Title: Magical and Powerful Love

Author: Valerya Potter

Words: 536

Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, if he did he would be gay and the books would be a lemon-series!

Re-write of magic, power, love

July 30th, 11.50 PM, 4 Privet drive, Little Wingham, Surrey

Harry Potter sat on his bed, thinking about the information he came across little over 30 days ago.


Harry was walking to the kitchens wanting a midnight snack and so he could speak to Dobby. Walking into the Dungeons he sees a classroom with an open door and hears voices.

"Honestly Ronald, I can't wait 'till the final battle is fought, we will be seen al heroes. We both know Potter isn't going to last that long!" Hermione said, Ron who was there also replied, "I know 'mione, finally my family will have the money Dumbledore promised us. And we can marry." Hearing the kissing noises after hearing that. Harry resumed walking, tears in his eyes. 'Dumbledore plans for me to die in the final battle. The Weasley's are only friendly on payment.

The last day of school, Harry ignored Ron and Hermione. Sitting with Neville, Dean and Seamus instead.

Sitting alone in the train, but he didn't care. Getting of the platform he began thinking about everything, Voldemort, Dumbledore, the war...

#end flashback#

Harry was still thinking; he searched his memories. The Weasley's where loud pronouncing wizarding words like 'muggles' in the muggle part of the station and Ron asked his name before sitting on his first train ride to Hogwarts.

Hermione, the know-it-all... Maybe she also knew him...

Harry shook his head, they're all traitors... He didn't need them. Next subject, Voldemort and the war. He knew what Voldemort wanted, at least that he thought... Every time he saw him Tom looked at him with something akin to compassion... Was Tom played like him? Was there a war? Was Voldemort the bad guy?


Voldemort had just risen from the cauldron... scary red eyes looked at him, his scar exploding with pain... Calling his death eaters... none bowing...

Voldemort talks to them as old friends... Voldemort looking at him...

"Harry Don't carry on being played for any longer. Watch out for Dumbledore." Voldemort cutting him lose and setting the cup mere inches away from him. "I will come for you... when you know the truth." Being port keyed away, Cedric was in his arms... still breathing."

#end flashback#

"Voldemort isn't the bad guy, Dumbledore is!" Harry exclaimed. Looking back at his clock, which showed 11.59 PM... Harry lay down on his bad, He had heard of the magical inheritance from Neville. Trying to relax, Harry felt the first pain shooting trough him when the grandfather clock chimed at midnight.

The pain became worse. He felt his bones breaking and reforming, his hair grew, and he even felt his magic growing. When all the pain almost vanished he felt something break, he saw al kinds of memories flashing before his eyes. Images of him as a babe, him and his parents, him and Tom, him and Sirius... when all the images stopped he whispered. "Damn you, Dumbledore." And fell asleep.

Hope you liked it!

Special thanks to natalie668, my lovely muse, for checking my spelling!