Skip Beat! Fanfiction

Title: Seductive Beat


"You have to help me Moko-chan!!" cried Kyoko as she gripped onto Kanae's shirt while kneeling down on the ground.

"Wha…What do you what!?" asked Kanae frightened at the sight of the pleading Kyoko.

"I need help understanding…"Kyoko teary eyes grew wider as she tried to ask something that was clearly difficult for her to ask. "…how to…" Kanae's eyes twitched as she grew impatient. "I need help understanding how to…"

"How to what!?" Kanae exclaimed growing more concerned with each passing second.

Kyoko grew even more teary and her intense aura had lightened up. "Moko-chan…I need help understanding how to seduce a man!"


Kyoko cast her eyes downward and spoke shyly. "Well, There's a part where my character "Natsu" has to be seductive."


"Yeah, and I'm not all to sure about that." Kyoko said as she lifted herself off the ground and stood opposite of Kanae. "But you are, aren't you Moko-chan?"

Kanae looked back at Kyoko shocked then with a smug smile saying, "Well of course. I am an actress after all."

Kyoko's eyes beamed. "Ahhh, I knew it! As expected of my best friend Moko-chan!"

Kyoko's happiness and praising left Kanae feeling smug and superior. She concluded that she will give Kyoko some useful tips later on in the break room.


"Try this." Kanae said as she dropped her hands onward and slightly tilting forward emphasizing her breasts.

*Claps* "Ohh, as I thought. You're so great Kanae!" Kyoko said cheerfully as she clapped.

"You try." Kanae said with confidence as she folded her arms over her chest and leaned against the nearby wall without taking her eyes off Kyoko.

Kyoko with great enthusiasm imitated Kanae's earlier actions. But she was not successful. She leaned over way to much with her hands stretched out to the point where it seemed uncomfortable. Kyoko's face was twisted with confusion as she tried to focus. Kanae with her eyes wide was stunned. Kanae turned her head to the side and attempted to hold in her laughter. Her entire body seemed to shake as she held onto her sides and her long black hair fell off her shoulders.

"Hey! Your laughing aren't you!" Kyoko yelled pointing her finger.

Kanae cleared her throat and said between laughs, "You have to be in character."

"In character?"

"Yeah, you said you already mastered her character right?" Kanae stepped forward. "That character is like a model, right? Then she would be comfortable with using her body. Like body language."

"Body Language?" Kyoko questioned with determined eyes and unweaving curiosity.

"Yeah, not only should you have the voice and the face, but your whole body has to say it." Kanae stated this as a matter-as-fact .

"My whole body…" Kyoko began to mumble to herself.

"Here I'll give you a few more demonstrations." Kanae announced. She felt good that she could give advice to Kyoko. Though at times Kyoko seemed clueless, she knew that she will be able to catch on fast. Kyoko was still her rival in a sense, but sometimes in order to help a rival, it helps you in the progress as well. So Kanae gave all her tips to the absorbing Kyoko. Kyoko attentively listened and did not question her.

"Now, to see if you really got it down you should try to seduce somebody." Kanae said proudly after the training session was over

"A test run?" Kyoko said from her seat exhausted.

"Exactly! We need someone who wont be the least bit attractive to you. That way, if you are able to seduce them, you'll know that you'll be able to seduce anybody."

"You're a genius, Kanae! But I don't know anyone…" Kyoko froze as her thought progress brought her over to the one man she hated to think about the most. Fuwa Shou. She had heard from him a dozen of times that she had no sexual appeal. She thought about how great it will be to prove him wrong. But then again, it will make her sick to her stomach to try to seduce that bastard.

"What about Tsuruga Ren?" Kanae asked causally.

"Tsuruga-san?" Many thoughts went flying through Kyoko's head.

"Yeah. I mean he's an adult and very mature. And he's probably used to being seduced all the time. He should be someone easy to practice on, since he wont get seduced so easily."

"You think so?" Kyoko said hesitantly.




Later that night, after much consideration, Kyoko went over to Ren's place. She had asked his Manager Yashiro-san for Ren's schedule and at what time he will be home. It was now nearing eleven o'clock and Kyoko rang the doorbell.

The doorbell sounded and she could hear approaching footsteps. The door opened and a casually dressed Tsuruga Ren looked on shocked at Kyoko.

Kyoko who had on a fairly light outfit stood while half-leaning on the doorway. Her hair was combed to the side making her look mature and she had done her own make-up with the kit that she gotten on her birthday. Her eyes looked up and locked on as she gave a devilish smile.

Ren couldn't help but freeze, without a word being spoken, he tried to comprehend the atmosphere he found himself in.

Kyoko spoke first. Her voice was gentle and soft as she spoke while looking directly at him. "Tsuruga Ren" Her smile grew wider. "Will you not let me in?"


In the kitchen Ren stood by his sink. He had gone in there to prepare a drink for his guest but he couldn't concentrate. 'What was that!?' He thought wildly. 'She looked as if she was trying to tempt me. What could that mean?" He was so shocked that he hadn't asked her why she was there in the first place. He brought a hand to his face and sighed. 'If she keeps that up I might not be able to control myself.' He grabbed the cup of tea in his hand and headed back into the living room area.

Kyoko was carefully sitting down. Her upper body was leaned on the side of the couch while her lower body was relaxed and stretched out. Her hand was under her chin holding her face up. She turned her head to watch as Ren entered and nearly dropped the tea onto the table. Kyoko smiled as the distraught Ren found his seat in the opposite couch.

"Did you come here for something?" He asked in his professional voice.

Kyoko stood up and made her way to Ren, "I came here to see you, silly." She said with confidence.

At this point Ren was thankful for his acting skills as he appeared to remain perfectly calm. Kyoko's hands touched at his chest as she sat down close beside him. Ren was able to smell her perfume, by the way suited her perfectly, as he tried to inch away. "I don't understand."

Kyoko leaned over, her eyes mesmerizing him. "What don't you understand?" Kyoko's finger fell on Tsuruga-san's face and she gently brushed him down to his neck.

"Mogami-san!?" Ren exclaimed as he clutched her arm.

Kyoko's hair fell over her eyes and she swept it away with her other hand. She stared at Ren whose eyes were wide and was speechless. "Do I not appeal to you, Tsuruga-san?" she asked hurt.

"It's… not that…It's just, this is sudden." Ren said the best he could.

Kyoko pulled her arm back and sat still. "I have no charm after all…"

Kyoko had cast her eyes downward and her smile had readily disappeared, but at that moment, the way the light hit her, she looked beautiful. Her hair collapsed again over her eyes and Tsuruga-san motioned over and pulled it under her ear.

Kyoko was shocked by his slight touch and when she looked over to him he had one of his rare smiles. A smile that always made her speechless. Light seemed to radiate off him but it wasn't enough that it made her temporarily blind and turn away. It was a soft brightness and she couldn't help but stare at him. He leaned closer with his hand to the side of her face. She couldn't help but think it was really seductive.

"Wow! You do an awesome job, Tsuruga-san!!" Called out Kyoko to Ren who was inches away from her face. "You are very alluring! As expected from Tsuruga-san. I however didn't do a good job it seems."

"Wha…" said Ren confused.

"I was trying to tempt you to see if my seductive charms worked,…but it didn't have any effect." A small sigh escaped her mouth as she stood up. "Thank you, Tsuruga-san" She headed toward the door and before leaving she said, "You really helped me out. I'll see you later. I should get going it's getting late after all. Goodbye." She closed the door behind her and she was gone.

Ren collapsed on the couch and his body uncontrollably shook. He didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

He ended up doing both.



Author's Note- This was my first Skip Beat! Fanfiction. I always thought that it would be funny if Kyoko purposely tried to seduce Ren. Hope you liked it.