The Only Thing I See

Ch. 1: An Unfair Curse

            Hikaru's oldest brother, Satoru, smiled as he watched his energetic little sister chase their dog, Hikari, around. "You shouldn't run around like that, mother just cleaned this floor."

            Hikaru and Hikari halted to a stop, and the girl gave her brother a sheepish grin. "Oh… I forgot about that!" She whistled and bounded out the door, and her dog obediently following her. The red head waved to her two other brothers as she ran past them, holding Hikari's leash. Hikaru quickly snapped on the leash and then hurdled outside.

            Hikari barked as they walked across the busy streets of Tokyo. A few people, Hikaru's neighbors and friends, waved to her as she passed. The young girl smiled and waved back, full of life and joy as usual.

            "Whoa! Slow down, Hikari!" The dog was practically dragging Hikaru to the park, and the red head was desperately trying to maintain control of her dog. Hikari slowed down slightly, but then sped up again at the sight of the park. "Gahh!"

            The dog paid no attention at all this time, as it spotted a squirrel running across the grass. Hikari's leash promptly flew out of Hikaru's hand, and the dog chased after the squirrel, not noticing it's owner chasing him.

            "Oh, no! Hikari, stop!" One again, the dog ignored her and splashed into a large mud puddle, getting mud all over himself. Fortunately, Hikaru managed to dodge the watery dirt. "Come back, Hikari!"

            The dog was jerked to a stop, however, when a young man caught onto her leash. Hikaru finally caught up and looked at the man in gratitude. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

            He shook his creamy blond hair and smiled, his golden eyes sparkling as he did so. "It's no problem at all. Your dog's a bit of a mess, though."

            "Oh, boy…" Hikaru shook her head. "Hikari, your punishment will be quite evil. You're going for a long bath—and you need it!"

            The dog whimpered slightly at the word bath, but knew she was already in enough trouble as it was. Running away again wouldn't help matters.

            "Is that her name? Hikari? What's your name?" asked the blonde stranger.

            "Oh! I've been rude! Yes, this is my dog, Hikari. I'm Shido Hikaru." She bowed in greeting.

            The handsome man bowed, "Nice to meet you, Hikaru. I'm Eagle. Eagle Vision."

            She looked surprised. "That's not a Japanese name. Are you a foreigner?"

            "Yes, I am. I'm visiting from America. Eagle Vision isn't a very popular English name, either." He chuckled slightly. "I guess I kinda stick out, huh?"

            Hikaru shook her head, "No, you're very handsome." Her eyes widened and she placed a hand over her mouth. Blushing, she quickly said, "I-I'm sorry! I, uh…"

            Eagle smiled, and shook his head. "No, I'm very flattered." His eyes sparkled. "You're very beautiful. It's quite a compliment from a lady like yourself." With that, he gracefully kissed the back of her hand and walked away.

            Hikaru stared after his retreating back for a while, then looked down at her dog. "Wait till I tell Fuu and Umi 'bout him!"

            The dog, despite the trouble it was in, licked her hand and smiled.

            "Oh, I wonder what Masaru and Kakeru will think." She looked at the hand that he kissed, and smiled.

            Hikari inwardly sweatdropped. Knowing Hikaru's brothers, they would probably go on a hunt for the handsome stranger, and beat the stuffing out of him for touching their precious Hikaru. Or at least, tear apart the dojo, freaking out about how Hikaru was growing up too fast. The dog had known the three brothers for quite a while.

            The girl smiled and tugged on her dog's leash. "Come on, sweetie, we gotta get you cleaned up. Guests are coming over tomorrow."


            Hikaru yawned as she passed through the streets, grocery bag in hand. Her brother's hadn't approved of her going out by herself, but she had insisted. Guests were coming, and her brother's were worn out from cleaning. She wanted to help however she could, and went out to buy the groceries needed for the dinner her mother had planned.

            "It's a good thing I didn't tell them about Eagle, they're a bit overprotective…" She giggled, her face burning at the thought of the good looking man.

            "Hey, cutie, where ya going?"

            Hikaru looked around, startled. Her eyes finally came to rest on three burly men, who were menacingly staring at her body. She shrunk back a bit, afraid and surprised. One of the men lunged out and grabbed her arm, clamping a hand over her mouth before she could let out a scream.

            "Now, now, sweets, don't be scared!" the biggest man rubbed his meaty hand on her thigh, causing Hikaru to panic. "I said, CALM DOWN!" the big man touched her most feminine part with his fingertip, when Hikaru bit the hand that kept her quiet.

            "SHIT! You bitch!"

            The third man, who had been groping Hikaru's waist and breasts, stumbled backward in surprise. His gaunt face shook with fury, as Hikaru tumbled out of their grasp. The red head looked around, desperate for some help. Before she could break completely free and run away, the man with the bitten hand tackled and pinned her to the ground. The big man, raged from her escape attempts, slid out a large chain. Before Hikaru could even close her eyes, the chain slashed at her face, scarring both her eyes. She began to scream hysterically, as she wrestled the man who was pinning her down. Her eyes were closed, but they were both swollen and the area around them was bleeding.

            "Hey, who the fuck do you think you are?!?" The biggest man glared at the newcomer, who only stared back icily.

            "Let go of her."

            The gaunt faced thug sneered and walked to his bigger friends side. "Why should we do that?"

            The man didn't answer, but pointed a gun directly into the bigger man's face.

            All three men froze up at the sight of the gun, and they quickly disappeared from sight.

            "Hikaru…" the boy looked at her limp body, and shook his head in sorrow. At least he had gotten to her before they… No, bad time to think about such things. He gently searched her body before finding her wallet. Looking it through it carefully, he noticed several pictures of a long, blue-haired girl and another girl with curly blond hair. The blue haired one was fencing in one picture, posing with the blond in another picture, and holding a huge birthday cake in yet another picture. The blond was shown racing down a track, surrounded by stacks of books, and posing with a man who's hair was a shocking green. Finally, he came to what he was looking for, her student I.D. He noted that she lived just barely half a mile from there, and quickly figured out the fastest route. Returning the wallet, he carefully picked Hikaru up, and carried her to his rented convertible. Pushing down the front seat so that she could lie, he laid her down before running to the other side of the car.


            The doorbell sounded throughout the house, and the three brothers looked up in surprise. Their mother leaned out the window and commanded, "Get the door! Must be Hikaru."

            Satoru opened the door, and it was fortunate that the most sensible brother greeted the rescuer and Hikaru. But still, Satoru could barely hide his shock as he stared at her limp body. "H-Hikaru!?! What happened???"

            "I'll explain. May I enter?"

            Satoru nodded mutely, then called for his parents and brothers.

            Everyone gathered around the sofa where the stranger had set Hikaru down. "I managed to get to her before the thugs could rape her, but she's still hurt pretty bad. Her body's in shock, and her eyes are really damaged."

            Masaru and Kakeru stared in shock, their blood boiling at the fact that Hikaru had almost lost her innocence. Hikaru's father had already called their doctor, who said he would rush to their home right away. Her mother was sitting down on a chair, afraid that she may faint if she got up. Her Hikaru, her precious daughter, her youngest child…

            Finally, Mr. Shido spoke up. "Sir, I'm haven't thanked you yet. My family and I are eternally grateful for your help."

            The man shook his head. "It certainly wasn't a problem, I'm just sorry that I couldn't get there sooner."

(B.T.W., the only reason they haven't freaked is because Hikaru only had her eyes damaged, and they don't know that Hikaru had her eyes open when the chain hit her.)

            "Err, may I ask your name?" spoke up Kakeru, wondering who this stranger was.

            "Oh! I've been rude." He bowed, and said, "I am Eagle Vision. Or Vision Eagle, Japanese order. I'm a visitor from America. I ran into your lovely daughter at the park, her dog was giving her quite the chase."


            Hikaru slowly opened her eyes, only to find that she couldn't see anything! For a moment, she panicked, then noticed the thick bandage around her eyes. So that was why everything was so dark, it was the bandage. She slowly brought herself up, and she heard a sudden clamoring of chairs and feet. She could hear their excited breaths, and tried to take the bandage off.

            "No, wait, Hikaru." Hikaru's hand paused at the sound of her mother's gentle voice. "You can't take that off. First, we have something to tell you." An eerie silence filled the room and her mother continued in a choked voice, "The bandage on your face is see through. That's not why you can't see anything."

            "…What do you mean?"

            "…Hikaru…" Her mother broke off, unable to continue. Taking a ragged breath, she finished, "You're blind."


To Be Continued…

A.N. Sorry for such a short beginning! Next chapter, Lantis and his family arrives. ^^ YAY! Err, sorry for making Hikaru go blind and all. Oh, and Eagle is just a guest character. Fuu and Umi are involved, being Hikaru's best friends and all. This fanfic will be Lantis/Hikaru, since Impossible Decisions is Soooo obviously Eagle/Hikaru.