Month 01 – Day 01

"You're alright now?"

"Yeah," he answers instantly before he reminisces about the past and everything he ever went through.

Yes, his life wasn't as normal as any other average man, but even though it was chaotic and filled with lies and experiments, deep inside, in his heart and his soul, he was still the same man that left Nibelheim long ago. He was different in many ways now, but he was still the same boy with that boyish grin and that spiky hair. He was still the quiet shy young man with little to say but much to do. That was his life and his dreams.

Sure, he wasn't proud of some things he did in the past, but he knows he has a future ahead of him to set things right. So he smiles a little when he watches the Cetra turning to face his best friend, because for once, it's actually okay to smile.

And as he watches them walking away from his life, he finally realizes that they are where they belong, just like he is where he belongs, with her. The medium sized brunette who was the girl that knew him in more ways that no one ever could. The first girl he ever and always loved, from that little town called Nibelheim.

He watches her as she stands amongst the rest of their friends. Her eyes are looking toward Denzel and for once she actually looks happy. It makes his smile grow wider at the evident expression of happiness plastered upon her face. But it saddens him a little as he knows he almost lost her friendship.

He doesn't know how he's going to do it, but he wants to let her know that he wasn't running from her, but rather, running from his past and everything in it. He didn't really know how to tell her in the past, but every time his eyes gazed upon her, it only made him remember.

And even though everything he did was to try and protect her, it took him so long to finally realize that he was doing the exact opposite. That wasn't what he wanted; no, that was never what he wanted. He wanted her to be safe, to be protected from all harm. That was what he always felt, and it wasn't because of the promise he made to her, it was much, much more than that.

It was like the sky and the ocean, like the air and life. She was his everything, his goal, his best friend and his only living family. He knew he had their other friends, but she wasn't like them, she was something else to him. She wasn't just a friend or just a best friend; she was a life, she was his life.

He knows that he has a lot of explaining to do, especially after the Geostigma incident. But as he stands and listens to childish laughter echo around him, he thinks that things can finally be okay now. And his smile grows wider, because now, in this moment in his life, it's finally time for him to be happy.

"I'm not alone," he adds finally.

Their conversation is carried on with short phrases and small sentences. They aren't detailed or anything, nor are they filled with large sentences of philosophy. Rather, their just perfect in the dim silence surrounding the air between them.

He's standing at the window, his eyes gazing at the night settling upon Edge. The sun has almost set and the voices from downstairs could be heard easily. But he doesn't really pay attention to it because he's too focused on the brunette sitting on the bed behind him. She's telling him a story of the past, of their adventures when they were younger.

It makes him smile a little as he remembers the past. And it seems funny to him as he realizes that every battle he ever fought in, she was always there, always beside him. At the time he never realized it, but now as he thought of it and listened to her reminiscing of the past; she was always there for him. In the times of darkness, of the light, and of the dream, she would always be there.

He feels a bit guilty for never realizing it, but as he hears her sudden soft laughter, he thinks that he should be happy now. Happy that he's alive and not dead.

"I'm sorry," he says when her laughter settles into silence.

She doesn't say anything at first, and he worries a little thinking he's said the wrong thing. So he turns around, to gauge her reaction and ease that uncertainty growing in the back of his mind. He turns around and instantly her eyes catches his.

She tilts her head to the side, and says softly, "For what?"

"For..." everything, every pain I ever caused you. For leaving you in times where you needed someone. For chasing a dream rather than living in reality. For breaking my promise.

She seems to read his mind like it were a book when she says, "I know."

He looks to her, his eyes slightly weary as the voices downstairs grow silent with every passing minute. He wonders if they've drunk the entire bar dry yet.

"You did what you had to do," she tells him softly. "And I think I understand."

"I didn't mean to not tell you," he says slowly as he implores her beauty with his eyes. "About Geostigma."

She gives him a small smile and shakes her head. "It is okay, that doesn't matter anymore, and besides you're all healed now."

He pauses for a moment before saying anything. Because he wants to say it right to her; to explain to her why he did what he did. And when she tilts her head slightly and parts her mouth to say something he says, "I didn't want you to watch me die."

Her expression grew softened as she stared interestingly at his eyes. Her eyes glistened only for a sheer second as he looked at her. It was as if she was feeling something deep within her heart that almost made her tear a bit.

"You didn't deserve that," he adds softly.

And he doesn't really know why, but in that moment, when her eyes filled with tears, he felt the distinct need to draw her in his arms and take her pain away.

A/N: This is going to be a new long chapter story. I've decided to finally write a long term story since I've got the time. The story is going to be of course about Cloud and Tifa, but it's set right after Advent Children and it'll lead up to the time when they appear in Dirge Of Cerberus. It's roughly a year apart, the two happenings so this story will basically show the growing relationship of Cloud and Tifa. Anyway, if I say anymore it'll only give away the storyline so I hope you enjoy. There are many more chapters to come. I've already written chapter 2 and 3 as it is, so there'll be more to come. enjoy : )