Judgement Day

A/N: This is supposed to be like the last ever episode of CSI: New York, because it has to end sometime (not that I want it to, obviously). Reviews greatly appreciated. Oh, and I know that the Empire State Building isn't directly across from the lab, but it is for now.

Disclaimer: CBS owns everything. Trust me, if I owned this, last season would so not have happened and we would be celebrating the marriage of Lindsay and Danny, and the birth of little Messers.

Chapter 1

Mac sat at his desk, sorting through the photos on his computer. Last year's Christmas party, the 4th July picnic, Lindsay's surprise birthday party, all the photos showing at least one person Mac was about to lose forever. Tomorrow, his CSIs were to be given rookie teams of their own, and he would be promoted to a desk job, doing nothing more than paperwork and making decisions. If only there was some way he could freeze time and keep everything the way it was.

He stopped suddenly at a picture taken one day shortly after Lindsay had joined the team. They were all grouped around a table at a bar, their arms around each other. Mac remembered asking a passing waiter to take it for them. Everybody looked so different. Lindsay's hair was shoulder length, falling around her young-looking face. Danny was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans with his hair spiked up, giving the impression he had just left a skate park. Stella's hair was still a mass of curls, and Hawkes looked the same as ever. Flack's hair was just above his shoulders, framing his boyish face. The only person who was still exactly the same was Mac.

Mac imagined how each CSI would cope with their new teams. Lindsay and Stella would be gentle with the rookies, showing them the right way to go and helping them. Lindsay would probably be a little more lenient, although still firm. Danny would probably joke with them a lot, and try to scare them. Hawkes would be firm with his, and try to get the best out of them.

"You ready?"

Mac's train of thought was interrupted by Stella, whose head poked around the doorway. She smiled and came in, her bump visible underneath her smock top.

"I told you to take the day off!" Mac said sternly, getting up and hugging her.

"Come on, it's our last day together," she pleaded. "I'm not sitting in the apartment alone while you guys all have fun together. Besides, I'm sure she won't be coming out today," she added, rubbing her bump.

"He," corrected Mac. Stella smiled, until…


A noise like a million gunshots going off at once exploded through the building, mixed with the sound of glass shattering. Mac pulled Stella to the ground just in time, as debris fell and glass flew through the air like arrows. The ground shook underneath them, and small cracks appeared in the floor. After the dust cleared, Mac cautiously stood up, coughing as he inhaled a mouthful of dust.

He looked out the window, and his mouth dropped open.

Where the Empire State Building should have been, there was now nothing more than a towering ruin, smoke snaking out of it. Flames danced out of the remaining windows and leapt across the walls, igniting everything in their path.

Mac turned to Stella, who was now sitting up on the floor. All color had drained from her face, as she saw the spreading pool around her.