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A haggard, elderly man put down his newspaper, and looked from the park bench. The Cinnabar Chronicles was thick with pages upon pages of the exploits of that boy from Pallet Town. The wrinkled man coughed into a tissue. His hacking slowly turned into weak laughter. "Give them hell, kid."

The heavy ocean breeze picked up, lifting away the man's hat. The grey, torn hat flew across the park, tumbling pass trees and gravel, before disappearing within a large crowd, composed of hundreds of shrieking teenage girls. Several mothers screamed alongside their daughters.

"We want Ketchum! Ketchum, Ketchum!" chanted the crowd, "Free Ash Ketchum! Ketchum, Ketchum!" Several Officer Jennys seemed to be drowning in the sea of women. "I love you, Ashton!" came a desperate scream from within the pack.

Captain Jenny scowled as the deafening yells rang painfully in her earpiece. "Please, return to your homes!" She ducked down; a large book was thrown overhead. "Ash Ketchum is a criminal!" she tried to explain. But another romance novel flew and smacked her in the face. Jenny glared at the trashy literature titled "The Ash of Our Burning Love."

"Liar! Get out of the way you skank!" yelled a blonde, pigtailed 10-year-old. Captain Jenny was about to hurl the book at the brat, but stopped. Jenny's watched in horror, as more women dressed in pink "Team Ashton" shirts continued to pour into the streets

Captain Jenny took a step back before bolting inside the police station and barricading its door. Fortunately, the walls were sound-proofed. She took comfort in the silence. Opening her eyes, she noticed the frightened looks of her uniformed sisters.

"I just got off the phone. It was the seventh lawyer from the producers of the Ketchum Movie. Captain, I can't hold them off any longer," whispered Candice Jenny. She looked up in fear.

Another Jenny flicked on the television. "…watching the Kanto 6 News Team," came the announcement. "As of today, the Jenny family now stands at an abysmal 30% approval rating in the coastal region. In addition, notable Joys are criticizing yesterday's arrest of local hero Ashton Ketchum as shoddy police practices. The Cinnabar Police Department rebuked the accusations, stating that Ashton allegedly aided a high-priority criminal, now identified as the heiress of the Hoenn-" The television was shut off.

"What do we do?" squeaked Lilac Jenny.

Captain Jenny squeezed the bridge of her nose. "What else?" she muttered. "We need to call Dad."


Ash did not move. He'd occasionally blink, but clumps of dry mud had more emotion. He ignored the sound of footsteps; the rusty iron cell door screeched as it opened.

"Could we speak?" The visitor's voice was soothing, enunciating each word crisply and clearly. The uniformed man stood patiently.

"Go ahead." Ash answered, his tone sounded detached.

"Did your friend attack Miss Erika?" The officer's brows furrowed, studying the young child. The kid's records were clean. Yet, this same kid dismantled Team Rocket in a single day.


He grimaced. "Just answer honestly kid," his voice softened, "… You're not in any real trouble."

Ash scoffed at the remark. "Just lock me up. I give up." His voice was laced with anger. "You hear me! I give up!"

His screams burned his throat, as he huffed heavily, desperately gasping for air. Ash gave a bitter laugh, he could feel his body convulsing, as he fought to regain his composure. Tears fell down his cheeks; his child-body betraying him. "It's not fair," he whimpered.

Ash's knees buckled from fright, as the adult patted him on the back. "Tell me about it. I've got over 80 kids to feed," the officer cracked a pained grin. "Hey. You look like you need a friend. And hey, I'm willing to listen." He snorted at the boy's dumb expression. "The name's Bruce Jenny."

The time-traveler stiffened as he connected the dots. His irritation was almost forgotten, realizing that this was the legendary baby-maker, only comparable to the Joy family phenomenon. "You're real," Ash whispered.

Bruce gave a hearty laugh. "Yeeaup." He pulled out a flask, and uncorked it. Then, he swigged down a mouthful of alcohol. "Want some AppleJack?"

"… I'm 10."

Bruce continued to grin. The boy snatched the liquor and took a drink.

"You're the coolest police officer I'd ever met," coughed Ash, relishing in the burning sensation in his throat. He gave a weak smile. "It all started on my wedding day…" So he told him the whole story.

Chapter 31: Mothers and Underwear

"…Then she left. And here I am."

Bruce shook his head; he could feel another headache coming along. "Now that's one heck of a story." He stretched his arms, popping several sore joints. "Ahhh. Alright then Ash, you're free to go."

The boy spewed a mouthful of liquor, before comically choking for air. "You can't be serious!"

Bruce cracked a grin. "Well," he tapped his chin, "I guess we could squeeze one favor out of you. To compensate for all the hassle you've brought to my daughters."

"Sounds like blackmail."

"No! No, no, no, no. You have me all wrong," Bruce raised his arms. "The door's unlocked. Go run free, no strings attached."

Ash narrowed his eyes before sighing. "Whatevs," he swallowed some more rum.

"Now that's the spirit!" Bruce broke into laughter, patting the boy hard in the back. They both passed the flask between another until Bruce spoke again. "Ash, let me be frank. The family business is going to shit, ever since that Team Rocket bust. The public cares about us less, while they care fuck ton about you."

"It'll fade with time, Bruce. Trust me. It never sticks."

"Well that may be dandy if we had time. But the honest truth? We need your help now."

"So, the favor?"

Bruce chuckled. "To be fair, it's more like a job offer." He pulled a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket. "You don't have to decide right now." He then touched his earpiece. "Let them in." The chair creaked as he stood up.

The door swung open. "Pika-Pika!" "Squirtle-Squirt!" The Pokemon leapt into Ash's chest. Ash hugged the warm lumps tightly.

When he looked up, Bruce had already left.


Ash continued his walk, his heel pressing onto the sand. On occasion, he could be seen looking across the ocean with a blank expression, before resuming his steady pace. Yesterday's mob had dispersed rather quickly after thanking them for their enthusiasm and gifting some autographs.

He uncrumpled the contract. He read the paper once more, before stuffing it in his pocket. "Officer Ash Ketchum." The words felt strange. He snickered, imagining himself in the uniform. Pikachu and Squirtle nudged his ankle, pointing at the blurry figure in the distance, marching towards him. Ash searched himself for his pen, certain that some girl wanted an autograph.

Pen in hand, he noticed that the figure seemed to be covered in pink ribbons and frills. But the girl's black Blissey was what snagged his attention. Ash rubbed his eyes.

Before he could speak, he felt a hand slap him hard in the face. Ash fell onto the sand, gripping his face. "What was that for!?" He snarled back, before going rigid.

"Don't you yell at me, Ketchum!" yelled Misty, wearing a pink nurse outfit. The Blissey nodded in approval.

Ash stumbled for words. "What are you wearing?"

"Clothes, idiot!" Misty slapped Ash again.

"AGH! Stop with the face!"

"Hey you get back here!" Misty chased after Ash, as the boy decided sprinting away was the best option. "Blissey, stop that trainer!"

Warm, fuzzy psychic energy tripped Ash. Misty, unwilling to lose her advantage, sat on top of the trainer. "Now you better have answers," she claimed.

Ash couldn't squirm free. "When did you get so fat?" He quickly blocked her fist. "Hey, hey! Stop with the face! Help meee."

Pikachu held Squirtle firmly. She shook her head.

"You left me!" Misty spat, her breathing growing heavy. "Do you know how that feels?!" she hit him again, her composure breaking apart. "Did you or Brock even try to find me?" Blissey tried her best to comfort her friend.

Ash bit back his retort. Instead, he laid quietly as he listened to Misty's cries. She had buried her head in the apron.

"I'm sorry," he admitted. Misty sobbed softly, while Ash let her sit on his chest.

Neither trainer moved away until the sun had peaked from across the ocean. The pair had decided to walk alongside another by the park.

Misty distracted herself with the clouds. "Ash, I'm sorry for my… uh," she winced, "Me hitting you." The boy nodded lazily. "I think I'm lost."

"Me too."

Misty turned to Ash. "No, I mean." Struggling to find the words, she threw her hands in the air. "I don't think I belong here. I don't even know if you're the same Ash Ketchum, I know."

Ash laughed loudly. "I know that feeling." He broke eye-contact with Misty, his cheeks feeling warm. "I almost stopped trusting you, 'cause you seemed so different when you talked about Erika and Team Magma. You know…" Ash feeling a bit uncertain. "That stuff."

Misty's confusion gave way to irritation, realizing he was confusing her with that doppelganger. But before she could act, Ash pecked her lightly on the lips.

Misty fumbled with her words, unable to look away from Ash's teasing grin.

"Help!" broke the sudden scream from behind.

They turned around; their jaws dropped. Professor Oak stood proudly on a large marble fountain, cackling like a madman as he wielded a familiar shotgun. "Fear me!" he commanded, aiming his weapon at the picnicking families. Ash was almost trampled by the swarm of Officer Jenny's that suddenly surrounded the Professor.

Captain Jenny stood in the front. "Professor Oak, put the weapon dow-"

A loud explosion cut her off, and a thick cloud of debris washed over everyone. Ash bolted forward, protecting Misty with his body. Water from the fountain had also spewed forward, and Ash ignored his now soaking wet pants. Everyone tensed, as the dust cloud begun to lighten

"GRAWWWWWWWWWWWWR!" came a roar. Air suddenly washed through the park, ripping apart the fog. Ash felt his body go limp, befuddled by the sudden Charizard that had crash landed.

He watched as Charizard snapped apart the shotgun. Underneath the Pokemon was an unconscious man, whose body flickered for a moment before revealing Professor Elm.

A man and woman peaked from Charizard's back "We're alive!" shrieked Delia Ketchum, hugging Professor Samuel Oak. "Thank Mew! Land, lovely land!" she tumbled off the Charizard, before scrambling to the concrete and kissing the floor.

Charizard snorted loudly before shaking Professor Oak off. Samuel quickly hurried to a nearby tree and puked.

Ash stumbled toward his mom. "Mom?"

Delia paused, recognizing her Ashypoo's voice. Her nausea forgotten, she pulled her son into a tight hug. "Ashypoo!"

The spectacle seemed to break the Officer Jennys trance. Park residents watched as the officers surrounded Professor Elm, while others went to check the children for injuries.

Misty blinked.

"I missed you Ashy," whispered Delia. She frowned as she felt Ash's wet pants. "I hope you packed extra underwear."


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