.

It's really great to have Emmet around. I swear everyone's to scared to approach me for fear of being beaten to a pulp.

"What are you smiling at?" Rose suddenly asked.

I looked up and said ' Just the fact that everyone is afraid to approach me for fear of death by Emmet".

Rose snickered and said ' well he really got into the part of bodyguard; he bought those sunglasses just for this occasion".

I looked at Emmet who was walking in front of us and noticed the Sunglasses; he looked just like the Terminator but with better looks. I raised my eyebrows and looked at her "really? Well I'm glad he did". We both started laughing.

"Will you two hurry up? I want to go to the zoo" Emmet suddenly said.

Rose and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Why not?" with that we went to the zoo. Not the plan for today but hey! Emmet wanted to go to the zoo and I wasn't going to deny him that chance.

Little did I know that the rest of the Cullen's would be at the zoo also with a little revenge operation of their own.


So it all started when Alice had a vision of Emmet, Rose and the love of my life Bella at the zoo.

Jasper, Alice and I had figured out that the car and stereo incident wasn't accidental. Bella, Rose and Emmet had planned the whole thing.

I have to say nice prank but NOONE DOES THAT TO EDWARD CULLEN'S VOLVO AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!! I know Bella's mad but it's my Volvo! If she wants to play pranks then we'll Re-prank them. Maybe she'll talk to me if that prank works out.

Alice can't see the outcome of the prank due to Bella's shield, but we do know that they'll be at the zoo at 11am.

Alice, Jasper and I have been at the zoo since 9am and are situated a few meters from the entrance so we can stay hidden but be able to watch them. At precisely 11am there, Bella looking as beautiful as ever walked through he entrance with Emmet and Rose.

Emmet had some type of outfit resembling a bodyguard but that was soon dimmed down when he ran over to the petting zoo and stared going off about how cute the baby ducks were. Alice, Jasper and I crept further back into the bush as Bella and Rose walked past.

They were laughing but as they walked past Bella said " Was it really that bad when you guys left?".

This caught our attention and the three of us leant further to listen in.

Rose looked down at the ground.

"It was actually worse, Emmet stopped laughing, Esme stopped decorating, Carlisle started to work longer at the hospital, Alice stopped shopping so much, Jasper found it harder to cope and left for days on end sometimes"

"Edward however took it the hardest. Bella you have to believe me when I say we never wanted this to happen. I guess Edward thought it was the right thing to do" Rose sighed.

Bella stopped walked and looked at the ground. Then she hugged Rose. "I'm so sorry" Bella whispered. "If I had never gotten involved, your lives wouldn't have been so bad".

Alice, jasper and I looked at each other. We all thought the same thing. Our lives would have sucked without her.

" BELLA!" Rose shouted. Bella jumped back and let Rose go. "If I EVER HEAR THAT AGAIN I"LL TELL THEM WHERE YOU LIVE!" Rose fumed.

"But Rose" Bella stared.

"No Bella don't even start, we'd all still be miserable and Edward would still have Tanya on his back, really if anything you have improved our life".

It was silent for a minute before Bella just started laughing uncontrollably. Bella was holding her sides she was laughing so hard. Rose looked just as confused as the three of us did.

"What's so funny?' Rose asked. "Tanya" Bella managed to stutter out before another fit of laughter.

Rose smiled. "What about her?" Rose continued.

Bella regained her voice and looked at Rose. "I met her" Bella grinned.

"You did?" Rose said stunned.

Bella nodded. "Yep! After I was changed I went off for a few weeks and ran into the Denali Clan, I met Tanya there and all I can say is, does she have it bad for Edward, did you know she has a shrine of him in her closet down the back" Bella managed to say before laughing again.

By this time Rose had joined her and the two girls were in hysterics as they stood 10 meters away from the three of us hidden in the bushes.

I knew it! Alice thought.

Alice and Jasper had their hands on their mouths as they held in their own laughter.

This was so not happening! That's it.

I walked out of the bushes and towards Bella. "

You don't think I should know about something as serious as that?" I asked her as I walked towards her.

Bella yelped and jumped. It was silent for a second before she pointed at me and burst out laughing.

'It's shrine boy" Bella yelled as she kept on laughing. Rose joined her and then Bella stopped. "Oh NO! It's TANYA! RUN EDWARD" Bella said as she pointed behind me.

I jumped and turned around.

"RUN ROSE, EMMET!" I heard Bella yell I quickly whipped back around.

Tanya wasn't here. I saw Bella, Rose and Emmet run behind that penguin exhibit and keep going down the path. No doubt to the grizzly bears if Emmet had his way.

" Hey shrine boy" Japer said as he and Alice stood next to me.

"Not a word" I said.

This was going to be a long day. Time to launch Mission Cullen Vengeance.


As Rose, Emmet and I ran past the penguin exhibit Emmet grabbed my hand and pulled me down the left path. I glanced at the sigh.

*sigh* I should have known. It read Grizzly Bears.

Rose had known instantly and was running beside Emmet.

I was still laughing. "Shrine Boy didn't look too impressed" I snickered.

" Shrine Boy?" Emmet questioned as he slowed down to a walk and looked at me. Rose explained to him what had transpired and he then burst out laughing.

"Never let him live this down!" Emmet bellowed.

"Don't plan to" Rose and I said.

The three of us decided to stay at the zoo. It's too big a place and to public for the rest of the Cullen's to try something.

Oh how wrong I was.

Later on during the day Em, Rose and I had only seen half of the zoo due to Emmet insisting we need to buy ice-cream. Rose and he had, had a huge fight over why they did and didn't need it.

Needles to say in the end we just bought some. Emmet had thrown a tantrum and has sat down and crossed both his legs and arms, he insisted he wasn't moving until he got his way. I'm not proud to say I just went and bought some.

While Emmet walked ahead of us eating his ice-cream, Rose and I threw ours in the trash. What a waste of $6. I just shook my head as we followed Emmet.

All of a sudden Emmet's Ice-cream went flying out of his hands as he was covered in pink paint.

"Noooooo" Emmet screamed as his eyes followed the ice-cream as it fell to the ground. Emmet growled and shouted. "WHO DID THIS" The pink paint was dripping as Rose and I rushed up to him.

Just as Rose reached him she was covered in yellow paint. I heard a click click and I jumped as I watched a blue paintball fly past me. Oh hell no. Who lets paint balls into the zoo?

"Rose, Em RUN! Someone has a paintball gun!" To prove my point another pink paintball soared past me. I took off running. Emmet and Rose were right behind me.

"This can only be the work of Jasper, Alice and Edward" Rose exclaimed. I screeched to a halt behind a vending machine.

"Its war now!" Emmet exclaimed passionately.

Poor guy, I think the fact that his ice-cream died has gone to his head.

"Don't worry Emmet; we'll avenge your ice-cream!" I said. I looked at them both.

" You two!, go and buy 3 backpacks, fill each with paintballs each bag a different colour and buy three paintball guns, meet me at the lion exhibit in one hour, I'll distract the rest of them GO!" I said and I ran back towards the scene of the death of Mr ice-cream, he died too young.

"Can't even get me, man your aims wayyyyyyyy of, the three of you suck!" I yelled as I bolted past.

To answer three paintballs flew past my head.

One blue.

One Pink.

One Yellow.

Yes! They fell for it!

Now let's hope I can keep them following me for an hour.

Once I get my hands on a paintball gun the three of them are going to pay!

Especially Shrine Boy!