By the time I awoke, the bright full moon that reflected in the water was well over head, shinning down on the small part of town, and giving a false sense of peace through out.

"All right Hailey, find Aqua, find Claire." I whispered under my breath as I crept out of the measly shack the king dared call a suitable living space. Down the small street I went, getting closer and closer to the ever looming castle above. Down hidden alleys and through the narrowest of streets, several feet away two mean looking guards paced in the warm water. It really did look like the king was serious about having her stay within the certain radius of her so called house.

"I can do this." I said taking in a big gulp of air. Slowly I swam to the top of the white plastered house, and rested on the roof. I peeked over at the guards slowly pacing up and own the street. Right as both of them had their backs turned, I swam across to the other roof top then back down to the semi worn cobble stone road. With only the moon to guide me, I went strait to the castle gates, which I swam over, and right into the main court yard. Up above in one of the towers, a single light, broke the moon light waters. Up I swam to the open window, were Aquamarine sat on seaweed woven bed, combing out her hair.

"Aqua." I whispered through the window


She looked up, and startled to see me, shot toward the window.

"Hailey? What are you doing here?" she asked curiously

"It's Claire, we came to visit you, and you dad separated us. He called it a punishment, and I was lucky enough to even get this far."

Angered aqua grabbed her necklace, slipped it on, and went through the window, right next to me.

"I knew my dad was up to something, he's been acting really strange lately, come on, I know were Claire is." She said swimming over the gate, and out into the town. I followed her through street after street, until we came to an identical shack like house. Aqua opened the door, and reveled a scared Claire, hunched in a corner.

"Claire!" I said swimming up to her.

"Lets go home Claire. I said as she got up."

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Hailey, I thought I was never going to see you again."

Aqua led us through the door, after we had all properly greeted each other.

"Okay, here's your human powers back" Aqua said as too out a small trident and pointed it at each of us.

"Aqua, thanks." I said as I hugged her

"Yeah, I don't know what we'd do without you." Claire said as she said good bye.

"I'm sorry about my dad, and from now on, I'll be the one to visit you guys." She said handing each of us a mermaid necklace.

"Anytime you hold this, I'll come to you guys, so long as you're near water, and the same goes for me. Their mermaid pagers kind of. Only real mermaids get to wear them."

We hugged aqua on last time, and said our goodbyes as we headed back toward the main land.

"hey Hails." Claire said as we reached the shore

"Yeah, Claire." I said

"lets stick with calling Aqua, instead of visiting her." She said a faint smile on her face.

For the first time, in what seemed like so long, I touched the cool wet sand with my feet as we walked up to Clare's beach house.

"Yeah, the only adventure I'll ever take again is Co-Ed P.E. with you." I said a faint laugh on my lips.

"I agree." She said as we reached the Beach Club stairs.

"How are we going to explained this to our parents?" She said.

Great, one more adventure I had to deal with.

"I don't know, all I want to do is lay in a dry bed for once."

Claire agreed as we went inside. Boy was it good to be home, and if there was one thing I knew, it was that I would be sticking to land for now on, I had had enough excitement of the time. Besides, why go back, when I had everything I could ask for on land. I was finally home, and no one was going to stop me from staying there, not even the King himself.

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