Chapter 5! :)

This one took me a while mostly because I wasn't sure which course of action I wanted to take. Anyway, enjoy~


Shit! Takako thought, seeing Shinji's truck pull up in her driveway. Shit, shit, SHIT! I'm not even dressed yet! I don't even know what I'm wearing yet!

She settled for choosing a satiny, spaghetti-strap lavender blouse and a—she hesitated over the skirt, remembering Shinji's frisky hands when her thighs were concerned—and grinned. Yep, skirt it was.

She looked at herself in the mirror—oh, she was going to give her poor father a heart attack. She slung on a jacket to match the skirt, and jammed her feet into ankle-length platform boots. Ankle boots were the best invention ever, she decided, all the fun of a platform boot but they show off your calves.

And track stars had calves to show off. She grinned again—she was unusually grinny today, which was weird—and smoothed her hair, gathering her bangs and pinning them to the top of her head.

She looked at herself again, catching her finger curling a piece of her hair around her finger—stop that, she mentally ordered, grabbing a handful of shiny accessories, closing a necklace around her neck as she hurried downstairs. She either lived in track sneakers or platform boots, so she normally had no problem walking in them, but she was so nervous she almost rolled her ankle on her way downstairs.

And—oh, god. SHINJI, DAMMIT—of all the people to answer the door, damn Ayako makes it there first—"Ayako!" she called from the stairwell, pinning an earring in her left ear—

Ayako, on the other hand, had the curiosity of a ten-year-old, and opened the door. "Whoa!"


Standing at the doorway to Takako's house was a mini-Takako; the hair was dark brown, but Shinji'd recognize the face anywhere.

"Hi," he said, and mentally kicked himself.

"Are you here for Takako?" asked the mini-Takako, "TAKAAAAAA!"

"I'm coming!" said Takako from the stairwell, Shinji's eyebrows raising as he took in what she was—wasn't wearing, more specifically. "Ayako, go away!"

"You never let me have any fun," Ayako pouted, "is this guy here for you, sis?"

"What makes you automatically think he's here for me?" Takako asked her sister, frowning.

Ayako rolled her eyes. "Either that or the plumber got a lot hotter!"

"Am I going to need a stick to beat you Chigusa women off me?" Shinji asked, amused. Takako sighed. Ayako giggled, and after receiving a patented Takako Chigusa death glare, muttered something about homework before scurrying off.

"Kids," said Shinji, and Takako felt herself laugh.

"What?" she asked, increasingly uncomfortable with Shinji's sudden interest in staring at her.

"Nothing," Shinji said defensively, "I just like hearing you laugh. C'mon, the night is young, babe~"

"Where're we going, anyway?" Takako asked Shinji, reluctantly letting him take her arm, locking the front door behind her before dropping her keys in her bag.

"Ah, y'know, figured we'd hit the McD's and have a nice romp in the back of the truck," said Shinji off-handedly, opening the passenger door cheerfully. Takako gave him one hell of a look, and Shinji grinned. "Just kidding. Well, it's not like we haven't done it in the truck before—"

"What, you think I forgot?" Takako asked, amused, "we haven't done it in the back, though…"

"Eh, I figure y'need some more practice before then," said Shinji, winking and unlocking the passenger seat to his Tundra, "c'mon, babe, saddle up, I'm hungry."

Takako's eyes widened in surprise—"it's clean," she commented—"SHINJI ARE THOSE MY PANTIES HANGING FROM YOUR REARVIEW MIRROR!?"

"Oh, good, you recognized them," said Shinji, pleased, "and here I was worried."

Takako groaned, settling in the passenger seat and frowning at Shinji. "You perv!"

"Yes," Shinji agreed cheerfully, "I think there's a hidden pun, or something. You know? It's a rear view mirror, and with your panties hangin' off it, it's like a constant reminder of seeing your naked ass going—"

"STOP," Takako begged, her cheeks coloring, "dammit Shinji!"

Shinji grinned. "No appreciation for my philosophical side, huh?"

Takako sighed. "Yes, yes, write me poems and love songs some other time, alright? I'm hungry and it's rude to bore your date to death when she's withering away in your upholstery.

Shinji nodded, leaning over and kissing her cheek softly before starting up the truck. "Yes, ma'am," he said cheerfully, and backed out of Takako's driveway.


"SHINJI WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!?" Takako raged, once they got to their destination—a nice restaurant located right off the shore of Shiroiwa Beach.

Shinji shrugged. "What? It's a nice night!"

"That's not what I'm—Shinji I'm splitting the check with you, this place is too expensive!" said Takako firmly, opening her purse to check for money. "It's just a date, who cares!?"

"You ain't neither," Shinji disagreed, "and this is a date, huh? Hmm… maybe I should've worn my nice shoes, then?"

Takako tried to scowl, but she was laughing too much. "Dammit," she cursed, realizing she'd lost when Shinji grinned at her, "all right, fine, you win this round!"

"As I expected. This is our first official date, I'm pulling out all the bells and whistles. You just shaddap and enjoy yourself," Shinji told her. poking her in the forehead before leaning in to kiss her. He straightened and grabbed her hand. "C'mon~"

"You're ordering me to enjoy myself?" Takako asked, grinning despite herself, "dammit, Shinji!"

"Music to my ears," Shinji answered, squeezing her hand a bit surreptitiously and winding their fingers together.


Dinner, Takako mused, had been great. She walked back upstairs to her bedroom, ignoring her sister's interrogation squad.

Come to think of it, though, she probably would've had just as good a time with Shinji if they'd just been hanging around school—he probably figured she was high maintenance, or something. Takako wasn't too thrilled about that assumption, but it did get her a nice dinner—she'd pay him back on their next date, or something.

And god knows she'd tried—while leaving the restaurant, she was trying to stuff yen into Shinji's back pockets, which was both an excuse to grab his awesome ass and be the good, moral date. Shinji had grabbed her, backed her against the wall, and kissed her senseless before informing her she was being a pain in the ass, and good date etiquette was to say 'thank you' when someone bought her dinner.

Takako had been all dazed and flustered like she usually got when Shinji kissed her, and since neither of them really wanted to go home yet, Shinji'd suggested walking around.

Takako had complained that she was wearing platform boots, Shinji, which are not proper walking shoes—but he'd just responded by throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and hauling her off. That hadn't lasted long, Takako was kicking and struggling and demanding to be put down, and mostly trying not to wet herself, she was laughing so hard—Shinji'd promptly dropped her on the ground and ran for it, and thanks to that track sprint of the Gods (or so she liked to think, at least) Takako'd not only caught up to him, she'd passed him, in about five seconds—in platform boots. Fuck yeah!

She'd tackled him into the sand, and for a moment they just looked at each other—Takako was on top of him, straddling those glorious hips of his, and judging by where Shinji's line of vision kept trailing, he was looking at the cleavage her blouse exposed.

She'd been about to force him to either throw her on the ground and have sex with her, or she'd just assert herself and have her way with him until her legs gave out, but Shinji read her movements and informed her having sex on the beach without a blanket underneath them would lead to sand stuck inside uncomfortable places, some of them neither of them ever knew they had. So Takako had reluctantly backed off (and made a mental note to carry a blanket with her from now on. Kidding.)

And so instead, they'd gotten to their feet, brushed each other off (Shinji's insistence on 'invisible sand' covering her breasts had earned him a hearty smack to the back of the head) and spent a good hour just walking and chatting, Takako flushing and pleased to have Shinji's fingers wound through hers. Dammit, she was turning into a fluff monster.

To make things even worse, Takako'd left her jacket in the restaurant, and since it was closed, and it was cold, she was destined to freeze—a fate she'd willingly have suffered if it'd have prevented Shinji from going all macho-suave on her and ripping his jacket off and wrapping her up in it.

To Takako, wearing the jacket was like wearing Shinji—it was warm, comfy, smelled great and looked great with what she was wearing. Stupid Shinji. She was half-tempted to grab him, shake him and threaten him with bodily harm if he kept doing stuff to twist her intestines up in knots and to make her knees tremble and her heartbeat quicken and her damned mouth to form that awful girlish smile of glee every time he even looked at her—arrghhhhh!

(Well, okay, she didn't really mind, but hey, she had a reputation to protect!)

Takako groaned when she entered her room; she left the window wide open.

And of course, before he'd dropped her off, he'd cupped her face in her hands and kissed her, like he was the damn lead male of a freaking Shoujo manga—SHINJI, she was tempted to shout, but instead she latched onto him and kissed her back, and right before they probably ended up rolling around like sex-starved eels in the back of the truck, Shinji heard a shotgun being cocked from the front yard, and immediately detached himself from Takako long enough to introduce himself to Mr. Chigusa, Takako's dad.

And they probably would've gone on blabbing like old friends all night if Takako hadn't cleared her throat loudly and announced her intention to go to bed. Shinji had winked at her as she left, and right before she went back in the house she heard her father ask "why do you have panties hanging off your rearview mirror!?"

"Oh, shit," Takako said out loud, realizing why she was still nice and warm. She was still wearing Shinji's jacket.

She glanced out her window, to see if Shinji was still near enough for her to throw him his jacket, but he was already gone. She made a face and shrugged the jacket off; at least it gives me another reason to see Shinji, she thought, then shook her head to remove those thoughts.

"It's just Shinji," Takako said to herself. She saw Shinji every day at school. She tossed her platform boots into the corner of her room and went into her bathroom to brush her teeth.

When she left, she heard a familiar voice. "Just Shinji, huh?"

Takako jumped three feet into the air, seeing Shinji sitting on her windowsill, smirking with his arms folded.

"How'd you get up here?" Takako asked, staring at him.

Shinji shrugged. "I'm a good climber. Your parents still up?"

"No, they went to bed already," Takako said, eying him suspiciously. "Why?"

"What do you think?" Shinji asked with a grin.

Takako groaned. "No way. Not with my parents in the house. They'd kill me!"

Shinji made a face. "Aw, come on. Live a little."

"No," Takako said firmly. "If they weren't home, then maybe… but absolutely not."

Shinji hopped off the ledge and shrugged. "Is that my cue to take a hike?"

Takako felt herself blush. "Well…" Truthfully she wasn't going to kick him out if he wasn't about to leave…

Shinji stretched his arms, and his face lit up at her hesitation. "Hey, can I crash here?"

Takako's blush got worse. "What!?"

"Why'd you think I'm still here? If I go back home it's to an empty house!" Shinji complained.

Takako could just see the look on her parents' faces if one of them walked in and saw Shinji in her room, let alone anywhere near her BED.

"Fine. But you have to be gone by tomorrow morning!" Takako said warningly. "And I mean early!"

"Yeah, yeah." Shinji untied his all stars and kicked them into the corner, hopping onto Takako's bed.

"Hey!" Takako complained, "Where the hell am I gonna sleep?"

Shinji gave her a funny look. "Next to me. Where else?"

Takako blushed again. She should've known Shinji wouldn't want to sleep on the FLOOR…

"You're gonna sleep in your jeans?" Takako asked, closing her window, and shoving Shinji further down on her bed before joining him.

"Huh? Oh, right. Good point." Shinji unbuckled his belt, kicked his jeans off, and scooted closer to Takako.

Takako yawned. "Go to sleep," she said, smiling as Shinji settled his arm around her waist.


Waking up the next morning, Takako found herself underneath her blankets. Her window was wide open, her curtains fluttering in the morning breeze.

She got out of bed, looking around—nope, other than the open window, no trace of Shinji. She sighed and sat back down on her bed, flopping on her back—and she realized something, suddenly.

Her panties were gone. Dammit, Shinji!


I debated on publishing this chapter the way I had it planned originally, which is literally going to be pages and pages of snarky/fluffy Shinji/Takako interaction, but I think it's a good way to end the story. Ambiguous ending.

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