This is a new story I'm making, partly inspired by my addiction to Vampire Knight.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or any part of it! But the story and creative ideas are mine and MINE alone.

Brief synopsis of the story: The world has two main beings that thrive – the mystical and the human. A long time ago, when humans were on the brink of extinction, vampires were born.

The first clan was called the Aizen clan, and they gave rise to the generations and thousands of pureblood and noble class vampires that followed thereafter. The Aizen Clan was revered and hailed as the royal family, possessing powers of epic and unimaginable proportions that only few dare to challenge.

Only a few, except the Kuchiki family – the main and only rival of the Aizen family.

But the book changes now, when the Bloody Diamond Rose dictates so… the fate of the heirs of both families will change. Forever.

Chapter 1


Upon the fall of the Middle Ages, where humans seemed to be on the brink of existence, a flicker of hope remained as a desperate measure of clinging to life. The powerful sought eternity and their friends sought salvation.

The 12th century English, Serbia, Romania – the Western and Eastern Europe, all suffered a great threat of extinction. Many feared that it was the end of the world as we know it – that the Book of Revelations was being unraveled before the horrified eyes of the people.

But some of the people blessed in power and prestige refused to follow suit to the trembling of the commoners. Some sought ways – powerful, mystical and dangerous ways to preserve their lives.

A clan of nobles and their leader succeeded in turning their bodies into immortal beings by the form of rituals of unknown origins, suicide and preservation. After they have awoken, they became so beautiful that humans could only picture such beauty in their fickle imaginations. Indeed, they were all so wonderful that their sight, smell, and stature delivered so much awe that people were stunned and filled with wonder before them.

Along with this blessing of beauty and immortality comes a curse they have to pay for achieving the unthinkable and the forbidden…

They became vampires.

These are beings that lived and fed on blood of humans and each other – filling an endless desire for the red trickles of liquid that gave life to others. They were parasitic monsters. And when their existence grew out of control, and when some lost their control, they were persecuted by humans who feared them.

Fortunately, the founding family of vampires protected the existence of their kind. They ruled the vampire race for generations, ensuing peace among the supernatural and the ordinary.

Over time, the vampires were divided into classifications, each determining their status and power in the society they kept a secret from the world. There was the Upir Likhyi, or the 'Foul Vampire'. These were the newly-born vampires that were formerly human and were merely victims of other vampires and those who attempted to be full-fledged vampires but didn't know how to do so properly. Thus, they were subjected to uncontrollable hunger and given brute strength at a prize of losing their sanity. They are wild, and are the type of vampires that most people have seen and feared. Their existence is temporary, for they are hunted down and killed by their own kind to maintain the secrecy.

The next class was the Netopyr or 'Bat.' They were the servants of the upper-class and were made into vampires by their masters. They were the commonly-seen bats that fly around at night and transform into vampires. The transformation was merely blessed upon them so that they could do their master's bidding and follow errands assign to them.

The third is the Empusa and Lamia or 'Witch' and 'Demon', respectively. They were both noble-class vampires who appeared after the creators of the vampire race created them. They were given unearthly powers of different kinds upon birth and were special in their own ways. The Empusa were the nobles who had little or no involvement at all in the affair of governing the vampire race. They were rich and well-known both in the mystical and human society. Most were owners of multi-billion dollar corporations, actors, actresses, and so forth. The Lamia, on the other hand, were also noble and elite vampires who were in charge of keeping the secret of the race. They were the executioners of the Upir Likhyi as well as those who have disobeyed or endangered the laws and existence of the whole vampire community. The Council of Five were five selected Lamia-class vampires who were the 'government' of their kind.

The fourth and the most powerful class were the Lilith or 'Pureblood' vampires. Named after the Biblical woman of sin who fed on the blood of humans, they were revered, obeyed and respected by the whole vampire community. They were the creators of their kind and beings who possess unmatchable and supernatural powers that could destroy everything they wished to. They led the vampire world for centuries until they relinquished their power to the Lamia after the ruling pureblood family grew weary of the form of absolute monarchy they possessed over other vampires. But still, with their abilities, they could easily remove the Lamia's power and privileges that is why they remained to be a subject of awe and fear for all. And that is also the reason why the Lamia and all of the vampire society still obey purebloods.

The Lilith were rare, and there were only seven known pureblood families that existed up to today, and existed in various parts of the world – the Adze clan of Africa, the Knight clan of North America, the Tunda clan of South America, the Highgate clan of Europe, and the Xiao-yu clan, Kuchiki clan, and Aizen clan of Asia.

Among these clans, the Aizen clan was the first to exist. They were the ones who pioneered the transformation of vampires. The other clans' heads were the closest friends of the first Aizen vampire. Together, they gave rise to a kind of supernatural creatures that were born and raised by blood.

The Aizen clan became the ruling family of the whole vampire race for many centuries, until the 32nd king, Aizen Shunsui, relinquished his title and formed the Lamia, who became the legal government ever since.

But centuries before the rise of the Lamia, in the fifth year after the vampires were first created, a tale of jealousy and deception rose forth.

Aizen Joushirou, the founder of the Aizen family and the first vampire, was best friends with Kuchiki Mayuri, the founder of the Kuchiki family. Mayuri grew jealous of the power Joushirou possessed after being a vampire – powers that exceeded him and all of his other five friends put together. He despised the disparity of their powers to Joushirou, so he executed a plot in which he will overthrow Joushirou.

The ambitious Mayuri asked the help of his other friends to help him go against Joushirou, unfortunately, the others rejected him. They didn't want to betray their friendship with Joushirou. Mayuri grew very angry and thus moved on his own.

He planned to remove Joushirou's immortality using illegal techniques that cost the lives of several humans, turning them into an army of uncontrollable, wild vampires. Thus, the Upir Likhyi was born. Because of this, human villages were terrorized and Joushirou had no choice but to execute Mayuri.

But Mayuri left behind a wife and grieving sons and daughters who found out about their father's death. That was why after this incident, the Aizen and Kuchiki clan remained as mortal enemies up to this day. They existed together in truce for the sake of the peace within the vampire community upon the agreement of the 4th head of the Aizen clan, Aizen Seien and the 5th head of the Kuchiki clan, Kuchiki Kunimitsu. But they were still, nonetheless, enemies that existed only in cold, civil ways towards each other.

To preserve the sacredness of their blood, the Lilith intermarry each other. This was a very different case in the Aizen family. Their clan holds the secret and the most divine power of all vampires. They hold the essence of the creation of their kind. That's why The Bloody Diamond Rose was created – to select amongst the Lilith who was the worthiest mate to the heir of the Aizen clan. And it was an honor to be selected. In order to know who was chosen, an infant vampire born to a pureblood family would bear the seal of the Bloody Diamond Rose – a mark of a rose slashed in the middle in any part of their body. This would confirm that one was the worthy bride or groom of the future head of the Aizen family.

Centuries of selection had been made, and each heir of the Aizen family was married successfully according to the Bloody Diamond Rose's magical selection. But no one was chosen from among the Kuchiki clan. Many say that it was because the Rose still felt the grudge of the families towards each other, which was why no Kuchiki child was selected to marry an Aizen heir.

And thus the story unfolds, in the academy of elite vampires called the Azulith Academy. It was an academy founded by Aizen Joushirou to educate the children of upper-class vampires to the rulings of their society and to maintain the peace and order he had so carefully established. It sat on top of a magically-protected hill overlooking a vast forest and murky lake – a palace of beauty and wonder to humans. But no human ever dared to go near it. There was a barrier that forbade humans to even wander that realm. When a person does go very near it, instant death and dementedness was at hand.

In this academy, a gathering of the future heirs and heiresses of pureblood and noble vampires are to be seen. And nothing can compare more.

They all reside in the Gehenna Dorm, where they can only leave once they have graduated and gained control of their powers. They can also return to their glamorous homes and lives on vacations and breaks.

Thus, the vampires remain…

Up until the 20th century.

The first chap! This is a preview.

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