Title: Magical and Powerful Love
Author: Valerya Potter

Harry Potter does not belong to me, but to JK Rowling.

Chapter 8

Mentor or monster
By; Rita Skeeter

My dear readers imagine my surprise upon receiving a letter from Hadrian 'Harry' Potter, our own Boy-Who-Lived. The young man asked me to come by, for an interview.
I of course accepted, in the letter was said for me to go to the Leaky Cauldron and that a trusted would come and retrieve me.
Non other than Lord Lucius Malfoy accompanied me to the grand mansion Mr. Potter residence for now.
Once inside a cosy sitting room, I was reintroduced to Lord Harrison Potter-Gryffindor, his godfather Remus Lupin and last but not least, Lord Potter-Gryffindor's soul-mate, Tomas Riddle. Yes, girl, you read right, our Boy-Who-Lived is one of the lucky wizards who has a soul-mate.

Rita Skeeter: First of Lord Potter-Gryffindor, thank you for inviting me.
Hadrian Potter-G: My pleasure, Rita. And please call us by our first names.
RS: Oh, I will. Now gentleman may I ask how you met (I was looking at Hadrian and Tomas)
Tomas Riddle: Well, Rita, I have known Hadrian for a long time already, but we were kept apart by Mr. Dumbledore, so we never really got to bond, until now.
RS: oh, how awful, and Dumbledore you say? Why would he do that?
Remus Lupin; I can answer that, Rita. Albus Dumbledore is not the man you see, he's cold and manipulative. He wants to create his own Utopia, not thinking about the lives that could be lost in his battle to it. He locked up his own lover, Gellert, for disagreeing with this. (Gellert is Gellert Grindewald)
RS: No! The former dark lord? But why?
HP-G: Well, as far as we know, Gellert only wanted to change the world world for the better, for everyone, muggles, creatures and wizard kind alike. But Dumbledore only wants what best for his group of people, namely only light people. It is one of the reasons he created Voldemort. He wanted another challenge and reassures his status in the World.
RS: Voldemort was a creation of Dumbledore's.
TR: Yes, Voldemort was a nickname I used in Hogwarts. When it came out I was the heir of Slytherin, Dumbledore kept a really close eye on me. After school, I, together with some friend in high places tried to pick up where Grindewald left off. But Dumbledore boycotted it, he had send me a letter; saying he wanted to help me. Instead of helping, he casted an insanity curse at me.
RS: How awful, that he would do something like that.
TR: that's not all, in the years just after the Potters finished Hogwarts, they were introduced to me by Lily's good friend; Severus Snape. It was because of their help I regained most of my sanity. But on that fateful Halloween night, it was Dumbledore again, who killed Hadrian's parents and injured our friends or put them away. It was because of him that Severus Snape was caught and after casting a memory spell, he 'saved' him and kept him prisoner in Hogwarts. It was also by his doing that Sirius Black was thrown into Azkaban without a trial. And that my soul-mate was places in the care of magic hating muggles, who had no relation what so ever to Lily Evans-Potter.
RS: So you are saying it is Dumbledore's fault our world has lived in fear for the last few decades and that he is locking people up left and right. That is the man we trust our world and our children with?
HP-G: I'm afraid so, Rita, it was all part of his grand scheme. You should realise, he had 3 generations of wizards and witched he could mould and shape to be what he wanted. It was one of the reasons he put me back at those muggles or Tom in that orphanage. Merlin, even why he allowed Remus to come to Hogwarts.

As it is, my dear writers, that is the man we trust our children with, I urge you to come forward with your story. Also Hadrian told me that Dumbledore has been stealing from his accounts and has encouraged others to do the same, I urge every child to let a blood test be performed by the Goblins of Gringrotts and see if that old man touched it. I am shocked by all this news and am glad Hadrian, Remus and Tomas invited me to come and talk more about this, what else shall be uncovered.

Hadrian put the newspaper down with a smirk on his face, they had told nothing but the truth, but still it did good that justice would be served soon. Already letters addressed to him, with tales of people who had offered to give him a home, or other students telling him they had or are experiencing the same things. Even old students telling their tales, he kept them all with him, bundling them and planning on letting Rita read them next time.

Tom looked at Hadrian, happy their plan had worked this good. They were expecting a letter from the ministry, any moment, calling Sirius for a trail. With this article and Lucius' whispering in Fudge ear, it was bound to happen.

Hadrian looked around the room; Tom had a satisfied smirk on his face, while Remus and Sirius were cuddling on the couch, hoping for a letter soon. Fenrir was sitting at the table, a quill and parchment in hand, composing a letter to a group of veela, who had supported Dumbledore the last 'war' in the hope they would share their story and reveal Dumbledore's schemes even more.

He had even received letters from Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Ginny, but he hadn't opened than, he didn't want to deal with their bullshit, he would deal with them in the next article and in September.

Hadrian sighed, somewhere glad they had started this and somewhere afraid for the backlash, but he had only received positive responses, even from Luna, Neville and the Twins. They supported him and wanted to meet as soon as he was able.

Looking at his mate, he asked; "Tom, I want to meet with some friends, could I invite them to the manor?"
Tom shrugged, "sure, I'll have Remus pick them up. Ask to meet this afternoon or tomorrow?"

Hadrian nodded, quickly penning a response to his four friends and sending them off with Hedwig. He couldn't wait to tell them everything.

But for now, he cuddled in between his godparents, letting his mate do some paperwork, while still letting their eyes connect every once and a while, a smile coming on both their faces when that happened.

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