Personally, I'd Rather Lick Sand
(Chapter Three - A Little Brushing of History)

Three weeks until the semester's start and I was already knee-deep in chores. Our newest housemate's boxes had cluttered the hallways utterly, something she attributed to her brother (some sort of a guardian on her behalf) being excessively overprotective and not-so-frugal in shipping her "necessities." There were still renovations to be made and schedules to be ironed out, made even more difficult by the maze of cardboard boxes barricading the hall like a fortress.

"Holy shit, GDarce," I mumbled, trudging a laundry basket over the mountain of packing supplies. "Where did you live before this, Buckingham Palace?" Jane shot me a dirty look and helped the younger girl unpack, foam peanut shells flying in impossible directions.

"Charlotte, North Carolina," corrected Georgiana. "And how long until you stop calling me GDarce? It's been three days."

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