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Disclaimer: If I owned Danny Phantom, I would separate his two halves, and I would have Phantom while Lexi would have Fenton. CUZ PHANTOM IS SEXIER BY FAR!!!!


Oxygen is an intoxicating element.

It's made of a simple matter of science and magic and things we don't even understand, and yet we need it to live.

It exposes your raw emotions-Slow if you're calm, fast if you're nervous. It is pure and invisible, and not understandable.

It surrounds the planet, and even wit billions of people breathing it in every second, it doesn't go away. It doesn't disappear, we don't fear it, and it's like the opposite of a ghost.

The only problem is, that around him, I often lose oxygen.

Since I met him, oxygen has become very unfamiliar to me. Whenever I'm around him, I catch my breath. Often when we're kissing, we have to come up for oxygen. Besides, chasing after all those ghosts really takes the breath out of you.

I know he's not used to oxygen either, since he doesn't breathe when he's a ghost. So, as you see, since I met him, I haven't really been familiar to oxygen.

But, if I had to choose between oxygen or being his friend and the love of his life, I'd choose him any day.

Besides, oxygen is a useless element.