"Well, we're back to three kids again…" It was evening and Jerry joined his wife to relax over a cup of coffee. Theresa beamed lovingly and kissed him fondly. She so loved him even if the magic made her life surreal, but she'd still marry him all over again.

"Yes, thank goodness…" She headed over to the table looking out through the windows on the balcony. "Jerry, do you recall our kids being there and fixing us up?"

"Vaguely, but… yeah." He looked lovingly on his wife. "They're like memories I suddenly remembered or something." He held his beautiful wife lovingly in his arms. "You still look exactly like Alex did then, I mean, now." He kissed her passionately.

"I do kind of miss not getting a peek at my future grandchildren." She sipped her coffee and thought of her future daughter taking her new blouse. "I'm sure they are both cute!"

"And I'm sure Justin will be a great father, and Alex will be…"

"Hey there folks…" Justin wandered down the winding staircase while wearing sunglasses. "Is it okay if I fix myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich?" He had the accent of a famous King of Rock and Roll once born in Tupelo, Mississippi who lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

"Justin?" Jerry looked at him.

"No…" Justin reacted confused. "Name's Presley… Elvis Presley. Maybe you've heard my records."

Jerry and Theresa rolled their eyes disgustedly. One other name came to their minds.


She came out of hiding from the top of the winding staircase. She looked down from the bottom step with her brother's wand.

"What?" She reacted confused. "Justin thinks he's Elvis and suddenly I'm responsible??" She accidentally bumped the staircase with the wand and Justin reacted. He took off the sunglasses.

"Today, we're going after old Agro." Justin took on the voice and mannerisms of The Crocodile Hunter. "He's measures eighteen feet from snout to tail, and he's just full of whiskey! Boy, what a beauty!!!"

"Alex, give me your brother's wand!!!" Jerry ordered her.

"This ain't it!" She jerked it away and scraped the railing again as Justin reacted again.

"How are you good people today?" Justin spoke in a heavy Austrian accent fit for an actor turned California governor and replaced his glasses before turning to the door. "I'll be bahck!"

"Alex, this isn't funny!!!" Theresa and Jerry were chasing Alex around the room. "Change your brother back!"

"What makes you think I'm doing this?" She dodged her father and raced around her brother watching confused. The wand grazed a stack of DVDs and Justin exchanged personalities again.

"If you're going to be a Jedi Knight, you must come with me to Alderaan." Removing the glasses, he reacted in the voice of a British actor. Alex jumped for the staircase as her father grabbed her by the legs and lifted her up off the floor. Her mother grabbed her arm and took the wand from her. Alex bounced off the floor once and wondered if it was going to always be like this. She looked forward to her future and wondered what it was going to be like. Was Justin still going to marry Harper? Was Max still going to open other Waverly Sub Shops across the country? Was she going to still design clothes? Ten years later, she indeed had become a beautiful woman and Justin did gradually fall for Harper, and the two twins were born after all. Alex appeared back at her brother's mansion off Park Avenue.

"Hey, Alex…" Tall, graceful and stunning Harper Evans-Russo collected her purse and long coat. "Jessica and Jerrica have finished their dinner. Let them finish their homework then they can watch a little Tivo before bed."

"And no candy after eight…" Tall, bearded and robust Justin Russo helped his wife with her coat. "You know how hyper they get…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…." Alex tossed her long hair back and posed a bit with her weight on her left leg. "I got it. We're all going to be okay." She looked back into the parlor at the two eight-year-olds working at the dinner table on their plasma screen laptop computers. "I've got them covered."

"If they give trouble again, use the satellite phone to long distance Max in Australia." Justin pointed his finger at them. "He spoils them rotten, but they actually respect him." He looked over to his girls. "You got that girls? I want you to behave yourselves!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…." The twins barely reacted.

"Look, I got it covered…" Alex continued escorting her brother and best friend out the door. Harper rushed over and kissed her girls one time as Justin checked his watch eager to race to their banquet dinner at city hall. It was all in his duty at one of the town's most celebrated public officials and his wife the children's psychologist. They both had done very well for themselves, and Alex knew it even if her own career as a clothing designer was starting to bore her. Maybe if she returned to acting and modeling. She closed the left side of the double doors of her brother's manor house and took a deep breath. She peered sideways toward the brats.

"Okay, ladies…" She tried to take charge. "There's a new sheriff here. You see, last week when you sent me back in time, I ended up in 2008 and told myself to study my magic harder and now, I have all my powers." She started nodding cockily. "Yep, that's right. There's no way you monsters can hurt me now."

Jessica and Jerrica both turned their heads to face their annoying aunt. They looked at each other in unison.

"We're sneaking out to see Hillary Montana." Jessica announced. "Do you really think you can stop us?"

"Why yes, I can!" Alex gestured. "Stay away from the door, you're stuck to the floor." She waved her hand but the girls started coming after her. Jessica had stood up first; Jerrica was right behind her.

Nothing had happened.

"Stay away from the door, you're stuck to the floor." Alex repeated herself. Why were their feet not sticking to the floor?! She started backing down past the staircase to the back of the house. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Stay away from the door, you're stuck to the floor!!!" She backed hysterically into the kitchen. "Chronus restrainum! Minimum shrinkus! Hagrid's fire and bat's breath!" She screamed a few more incantations. She didn't have her powers!!! Jessica picked up an empty jelly jar from the trash fit to hold a shrunken relative. Jerrica beamed at the thought of the idea. Alex raced for the sat-phone.

"Why didn't I study my magic! Why didn't I study my magic!!! God, I was such a rotten seed!" She screamed. "Max!!!!"