Chapter Fourteen

The Destruction of Beautiful Things

The TARDIS had been stored in a closet not far from where the Doctor and Ashley had been locked up earlier. The air was already starting to get hot and thin from the fire in the generator room, and the Doctor estimated that it wouldn't be long before the whole place went up. He pulled out his key and used it to unlock the door, stumbling inside with Ashley leaning on his shoulder.

'Get in,' he yelled at Leville, who did as he was told.

The Doctor sat Ashley against a coral beam and ran to the controls, quickly setting a course to leave. Leville stood by the closed doors, looking around at the interior in wonder. He was either too astounded or he was still too terrified to mention the grandness of the control room. Ashley was practically sobbing against the coral beam, her shredded ankle pulsing with agony.

'Hold on,' the Doctor told them as the TARDIS began to whir. 'This might be a bumpy one!'

He was right. The TARDIS bumped and shook, causing Leville to drop to his knees and the Doctor to almost lose his grip on the console. After a moment, the TARDIS stopped, although the column still rose and fell quietly. The Doctor moved to the doors, not giving either of the other passengers a second glance, and pulled open the doors.

The hotel hung in space in all its glory, wonderful smooth curves that cost a fortune to design, and took years to build. The Angel's Eye was directly behind it. It was obvious why the place was called Eleven Stars.

A moment later, and the lower part exploded in ball of angry red fire. The explosions spread, engulfing the structure until there was nothing left but charred, skeleton remains. Leville stared at it sadly, and then touched his chest, his shoulders and his forehead, then closed his eyes. The Doctor looked at it also, expression set and solemn. Finally, he closed the doors and moved back to the console.

'I'll take you back to Earth.' He said. 'You can explain to them what you did.'

Leville nodded, and said nothing. Ashley looked up to the Doctor, but he avoided her gaze.

The authorities had taken Leville almost immediately. He hadn't tried to hide what he had done. He went quickly and quietly. Surprisingly they had no questions for either the Doctor or Ashley, so they left without saying anything.

Now though, Ashley was sitting up on the jump seats while the Doctor cleaned and bandaged her foot. Neither of them spoke, and nor had they spoken since leaving the hotel. The Doctor was angrily, she could tell. She had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to say anything to change that, so she said nothing.

'I should take you home, you know.' He said finally, not looking up as he secured the bandage. 'You know the rules. If I tell you not to do something…' He paused, opened his mouth to say more, and then shook his head and fell silent.

Ashley watched him sadly. 'I'm sorry.'

He looked up at her. 'I know you are.' He said with a sigh. He began to put everything away back into the small green first aid kit Ashley had bought a few days ago. 'So am I.'

'So… what now?' she asked, chewing the inside of her mouth. 'Are you…'

'Good job we bought this first aid kit, eh?' the Doctor said suddenly, getting to his feet. 'You were right after all. I think we should get a couple more, actually. We could even make a first aid room, just full of bandages and plasters and stuff. None of those anti-bacterial wipes though, no no. Awful, they are. And the sad thing is that they exist in some form in every culture. Those horrible stingy wipes. They make it hurt more than before you put it on, and they don't do anything more than what water does. Or at least I tell people that, and people normally believe me because I'm a doctor.'

Ashley smiled a little, and got to her feet. She moved towards him and hugged him, taking him by surprise. He seemed to hesitate before hugging her back. They stood like that for a moment in silence.

'Next time, you'll go home.' He said gently. 'Okay?'

'I know.' She said quietly. 'Thank you.'

He moved away from her, tossing the first aid kit carelessly over his shoulder. 'Don't know about you, but I stink from all that running. I'm off for a shower.' He headed out the console room chattering away about how the shower always seemed to run too cold, leaving Ashley on her own. She sat on the jump seats and looked down at her hand. She made a fist, and then quickly opened her hand, palm up. A small fireball hung a few inched above her palm, until she shook it away and it disappeared.

She smiled a little, and then sat back and closed her eyes.


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