Chapter 4-

Ren felt his body heating up and his breathing quicken. His body had reacted on its own, he had no control. With Kyoko's wrists held tightly in his hands he said, "Don't go to that man!"

Kyoko who was under Ren felt his grip tighten. She looked up at him, at first sight he looked angry, but looking closer he had a desperate expression. She felt a pierce at her chest. She couldn't explain it. It reminded her of those few moments where Ren seemed as helpless as a child. And she, strangely enough, wanted to comfort him.

Ren got closer. Their faces a few inches from each other. Ren's eyes seemed to soften and his grip finally relaxed. Ren fell forward burying his face in the nook of her neck. Kyoko, with her hands now free, lifted herself up to sit forward. Ren who was kneeling on the floor, still had his face hidden and his hands had fallen to her sides. Each hand clutching the fabric of her shirt.

"Why…Why is it that you…make me feel this way?" Ren lifted his head. He stared at her for a second then he raised his hand so that he touched her cheek. "I'm not supposed to feel these kinds of feelings." he said solemnly.

Kyoko stared back at him. She didn't understand. Everything, the whole situation, had changed dramatically. All she knew was that this man, Tsuruga Ren, held on to her and looked at her with such eyes. She looked deeper into them. Those eyes were also filled with confusion.

Ren lowered his eyes, he wasn't sure what to do. He felt painful. He wanted to hold her, but he continually stopped himself at the last moment. He was having an internal battle and at the rate it was going he was afraid of the result.

Kyoko felt the wave of pain radiating from Ren. His eyes shut tightly and his body was tense. She wanted to console him. She felt that he was in pain and she was afraid it was because of her. 'What was it he said, 'Why is it you make me feel this way' , I wonder what he meant by that. It seems he's always angry at me, and also when Shou is mentioned. But why? He seems to be concerned about something,…is it me?! Am I disturbing Tsuruga-san this much?..' "Tsuruga-san…I'm sorry. It seems I always disturb you."

As soon as the words left her mouth Ren realized what he had done and what he was doing. He stood up. He wanted to put distance between them.

"Not that…I wasn't thinking straight." Ren looked away. "Please don't take it to heart." He finally said.

Kyoko more confused than ever stood up. "I don't understand." she said. "Why…I feel as though you keep contradicting yourself. You should say what you really feel!" Kyoko's hands formed into a fist. She knew that something was wrong and she wanted Ren to say it clearly. "Something is troubling you, something is making you feel painful!…But now you say it's nothing?!…" Kyoko bit her lip and turned her head away. "I knew it,…It's me, isn't it."

Ren looked over at her. Kyoko still had her hands formed in a fist and her bottom lip was trembling.

"I thought that things between us had settled down. But,…I guess you really do hate me." She continued. "I always make you mad and worried. Of course you would get tired of me."

Ren took a step toward her, "No, that's not it! I don't hate you. I don't hate you at all,… if anything it's the opposite."

Kyoko peered at him teary eyed. "Opposite?"

"Yeah…" He said with a weak smile.

Kyoko feeling a sense of relief, closed her eyes and smiled willfully, "Thank goodness."

Something snapped inside of Ren and he took another step toward her. "Do you know what that means?" He asked.

She opened her eyes and looked at him curiously, "Huh, yeah that you like me."

Ren stopped in his tracks. He looked at Kyoko with more longing then he could ever imagine. But he knew what she meant. She meant the simple kind of 'like' the one with no romantic feelings. It was just the way she was. Her way of thinking. He glanced at her again and her happy expression did not leave her face. It was enough for her to know that he did not 'hate' her. But he wasn't sure if it was enough for him.

He motioned his hand and waved her over. She looked confused for a moment but then stepped forward so that she was at arms length from him. He motioned his hand again and she took another step forward. Ren placed his hand on the side of her face and leaned down and kissed her forehead. "I really 'like' you a lot." He said.

Kyoko felt her face heat up and she looked up at him with her blushing face.

He had the most relaxed smile.


Kyoko watched as Ren got off the set of DARK MOON and went over to talk to the director. She glared heavily at him and she fumed. Ever since that night, Ren hadn't acted any differently around her. And every time she thought about what happened she couldn't help but blush. 'He didn't mean anything by it!' She kept reminding herself. 'There's no way he meant anything by it!' She folded her arms across her chest. 'He only said that he liked me…He meant it in the professional way…right?!' Her anger subsided and she filled up with depression. 'Why do I have this kind of feeling?'

Ren who was now by his manager looked over at distraught Kyoko and smiled. Yashiro, his manager, saw that Ren was looking at something, so he also looked. It was Kyoko. They both could see Kyoko very clearly in the far corner. Her aura was intense, light, then intense again. The smile on Ren's face grew wider.

"What is she doing?" asked Yashiro concerned.

Ren who didn't take his eyes off Kyoko, answered, "She's thinking of me." He let out a small satisfied sigh and turn around.

Yashiro stood there confused for a second but then followed Ren .

"My existence is becoming stronger within her."


Authors Note: Thanks for waiting! This is the very last chapter. This chapter was very hard to write. This is also the shortest of all the chapters so I apologize. I wasn't even sure how I was going to end it until I started writing, but in the end I decided to leave it at that. At least Ren got his revenge right? Sorry I bet most of you are disappointed (Those of you who wanted a full blown confession) but I decided to stick to the story plot. Feel free to yell at me. Ah well for the most part I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for Reading!