Ok so those of you out there who haven't seen the movie, I suggest you watch it before you read this, otherwise you'll be totally lost and it will spoil it for you. (this is my first post and any criticism is welcome.)

* * *

It was the end of summer, me and Claire had met a mermaid named Aquamarine and she promised us a wish in three days if she found love. Well now we just watched as Aquamarine was pushed into the ocean right in front of her boyfriend, right as he totally crushed Aqua. we rushed out to the bayou that she was desperately holding on to, she had apparently not found love and her father was furious, and to her, he was right. It seemed as if we weren't going to get our wish after all, it seemed as though I really was moving away.

Aqua cried as she went over what happed and how she was unable to find love, it seemed like she had it, but it was to far out of her reach. She was about to leave when I thought of something, I lover her as a friend, both me and Claire did, and as soon as I said that, Aqua's father stopped the storm and Clair was given her wish. I could finally stay and we wouldn't have to move, we could all be friends, me Claire and Aqua.

"So Claire what's your wish? It could be anything you want. You name it and ill grant it." said Aqua.

Claire hanging on to the bayou sat their going over everything she could wish for.

"I wish for…a wish for both me and Hailey to have a wish."

Aqua had to think that one over, you could tell nobody ever wished that before.

"fine, you wish is my command though I'm not entirely sure if transposable, but you can try it out and see if it worked."

A wish of my very own! I had to think real hard on what I was going to wish for, something all of us could enjoy, something that could keep us together even if she didn't wish me to stay.

"well I wish that Hailey would stay here and live on the beach with us, and that her mom still got a marine biologists dream job here." Claire said as she closed her eyes real tight,

"Ok. You wished it I'll grant it." said Aqua.

I was so happy, I just went up and hugged Claire.

"Now you and me can really be friends forever." I whispered into her ear.

"Hailey you still have your wish." Aqua said swimming up to us.

I leaned in close to Claire and whispered in her ear.

"what if you and I were able to go and visit Aqua, what if we became mermaids that wouldn't grow tails when the sun set, what if we could swim in the ocean with her. Now that you have overcome you fear of water how cool would it be if you could never drown or worry about sinking."

Claire gave a worried look and whispered back:

"yeah, but wouldn't it be dangerous if anyone found out. What would happen if we were caught, we're dead meat then."

"no one has to know, we'll only go out every once in a while, besides we can wish that only when we want to become mermaids will we turn into them, that way no one will ever find out, and we can still go swimming, everything works out, and it allows us to visit her."

"fine, but it's not my fault if we end up on one of your moms next big dissection platters."

I turned to Aqua, as excited as ever and made the wish.

"I wish that me and Claire were mermaids that only grew tails when we want and no time else, that means no growing tails after the sunsets or when we touch water." I said proud that I had made my wish down to the last syllable

"your wish is my command, though I have to warn you, the only time you have no control is on the night of the full moon, I can't stop it there, and all the regular rules will apply."

Both me and Claire looked at each other a little worried and not knowing what to do. I had already made the wish so now we were stuck with it.

Alright so this isn't the best, but if I get enough good responses, I'll continue into the next chapter.