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"Matthew Click?" Mr. Robertson was taking roll call, me as always close to the start; with the other letter C's.

"Here!" I called out.

"Would you prefer to be called Matt… or something else?" his eyebrows raised up asking the question. Oh, how I hated that question. Every single year, every class, every person I meet, same question!

"Uhh…. whatever… I don't care…" I mumbled, playing with the pencil in hand.

"Arighty then….. Click…" as he said that I could hear a few people holding in their laughs, smiling at me. Well, that was a new one… I don't think anybody's called me Click before….

"Renas – wait no - Renesmee? Renesmee Cullen?" He called out and she answered 'here'. Hmm new kid? Whipping my head around I finally noticed the girl sitting next to me, it was her, the one he just called out. Renesmee… was it? He kept calling names while I started at her.

I honestly couldn't look away. She was absolutely… beautiful... perfect…her curly tousled bronze colored hair flowed freely beneath her shoulders onto her pale white skin, and her chocolate brown eyes were glowing. I'd say she looked like her name, very unique. She must have felt my stare, for she looked at me and smiled shyly. I grinned back in response and asked, "So are you new here, to Southridge High?"

Her expression seemed surprised, like she wasn't sure that I was talking to her. "Oh, yes I'm new here. My... umm… family and I moved here from Alaska this summer…" her voice seemed a bit nervous, probably just first day of school nerves.

To ease her nerves a bit I decided to make some conversation, I quickly looked over to see what Mr. Robertson was doing only to see him dealing with a few students who have a wrong schedule. First day here is always like this, we don't get much done, just talk all day. "That's cool, you'll like it here in Beaverton even though it rains a lot, anyways…" I said to the beautiful girl sitting next to me, "your name.... it's very… interesting…"

Shit. How stupid am I? I'm actually talking to this cool new girl and here I am, being an idiot! 'Your name… it's very interesting' what was I thinking?? Oh right, I probably wasn't.

It worked though. She laughed. Seeming to ease up a little she answered me, "I know!! It really can be a pain to say Renesmee all the time! I mean, I know it is a very odd name! Most people just call me Nessie for short, so you can call me that too if you want."

"Oh that's not what I meant, your name is very beautiful," as you are, I thought. "But I like the name Nessie too!" I answered quickly. I clearly have no experience talking to girls. Oh why do I always say the wrong things all the time??

"Oh, thanks..." she said so quietly that I wasn't really sure that's what she really said. But then she raised her voice a little and looked at me. "But I'm curious, what do you want me to call you? I mean, obviously not Click, unless of course, that's what you prefer…" we both glanced over at Mr. Robertson who looked much too stressed probably because he hasn't every started talking to the class, to busy with misplaced students. But I didn't mind. I was talking to Nessie.

"Well," I started slowly, "I honestly don't really care. Personally I like Matthew, but people still end up calling me Matt all the time, so that's what most people call me. Now though, I'm guessing that everyone will be calling me Click." I grimaced at the thought of that, but then continued. "Hey, you probably know how it feels like to never be called your full name, always nicknames to make it shorter. So how about you can call me Matthew and I will call you…. Renesmee."

"I like that." She flashed her brilliant white teeth at me. "Or I can call you Click and you call me Cullen."

We both laughed at that thought until Mr. Robertson started apologizing for taking up most of the class period. He handed out a piece paper with the 11th grade English expectations and reviewed them with us. Finally we were free to go. Everyone started getting out of their seats and I noticed that I was about half a foot taller then Renesmee. Not that I was tall, but she seemed pretty short.

"Renesmee-" she looked at me and I hesitated. "If you want I can walk you to your next class?" It sounded more like a question.

"Oh, I'm fine," She gathered her stuff up and looked at me, "my next class is Health and its only two doors down."

"Okay then. In that case I'll see you… at lunch!" I called out to her as I left the classroom.

My next two classes were a blur, until the start of history when Mrs. Clark was taking attendance. Right after my name she called out a Cullen, but this wasn't Renesmee that she called out, it was someone by the name of Edward Cullen. I looked at him sitting one seat away from me. He had the same bronze colored hair as Renesmee, and the pale white skin. I guess Renesmee forgot to mention she had a twin brother. As soon as his eyes meet mine I looked away, only to notice that everybody was looking at him. Especially the girls. Oh my god, he will definitely be the new talk of Southridge. That makes the two of them, him and Renesmee.

The rest of History was boring. Frequently I looked over at Edward who seemed to always be paying attention to whatever Mrs. Clark was saying. Now that I got a closer look at him I could see that his eyes were a strange color, they were topaz, looking almost golden. He had the looks that most guys at this school would die for. My thoughts were interrupted by the lunch bell, so I stood up like everybody and gathered up my stuff.

As I was going to the door I heard a voice at my side. It was smooth and velvety. "Hello, I'm Edward Cullen," he greeted me politely.

"Oh, hi Edward, I'm Matthew Click, nice to meet you. I already met you're, uh, sister this morning." We were almost at the lunch line.

Edward grinned at me. "Which sister?"

He had another sister? "Um, Renesmee?" I answered quite confused.

"Renesmee, that's nice," not giving me the time to say anything he quickly added, "Oh, I see my family at a table. I better go, they're waiting for me, I'll talk to you later Matthew."

I got my tray of food and was walking over to sit my usual table, with the rest of my friends. I sat down between Derek and Aaron still keeping my eyes on Edward Cullen, who was walking slowly to a table. Finally he sat down three tables down from us right by Renesmee.

"Dude, Matt, did you see the Cullen family??" I quickly looked over at Derek, but he wasn't looking at me. I followed his gaze to the place Edward was sitting, and then I saw them.

Right by Edward I could see a brunette sitting, her back facing us, so I couldn't tell what she looked like. Right in front of her I could see another girl, her jet black hair was spiked up and she looked very excited. She stood up with her food, walking over to throw it away, not even eating anything, and I saw that she was very…. small, probably a foot or so shorter then me. The tiny girl went back to her seat and looked up at the guy sitting next to her. The guy had blondish hair and was smiling back at her. They all had the same pale skin and some sort of beauty in them, Renesmee, Edward, the brunette girl, the short one, and the blond boy. A dark russet skin colored boy was sitting by Renesmee, he had dark hair that was in a ponytail and looked like he would be about 6'6" or something, more like a college student, not high school.

I finally peeled my eyes off and looked at Derek who was staring at me now. "Who are they?" I asked him with wide eyes.

"Ok, so the bronze haired guy is Edward Cullen, the blond guy is like Jasper Hale or something, and the tall dude with the weird hair is Jacob Black. But the guys don't really matter… Now the girls! That's something else! So you see the bronze haired girl? Yeah that's Renesmee, she's Edward's twin. Look how perfect she is!!," and he's telling me… "Then the short one is Alice Cullen… now that's something…. the brunette is Bella, and she's also a Cullen, but not related to the rest of them or something… but who cares?? She's so hot! Anyways, I heard that the Cullens and the Hales were all adopted by a young couple; I'm not sure what their names are. I have no clue who this Jacob guy is, but he looks like he's pretty close to the rest of them," he exhaled slowly, "weird family, huh?"

I was shocked. Such a big family, they were all so good-looking and fair skinned, not including Jacob. "How do you know this stuff?" I asked Derek with disbelief.

"People talk," he shrugged.

I watched as Derek continued eating, and then chatted with some other guys about the new 'family'. I glanced at them again, only to see them laughing and talking to each other at their table. They looked so normal, despite their differences. But there was something about them that was… different…

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