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I Need You Like A Heartbeat

Chapter 6: The WWE Experience

A lot of people were watching me, wondering just who I was and why there was an all access backstage pass hanging around my neck.

Who did I come here with?

What do I do?

Am I on the roster?

Why do I look familiar?

That last one worried me a bit. I really don't want to be recognized from my less flattering past occupation.

Less flattering? Yeah right.

I'm basically a live in hooker now.

But I've already accepted it and sucked it up. It's a good job, even if Brian's kind of an asshole.

Kind of. Fsh.

I rushed back into his locker room, brushing past a white lad Zeke and over to where Brian was adjusting an atrocious red jacket over his shoulders. "Here's your coffee," I offered, handing him the steaming cup of caffeine.

Taking the cup and sipping it, I could tell by the look in his eyes and the upward twitch of his lips that he was high. Admittedly, he was much more pleasant to be around when he was stoned, so it wasn't a big deal.

"Hey there Sunshine," he commented, and my brows rose.

"Sunshine?" I could see where he got it from, but really... I hope he isn't going to continue calling me that.

"That's your full name, right? Sunny; Sunshine." He nudged Zeke as he laughed lightly at his own joke, earning a nod of the head from the bodyguard, which was as close to a smile as anyone would ever get.

"Whatever you say," I agreed, slightly amused as he let out a whoosh of air and collapsed into the couch against the wall. "Do you need anything else before you go out there?" I asked, organizing some of the things he had scattered around the locker room, putting stuff he'd discarded away in his bag so none of it was forgotten. This must be what it feels like to be the mother of a young child. Brian was just totally irresponsible.

"Yeah, I need you to change," he ordered, and I looked down at my army green jeans and black razorback.

"Change into what?" I asked. "And what for?"

"Go borrow something from one of the Divas. You need to look sexy and classy when you come out the ring with me tonight."

Excuse me?

I swear my eyes probably bugged out of my head. "What?! Brian, I can't—"

He stood form the couch and walked over to me. "You can."

"But I won't—"

"You will," he assured me, cupping my jaw with both hands and looking at me with these soft, pleading eyes that I knew were totally fake, but couldn't help drowning in. "Look at all that." He gestured to his neat and organized belongings. "Look at my coffee. I need you out there. Where would my head be without you?"

I pursed my lips for a second and nodded, his hands still holding my face. "Okay. I'll just go find... something."

Brian's mischievous little smile returned and he patted my cheek. "That's my girl. Nothing too... pornstar."

I scoffed as he walked away from me, feeling stupid for thinking he was actually being nice and appreciating me. I tried hard to just brush it off and turned to the door, ready to go down the hall and hopefully find Maryse or Natalya so I could borrow some clothes. I hadn't brought anything to the arena with me.

I hadn't expected to do anything but run errands for Brian tonight.

Briskly, I walked down the hall towards the locker room with a gaudy butterfly design on the door with the words Divas Champion in cursive over it. I remembered Maryse was indeed the Divas Champion form the interactions with her this morning in the gym and knocked on the door twice before waiting for someone to answer.

The door opened to reveal the French Canadian blonde and her perfect teeth flashed as she smiled and stepped out of the way for me to enter, finding Nattie was also occupying the lavish locker room. Brian better not ever find out her locker room is better than his or he may throw a fit.

"You're here. What do you think of the backstage experience?" Mryse questioned, clicking the door shut behind her and I sighed.

"Hectic. Chaotic. Any other similar adjectives will work as well." Both women laughed lightly as Nattie laced her boots and Maryse fiddled with her already perfect hair in the vanity mirror. "I need a favor."

Nattie looked up expectantly and Maryse continued to do her hair, but clearly was listening. "He's dragging me out to ringside with him. I need something sexy, but not trashy." Maryse spun around gracefully and walked over to a rack of clothing in the corner I had only just noticed.

"Well, you came to the right women for that," Natalya assured me, standing and heading over to Maryse. I followed as well and watched as they deliberated, sifting through clothes, looking at me, then going back to the clothes again.

"This one, with those shoes," Maryse announced, easing a dress from a hanger and pointing down at a pair of stiletto heeled boots. Nattie picked them up and handed them to me while Maryse thrust the dress into my other hand.

"God, thank you so much," I breathed, relived I would be all set.

"Go change over there," Maryse instructed, pointing to a screen with black designs lining the tight, white material. I got behind it and stripped down, seeing a hand reaching over the top. "Use this," she said, handing a tube of bronzer to me. I did what she said, aware the woman looked great, quite clearly.

I emerged from behind the screen with my pile of clothes and shoes in one hand, Maryse's bronzer in the other. There was no doubt I looked good as I set my clothes down and caught sight of myself in a full length mirror, seeing the black mini dress was form fitting and my newly bronzed torso looked great under the scoop neck which was open all the way down past my belly button. "Do you have tape or something?" I hoped, trying to keep the wide neckline over my boobs.

"Of course. These things don't stay in by themselves when you're jumping around a wrestling ring," Nattie added, handing me some double-sided tape.

Maryse came over from her little box of accessories with a silver chain belt, wrapping it loosely around my waist so it hung on my hips. "You look hot," the blonde assured me, nodding her head approvingly.

I let my red hair loose, allowing it to spill down my back in natural, neat waves. I did look sexy, and not in the so-called 'porn star' way.

"Come over to make up with us. They'll touch you up," Natalya offered and I did as I was told, following the two WWE Divas out of the locker room, noticing how proudly they walked the halls, receiving what were so obviously dirty looks of jealousy from a few of the other Divas who were straggling the halls.

These girls were clearly the ones you wanted to be in good with.

"Fix her," Maryse ordered a mousy woman, and she guided me over to a chair at the end of the long line of make up settings. I sat down in the chair and waited as she went through pallets and brushed and pots after she put a cover over my torso and lap to protect my clothes. I peered behind the lighted mirror to see a familiar head of blue shaded hair standing in front of a full-length mirror back there, hands busy applying face paint.

He must've seen me in the reflection because he stopped applying white paint to his face and turned around, a little smile appearing on his lips just as the woman began powdering my face with something.

"Hey there. Found ya," he said, walking closer to me so I could now see him from the corner of my eye as I tried to stay still for the make up artist.

"I think I technically saw you first," I teased as airbrush was sprayed carefully, highlighting my cheekbones.

"Okay, maybe if you're gonna get all technical about it," he chuckled, shaking his head as I was eyeshadowed and eyelined. "What're you doin' over here?"

"Well, Brian's making me go out to ringside. I'm not positive why—" I cut myself off as the artist finished up and pulled the sheet off me. I stood up and glanced at the mirror briefly, moving to the side so one of those twin Divas could take my place.

I turned back to Jeff to finish, but he kind of caught me off-guard with his appreciatively analyzing eyes. "I think I know why. Damn," he muttered, shaking his head and chuckling a little.

I blushed a little and covered my shyness with a smile. Oh, if he only knew how much less he could see me in if he wanted to. Not like that! I mean, cause of the movies! Well... maybe the other way.

I tried to hide the smile itching to appear at that thought. "Glad I'm not up against him tonight. I'd have a little trouble concentratin' with you out there. Hell... you look like... well, like a Diva." I was complimented by that comment, flattered to be indirectly compared to a woman as gorgeous as Maryse.

"Thanks Jeff," I breathed, pushing some hair behind my ear, getting a little caught up in his flirting.

Jeff was grinning at me, about to say something as his mouth opened, but he was cut off before he could speak. "Sunny!"

I cringed at the sound of Brian's unhappy voice and looked apologetically at Jeff before I turned and walked up to where my boss was standing with Zeke. "What—" Brian stopped a minute, looking me over greedily for a second before trying again. "What the hell do you think you're doing? In have a match in five goddamned minutes and here you are, yet again, conoodling with Hardy!"

I scoffed as I followed him down the hall, glancing back at Jeff who was watching after me before paying attention again and going over to the curtain with Brian. I felt a lump in my throat, nerves welling up inside me. What if I trip in these shoes or something? God, that would be humiliating...

"When we go out there, be sexy, be confident, and keep in mind you're better than every single person in the arena, got it?" Brian ordered, staring straight ahead at the black curtain. I nodded, trying desperately to calm my thumping heart. "The all you gotta do it stand out there at ringside with Zeke."

And like that, music began to blare through the arena, deafening me, and Brian literally danced out from behind the curtain, Zeke right behind him while I hesitated. Brian waved his hand at me, gesturing for me to come out and I snapped out of it, realizing I had no choice.

Come on, I can have sex on camera. All I'm doing here is walking and standing. And my clothes are still on.

I swayed my hips as I walked out, balancing on the stilettos, Brian dancing around a little on the stage before he grabbed my hand and twirled me, then let go and continued his moves down the ramp towards the ring. I got whistled at through his boos, comfortable with the fact Zeke was right behind me.

Brian skipped up the steps as the ring announcer introduced him to the crowd, Zeke holding the roped for me as I climbed over the bottom one carefully, taking my first step inside a wrestling ring.

I posed with a hand on my hip, jutting it out and straightening my other leg, trying to look sexy and confident, as Brian had instructed.

Zeke took Brian's jacket and I stood with the two, Brian standing in front of me, jumping side to side on the balls of his feet. "Get my shoulders real quick," he ordered, moving his arms back and forth once to loosen them on his own. I did what he asked, pressing my fingers into the tight muscles as Brian's opponent, announced as Hurricane Helms, came out.

Once Hurricane got into the ring and finished getting the rowdy crowd behind him, Zeke assisted me out of the ring before he exited as well, jacket in hand, and we watched Brain and his foe lock up.

I've really never watched wrestling before. But I couldn't deny the rush of excitement I got as Brian wrestled, my hands slamming onto the ring's canvas in order to motivate him to get up when he was down. Unfortunately, it wasn't looking good for Brian. He was cradling his left leg and stumbling around the ring.

"Distract the ref," Zeke's voice growled from behind me, and I looked at him confused for a minute before I did the first thing that came to mind, climbing up on the edge of the ring as gracefully as I could, the ref immediately believing I was about to get in the ring.

This easily allowed Zeke to pull Hurricane out of the ring and slam him harshly to the ground, right before he tossed him back in, allowing Brian to pin the fallen wrestler. I alerted the ref's attention to the pin and he quickly remembered his job, counting as he hit his hand to the mat.

"One, two, three!"