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I'd been sitting there for who knows how long. I lifted my wrist to take a glance at my watch, then dropped it in a quick fashion, sighing. I dropped my head, my golden-bronze hair falling over my shoulders and hiding my face.

There were only two people around me. One was a young woman, probably in her mid twenties, with brown hair--almost black--and violet eyes, which I found a little strange. The other was a Man, he was pretty old, and he had green eyes, but no hair.

I leaned over to the woman beside me, "How long do these things usually take?"

She stared for a while, then replied, "I don't know. Maybe an hour or so…"

I moaned quietly, muttering a small curse under my breath. She stared at me.

"Are you in a hurry?" She asked politely. I nodded, but didn't specify why I was in a hurry.

She nodded, and turned back to the novel she was reading. I rolled my eyes, how long did it take for someone to simply pop in and out. I mean, I'd only been a member of the military for about a month or two, and I hadn't been to one of theses things.

All I knew was you received your future mission here.

And here I was waiting for that mission. I'd been waiting for a good hour now, and I had to meet Cassie in less than half an hour. Not to mention that bald guy was staring at me a lot…

"Hey, Lady," I called, and she lifted her head to look at me.


"Do they have a phone here?"

She nodded, then jerked her head towards the hallway to the left of her. "It's down that hallway."

I thanked her and stood up, making my way towards the hall. I found the phone quickly and dialed Cassie's number.

"Hello?" I heard her answer.

"Cassie!" I exclaimed, "Listen, I'm held up at work. I won't be able to make it on time. And I'm not sure when I'll get off…"

It was silent for a while.


"You work?"

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, I work. That's how I keep a place to live, and how I get food on the table. Duh."

She made a hum of realization, then replied, "That's okay, I'm not sure I would have made it either. I'm caught up with…things…"

"Derek ask you out?" I guessed, raising one eyebrow.


I hummed a reply, then said my goodbyes and hung up. At least I didn't have anything rushing me. But I couldn't help but feel a little abandoned that she wasn't even going to make it.

I plopped down into a chair beside the strange man, only because it was close to the door, and I could hear what was going on.

"Stupid Derek," I muttered under my breath. I felt the man's eyes on me, but I ignored them.

This guy was weird.

I leaned toward the door, almost pressing my ear to the wooden surface. I could barely make out muffled voices. I leaned in further…

"You really shouldn't be doing that,"

I almost squealed, and fell out of my chair. Landing hard on the ground. I looked up to see that man.

"Yeah, well you really shouldn't stare at people, either. But you've been doing that all day." I retorted. He rolled his eyes.

"At least it's not as rude as spying on someone."

"I was not spying!" I squealed, glaring at him. He smirked.

"Then what would you call what you were just doing?"

"Seeing if they were almost done!"

"Yeah," he agreed, "…by spying."

"I was not spying!" I hissed. He only stared at me, then rolled his eyes. Then he sighed and held his hand out.

"Fine, whatever, sorry," He said, "My name's Fayden Jae Martyn, you?"

"Amberlynn Adarella Aldrich," I replied, shaking his hand. I almost shuddered when I felt the hard, dry, hairy skin of his hand.

This man wasn't only creepy, he was disgusting.

I quickly pulled my hand away. Then the door opened.

The fuehrer opened the door, and looked at the man. "Ah, yes, Come in Mr. Martyn."

"what?" I screeched, "I was here way before him!"

King Bradley only shook his head, "No complaining, I take I the ones I need most first."

The man walked in, and King Bradley shut the door.

"Nice to know I'm needed…" I mumbled. Then looked around myself. The woman was gone, and I figured she was in the room, with the important people.

I craned my neck to press my ear to the door. I could hear voices, but I couldn't make out they're words. I got on my knees, and pressed my ear to the old fashioned keyhole. I didn't want to look through it--now that would be spying.

I heard four voices. King Bradley, That woman's voice, some other man--he had a kind of high pitched gangly voice. The last was an almost feminine man's voice. But there was no gruff, deep voice from the other man.

I looked through the keyhole, and found only four people. King Bradly, that woman, a strange short, plump and bald man with beady eyes, and a fairly tall, thin, and pale man with green hair and violet eyes.

I furrowed my brow, where was that man? Did he just disappear? Impossible. And when did the fat man and the skinny one get in there?

The man with the green hair turned his attention to the door, and I immediately scrambled back to find a seat.

I sat, grumbling, as if I never looked in there. I mumbled things like 'stupid fat man,' and 'mean old King,' to make it as if I was still fuming about the fact he got in before me.

The man came out again, the tall fat one. I looked up and glared, "What, he's done with you already?"

The man smirked, "C'mon Amber, I know you were spying,"

I glared, "We're not on first name basis Martyn."

He smirked, "fine, how's 'girly' sound?"

"No way in Hell, man!" I screamed, standing up. The man shook his head, chuckling, and turned around.

I heard him mutter something like, "She didn't see anything. At least it didn't seem like it."

I couldn't help it, I snuck over to the door again and looked through it. I saw the man this time, but only for a second.

My crystal blue eyes widened, there was a flash from the man, then he was replaced by that green haired guy.

I stumbled back, my mouth agape slightly, then contained myself. I wanted to get out of there, fast. Whatever these things were, I wanted to get away from them. I stood and pounded on the door.

It immediately opened, the woman was there, towering over me.

"What?" She asked curtly.

"Could you ask King Bradley if I could leave?"

She stared for a while, then replied, "Why?'

"Because I've been here for an hour, then fatty get's in here before me, I'm hungry and I want to go home!" I whined, hoping she'd say yes.

"I'll ask," I waited as she shut the door. She came back a moment later, "He said you're free to go."

I sighed, "finally!" and I turned to leave.

This place was creeping my out more than it should a seventeen year old.

I stepped outside and wished for a split second that I was like Cassie and didn't feel the cold. However, no such luck, and when I stepped outside I literally froze over. My arms flew to my side in a failed attempt to hold the warmth in. The wind nipped at my nose and I wished that I had at least brought a coat.

But no.

I forgot.

There was a large gust of wind that blew my golden-brown hair into my face. I sputtered to try and get the hair out of my mouth, but I couldn't and had to bring my hand up to my face. My abnormally cold hand brushed against my cheek and made my shiver.

Damn cold weather. What ever happened to the good old early fall? before it got cold and before al the leaves fell? When everything was reds and gold's.

Stupid Winter takes it away, and then I have to wait a whole other year…

I tucked my hands under my arms to try and warm my fingers as another gust of wind hit me. My teeth began to chatter restlessly and I forced them to a halt.

I figured Jae wouldn't mind if I stopped by his house to borrow a coat. After all, It is a lot closer than mine.

With that resolution in mind, I broke into a jog around the corner. I stopped at a large building and pushed the glass door open. I ran up three flights of stairs in an attempt to get my warmth back. I went to his room, digging through my jean pockets for the key he had given me.

I fished it out and shoved it through the key hole. I unlocked it hurriedly, and pushed the door open.

As I walked in, my confusion grew. First of all, nothing was in its original place, and some things were even turned over. I looked at the window to find it open, the curtains blowing in the wind.

I walked over and shut it hurriedly, then looked around the room.

"Jae?" I called warily. There was no answer, but I did hear a thump form the other room.

Against all my good judgment, I ran into the room. I saw no one there, but I figured someone must had been.

There were plenty of reasons someone would ransack Jae's place. First of all, Jae was in the military, and had been for much longer than me. Second, he was very outspoken. Never shut up. Maybe he got someone really angry?

I looked around the room, and while I walked by some things I knew I could move, I would flip them vertical and put them in their rightful place.


Still no answer. I frowned.

"Alright, I know someone's there. Would you come out and stop being such a coward?"

Maybe there was no one. Maybe this happened a while ago. Maybe I just imagined the thump, it would make sense.

I was starting to feel silly; yelling at nothing.

Then I heard it. The same strange feminine voice from the office. I barely heard it--just a muffle, but it was there. Maybe in the kitchen?

Instead of running, I walked quietly towards it. The voices grew louder.

Then I started walking louder; at a normal pace. The voiced stopped immediately.

I decided to play innocent.

"Jae?" I called. I heard the feminine one mumble something, but I didn't catch it.

I walked into the kitchen. Surprisingly, they didn't run. They stared.

"Hi?" I said unsurely. Maybe they were friends of Jae.

They were silent.

"Umm…" I stuttered, "Who are you three?"

I recognized the first one as the woman from the office, the second was the feminine one, and the third was the small fat one.

The woman spoke "Didn't I see you this morning?" She asked casually.

I smiled. "Yeah," I replied. "So…what? Are you friends of Jae or something?"

She smiled while the man beside her smirked, the plump one simply looked clueless.

"Something like that, yes."

I raised an eyebrow, "what do you mean by 'something like that?'" I asked slowly. Her smile stayed.

"We're more like…comrades…"

I nodded, still confused. "Alright," I walked over to the end of the kitchen and grabbed a coat.

"Well…Maybe I'll see you around, uhh…what's your name?"

"I think it's best I don't tell you right now…"

I scrutinized her, then nodded and walked out. Then I stopped.

"Oh, yeah, If you see Jae, tell him I'm borrowing his coat, okay?"

She nodded.

I walked out.

No doubt those people were lying, but there was no way I could go against all three of them.

However, as soon as I walked out of the room and saw outside the window, I saw it was snowing. Not a blizzard, but light snow.

I hated snow.

"Well, shit, looks like I'm crashing here for the night…"

"Should someone your age really be using that language?"

I jumped and turned around, coming face to face with the green haired feminine one. I rolled my eyes.

"You sound like Derek."


I rolled my eyes again, "My friend's boyfriend. He's this really annoying prick who flirts with everything that moves," I sighed, "Sadly, Cassie adores him…"

"Flirts with everything that moves?" He echoed, "Sounds like someone I know…"

"So are you in the military?"



"You know, it's not that bad out. You can go home."

I shook my head defiantly, "No way, I hate the snow…"

"Well, there's not that much--"

Just then there was a large crashing noise in the kitchen. I ran in immediately, thought the green haired one tried to stop me.

"What happened--" I stopped when I saw the hole in the wall. "What the Hell happened?"

The woman stared at me wide eyed, while the fat one looked completely insane--demonic almost.

Then I saw the giant bit marks on the counter and on the sink, even in the wall and almost half the table was chewed off.

"Did he just…" I trailed off.

"envy!" The woman called.

"on it." I heard the distinctive voice of the green haired guy, Envy must have been his name, and then everything went black.

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