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I felt my whole body shudder as the wind blew from the side. But it wasn't just the wind that made me shake.

I was nervous.

I glanced up at Matthew; he stood awkwardly at my side. The look of unsurity on his face made me second guess everything I was doing. Wait, was I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to do something?

A hesitant Matthew gently brought his hand out of his jacket pocket and reached down to meet my hand. He took my hand in his. And just like that I was all dizzy all over again. His hand was so smooth, so warm, so perfect. My body felt as if I was just struck by lightning, just without the pain; it's like suddenly all the cells in my body had started working double speed.

A smile crept up on my face, but I didn't let it get that far, he was a human and I was half vampire; yet I was also half human, could that side win this time?

I guess Matthew saw the smile creep up and he turned his head to look down at me and instinctively I turned to face him. He smiled a reassuring smile and I couldn't do anything else other than return it.

"Ready?" I nodded, "Let's go" His voice sounded like a choir of angels.

As we walked down the path together, I started to assume that this was the path that lead to the lake. When we neared the end of the path, I could see that the yellows, oranges, reds, the range of purples and blues all fade into each other than fade to the black canvas that hung around everything. I could tell the sun would soon be setting over the serene dark blue lake. The park was deserted as this time. It was beyond beautiful. Everything was green, the grass, the trees, flowers were blooming everywhere.

Matthew noticed my absorption in the outdoor beauty and smiled, "You like it?"

"Yeah, it's amazing. It's so calm and perfect, like everything here doesn't matter and it makes everything better." I paused for a few seconds, still taking in everything around me. "I assume you swim in the lake when it's summertime?" I asked out of true curiosity. I've never swam in a lake before.

His smile grew, "Yes, the whole neighborhood around here loves to swim in that lake. Marie and I went swimming there just a few days back."

I nodded my head as we walked on slowly, as if we were in no hurry to go anywhere. My eyes drifted down to where our hands were intertwined, I had completely forgotten that they were. I felt my body shudder at the shock when the warm shock traveled through my veins.

I felt like I on cloud nine.

"Renesmee, are you cold?" I assumed he had noticed my violet shaking, "Do you want my jacket?"

He immediately started taking off his jacket, not waiting for an answer, "It's okay, thank you though." For an odd reason I felt eager to put on his jacket.

Our hands disconnected as I slid my arms in his oversized jacket, rolling up the sleeves. It felt so good. It was warm; I took a deep breath, taking in his scent from the jacket.

So naturally, almost as if it was second nature, our hand found each other and re-intertwined that it surprised me. Hand in hand, we were strolling by the lake.

"Better?" Matthew raised his eyebrows at me.

"You have no idea," I sighed. It was so true.

In a few moments we were standing on a small bridge, right across the middle of the lake. It was so beautiful, it was beyond words. Picture perfect were the only words that could apply.

Matthew unexpectedly grinned at me. He let go of my hand, placed his hand on the railing and lightly swung his feet over. He looked at such peace just sitting there on the bride, feet dangling off. Without hesitation I leaped over and was sitting at his side. With the lake underneath and all around us, it was indescribable. His body, close to mine, I couldn't begin to describe it. And when he put his arm around my back, by the way the inside of my body reacted I was honestly worried that I might fall into the lake.

Content and in peace, we watched the sun disappear. There was probably ten minutes left until dark when Matthew abruptly whispered in my ear, "What's on your mind?"

"Oh, I'm just thinking about something your sister told me about last night," I felt him tense up slightly beside me. Crap, that was the wrong thing to say.

"What did she say?" he prompted, keeping his voice cool.

"She said that you like me," I choked out in a whisper, looking down at my hands.

Why did I just say that?

After a long moment of silence Matthew spoke gently, "And?"

"I was wondering why." I got up enough courage to look up at him. And once I looked, it felt like I could never look away. My eyes were locked on his deep blue ones.

He chuckled, "There's too many reasons."

"Well, give me a number. How many reasons?" I could feel the mood getting lighted. I let out a deep breath.

Matthew pursed his lips before answered my question with his own, "How many stars are there in the night sky?"

We both looked up.

There were millions.

More than infinity.

"That's impossible," I breathed.

"So you see my problem," he smirked. I smiled back.

And then, without thinking, not thinking at all, I blurted out, "I love you."

Did I just say that?

My face was on fire.

He gazed into my eyes, his own eyes filled with curiosity.

I just noticed that our faces were right by each other, only centimeters apart. His arm tightened around my back, and all of a sudden, it just sort of happened.

I had no control over anything that happened. Not over his body and especially not over mine.

When his lips pressed against mine, nothing else mattered. I couldn't think, nor take a single breath. It was incredible, indescribable. The feeling was beyond words, beyond any description. It's like if the world exploded at that moment, I wouldn't even care. I probably wouldn't have noticed.

His hands were gentle and soft as they ran through my hair. My arms were wrapped around his smooth neck. Our eyes were closed but our lips moved together, and it felt so familiar that I was surprised. It was like hearing your favorite story that you've heard millions of times.

It felt so right with him.

So natural.

As if it was meant to be, perfect.

I felt his warm breath on my lips. And just as we moved apart, when our lips were a centimeter away from each other, Matthew whispered, "I love you."



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