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Fateful Meeting

It had been a while since Cloud last had "vacations". No calls for the Delivery Service today, and for once, he really was grateful. He needed to rest… or have a drink. Maybe both. Although having a drink instead of sleeping would bring him face to face with Tifa… Oh but how he needed that shot of something strong! Just tonight… So he ended up sitting at a table, alone, in a corner of Tifa's bar. To his greatest relief, the bar was almost packed, so the girl was very busy. He could enjoy his drink (his… he didn't even remember how many he had before that one), close his eyes and get everything out of his mind, his head clearing a little more with each sip. And then a familiar voice reached his ears…

- "Yo, Tifa! As usual, hun!"

It was unmistakeably that arrogant redhead… Cloud didn't even want to open his eyes to confirm it, cause there was no need for that. Oh damn… Maybe it was the alcohol, but now the more he wanted not to think about Reno, the more he did. Then a mental image sparked in his mind. Like a still from a movie. He saw Reno with Rude, in the middle of that highway, holding that bomb in his hands, with his trademark smirk. And the blonde couldn't suppress the little smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Maybe the Turk was annoying, and impossibly self-centered, but he was cool.

When he came out of his daydreaming, he slowly opened his eyes and scanned the bar. He hadn't even noticed Vincent was there tonight… And Reno was now sitting in front of the dark-haired man, trying his very best to make him laugh. Cloud smiled a little again and almost chuckled. Might as well have tried to get the three silver-haired men to forget their "mother"… The blonde sighed and took another sip of alcohol, then rested the back of his head against the wall, closing his eyes and doing his best not to hear the loud chattering in the bar. He had almost succeeded when someone punched his shoulder, shouting in a cheerful voice:

- "Yo, you look stoned! What did Tifa put in your drink?"

Cloud managed to keep himself from punching Reno to the ground with great difficulty, only giving him "the look that kills" and straightening in his seat.

- "I can sit there?" the redhead asked, pointing the seat he was already starting to sit on, too close to Cloud to the blonde's liking.

- "No" the ex-soldier answered in his ever neutral voice, an annoyed look on his face.

- "Thanks, yo" Reno answered, smiling widely and sitting comfortably.

After taking a sip of his drink, the redhead looked at Vincent, with whom Tifa was speaking. One way conversation, really.

- "Hey man, ever got a word out of him?" Reno asked Cloud.

Cloud didn't bother to answer, instead taking a long drink from his glass, emptying it and wishing Tifa would bring him a refill asap. He knew he was gonna need it. Reno… he just kept talking.

- "Damn that demon guy… Whatever I say, all he does is stare at me with that same face! It's really a bugger. Usually, people love me or hate me. There's no one ignoring me, except him. Anyway, how you doin'? Not much work lately, I guess… Bored? Exhausted? Tired of hearing me talk and talk and talk?"

Cloud had to bite his tongue not to answer something like "all of the above". The redhead really was beginning to get on his nerves.

- "Ah, come on, I know you're not one of the very few who ignore me. I know you hate me, so show it!"

Cloud brought himself to look at Reno in the eyes. That arrogant Turk was all smile and just waiting to get a reaction… Alright, he would get one. And later Cloud could blame it on the alcohol.

- "I have a question for you, Reno."

- "Ooh, the man can talk!" Reno said, a triumphant look on his face. "Must be as many words as even Tifa can get out of you in a month… Go ahead, ask away! I'm all ears… just for that beautiful voice of yours…"

Cloud kept from sighing and managed to keep his perfect poker face.

- "Does Rude love or hate you?"

- "What a weird question, yo… Why do you ask?"

- "He's your partner, he must know you better than anyone."

- "Hmm, ya know, to be perfectly honest, sometimes he loves me, and other times he's confessed to wanting to shove my baton so far up my ass I wouldn't be able to retrieve it. Well, that's until I told him I'd love for him to do just that..."

Reno chuckled before taking another sip of his drink. Cloud thought that, on his part, he loved… to hate Reno. The redhead placed his glass on the table and bent down a little towards Cloud, a playful glint in his mako green eyes.

- "Yo, know what? That question almost sounded like you wanted to know if Rude and I were in a relationship."

Cloud could have choked at that moment if he had been drinking. And he couldn't hide the shock. Reno burst out laughing when he saw the ex-soldier's face.

- "Damn I wish I had a mirror!" he says, taking his glass and downing it as soon as he stopped laughing.

It took a moment before Cloud could pull himself together. That Turk was definitely a weird and twisted guy… After a while, Reno spoke again, with a quieter tone and, incredibly, a more serious face.

- "Speakin' of relationships, how's it going for you? With Tifa?"

Cloud eyed him suspiciously for a moment, trying to see if this was some kind of joke. But it looked as though Reno was really interested in knowing. Again, Cloud decided he could blame what followed on the alcohol.

- "It's… inexistent. For me."

- "Uh huh…"

The redhead bent forwards a little and rested his chin in his hands, elbows on the table, his long ponytail falling to the front of his shoulder.

- "So this is a one-sided thing, ne?"

- "Pretty much."

- "Tifa really looks like a buzzing, obsessed fangirl…" Reno said with a little chuckle.

- "Oh it's impossible how much…" Cloud said, a little smile on his lips.

Damn, what was happening to him? He was opening up to that self-loving bitch, and he actually thought it felt good! Blame the alcohol, he repeated himself, blame the alcohol.

- "Can't blame her though" Reno said in a voice just above a whisper, his stare intense.

And that look shot from those green eyes really sent Cloud's mind twirling. What… the… fuck? Did he really mean… what I think he meant? thought the blonde.

- "Aw come on, yo!" Reno said, stretching. "You can't deny you're it."

- "It?"

- "Yeah, you know, the one everyone wants to be. You're the hero. You're strong, you got a cool bike, the shades, the outfit, the blade, the blond hair, that aura of mystery around ya… and those damn hypnotizing blue eyes."

The more Cloud thought about what Reno just said, the more he realized…

- "Are you hitting on me, Reno?" Cloud asked in a low voice, his face as serious as ever.

The redhead bent just a little closer, a little smirk on his lips and his eyes heavy with… could it be… lust?

- "Well, ya know… If you're tired of your hand being your only partner, let's just say I'm more than willing to spice up your sex life…"

Only the tone of his voice made Cloud shiver. And he couldn't blame the alcohol anymore. But he hated Reno, he was a solitary type of person, he wasn't even gay and… fuck! Then why was that proposition so tempting?

- "Hey, yo!" Reno said, snapping his fingers in front of the blonde's face. "You still here?"

Cloud didn't find anything to say, pretty much stunned by the sudden change of mood which was so characteristic of the redhead. Reno just rolled his eyes and called out for Tifa to bring two more drinks. When she got to the table, she smiled at Cloud apologizingly.

- "Looks like I won't be going to bed at all tonight…" she said. "Don't drink too much, alright?"

Cloud just shrugged and took a long gulp of alcohol. When Tifa went back to work, the blonde looked at Reno again. The Turk was laid back in his chair, drink in one hand, a very mischievous look on his face.

- "Why are you staring at me like that?" Cloud asked, his poker face returning.

- "I was just thinking…" Reno answered, taking a sip of alcohol. "Tifa's gonna be busy all night, you're drinking what surely isn't just your second drink tonight… Everything's in it for me. All I have to do is wait."

Damn self-loving, over-confident bitch… Cloud pushed his drink away and Reno sat up, placing his glass on the table.

- "Ah come on, yo! Can't hurt anyone to let loose and have a little fun once in a while!"

Then he shot a quick look around the bar and when his stare returned to Cloud, he slyly brought one of his hands to the ex-soldier's knee, slowly, very slowly letting his fingers creep up. The blonde didn't even react. He was too stunned by the Turk's boldness.

- "Who knows? You might enjoy it…"

Reno's hand was getting dangerously close to his crotch and the blonde closed his eyes, gulping. He then looked straight into the redhead's eyes and felt… he didn't know what, but it made him feel hot all over. Then Reno bit his lip and said in a moaning voice:

- "Hmm, you'd better hurry, yo… In a moment, I'll be embarrassed to get up, if ya know what I mean."

Cloud closed his eyes again, breathing in deeply, and then took his decision. He grabbed Reno's wrist, taking his hand off his thigh and making the redhead almost yelp, then he got up and started walking out of the bar. After a few steps, he turned to see a stunned Reno still sitting at the table.

- "You following or not?" Cloud asked, annoyed. "We're certainly not staying here to do that."

For a second Reno was even more surprised, but then he let out a little laugh before finishing his drink in one gulp, and Cloud's in another, and getting up to follow the blonde. Cloud heard Tifa call after them:

- "Easy guys! I don't want you two fighting and killing each other!"

- "Don't worry, hun" Reno answered. "There won't be any killing tonight, I swear!"

Once they were out of the bar, Cloud quickly headed towards the nearest motel he knew. They would definitely walk, since he didn't want everyone in town to know where he was when they saw his motorcycle outside… Anyway, Reno was happily walking alongside him.

- "Yo, can I ask ya a question?" he asked the blonde at one point.

- "Yes, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'll answer."

- "Ok. So you never did Tifa?"

Reno always was so straightforward… It annoyed the heck out of Cloud, but it also made him admire the Turk. After considering the question for a while, the ex-soldier decided to answer.

- "Not interested."

- "I see… Aerith, then?"

Reno was really on dangerous grounds there… Cloud still had nightmares about her death… but he chose to answer anyway.

- "Our relationship wasn't based on sex at all."

- "Fuck, who'd you have sex with then?"

They had just entered the motel, and the receptionist was asleep on her desk. Reno simply grabbed a key and walked outside towards room 9.

- "Are you gonna answer?" Reno asked Cloud.

But the ex-soldier couldn't bring himself to do so, feeling his cheeks catch fire and blessing the world it was dark outside. Reno opened the door and said:

- "I can't believe it… That puts so much pressure on me!"

- "What- why?" Cloud asked, closing the door behind him after following Reno inside the dimly lit room and taking off his boots.

- "Damn, I'll be your first time!" the redhead said with a little laugh, throwing his jacket on the floor and taking off his shoes.

- "Shut up…" the blonde told him as he took off his socks, feeling more embarrassed by the second.

- "Hey yo! I'm honoured! Didn't even dare dreamin' a second that a guy like you could still be a virg-"

- "Shut up!"

And before Reno knew it, he was pinned against the wall, wrists trapped by strong hands at each side of his head, lips and tongue devoured by a really talented mouth. As he kissed the Turk, Cloud couldn't help but ask himself why he hadn't tried that earlier. The redhead had been right… Every inch of his body felt good and a trail of shivers went down his spine. Years of being alone in his mind and refusing to let anyone near him had kept him from being happy, from feeling pleasure. And he was rediscovering all of those blissful emotions at once. It made his head spin at the beginning, but he quickly got used to it, got hungry for more.

He released Reno's wrists, one of his hands starting to unbutton the Turk's blouse, his other hand slowly taking off the elastic band holding Reno's hair in a ponytail. The redhead was moaning into his mouth and was lifting his shirt up, hands at the same time caressing the blonde's abs and chest, making him shiver. He pulled back and ran a hand into Reno's hair, suddenly realizing… how plain beautiful the bastard was. Especially with closed eyes and half-parted lips… Cloud couldn't help himself from tracing one of the red crescent-shaped marks on Reno's cheeks with the tip of a finger, and the redhead let out a little laugh, just on the edge of saying something.

- "No, shut up" the blonde said, taking off his shirt and throwing it on the floor. "Or else you might say something stupid as usual and I might change my mind."

And incredibly, it worked. Reno did shut up. So Cloud inwardly smiled in triumph and glued his lips to the Turk's, slowly slipping the blouse from his muscled shoulders. Then the blonde held on tight to them, feeling every inch of skin, and Reno ran his fingers along Cloud's belt, moaning. When he saw that the blonde wasn't opposing any resistance, he swiftly undid that belt and almost tore the zipper from his pants.

But still, all Cloud did was get a little more aggressive, grabbing Reno's hair to push him harder against his lips and letting his other hand wander all over his ass. The redhead swore to himself he'd get that blonde to moan, or else he wouldn't say a word for a month. Yup, he was that serious. And Reno? Serious? That was something worthy of putting an X on a calendar. Or three.

- "Cloud…" he moaned, trying to push him away to be able to speak. "Cloud…"

The ex-soldier pulled away, but was still holding on tight to the Turk. His head was spinning again… How Reno had moaned his name… it had… alone been close to making him fully hard. And now that he had realized that, he also became aware that, on his part, the redhead was fully hard.

- "Yo, you gonna keep me waitin' much longer?" Reno asked, a smirk on his lips, his breathing heavy.

Cloud gulped and released Reno, who took out a small tube from his pants' pocket before unzipping his pants and pushing them to the floor, throwing his socks away in the process, while Cloud sat on the bed and stared at Reno thoughtfully. Damn, what was he doing? He was about to have sex with that Turk… and the thought of it made him even harder. Reno placed the tube near one of the pillows and stood straight up, placing his hands on his hips and smiling widely.

- "You almost look innocent like that… but you're definitely sexy, yo!"

Cloud didn't even try to suppress the smile forming on his lips as he accepted the compliment… and stared up and down the Turk's slim and toned body, thinking he must be one of the hottest sights he'd ever seen.

- "Alright, enough with the drooling" Reno said, stepping forwards.

Then he pushed the blonde's shoulders down and pinned them to the mattress, kneeling between his legs and shooting him a really lustful look. Ooh he couldn't wait 'til he was inside him… but he did enjoy a little foreplay, a little teasing. He just grazed the ex-soldier's lips with his, and Cloud thought he was going to go crazy. Each time he lifted his head up with the firm intention to really kiss the redhead, Reno would pull away just far enough… At one point, Cloud sighed and decided to just lie there, motionless, until the tables turned and he'd get the redhead to need this. Reno was staring down at Cloud, who laid stock still and had adopted his neutral face again, with a very surprised look. That was the very last reaction he was expecting…

- "Wh… what are you doing?" he asked with a little nervous laugh.

- "Nothing" the blonde answered, very seriously.

- "Yeah well, I can see that, yo… I'll ask it otherwise then. Why do you lie there doin' nothing?"

- "You don't look like you want it much anyway."

Oh it was so hard for the ex-soldier not to smirk when he saw that speechless Reno before him… After a moment of silence, the Turk tried to speak again, making it even more difficult for Cloud not to laugh at him.

- "Yo… wait… no, it's not… It didn't mean… well, I don't… Cloud!"

But the blonde remained perfectly still, letting Reno try to justify himself.

- "I do want it!" the redhead said, a desperate look on his face. "Oh hell how I want it! But I just… I wanted…"

And then Reno rolled his eyes and let out a loud sigh just before bending down to kiss all the way from Cloud's collarbone slowly to his ear, at the very last second extracting a short moan from the blonde. Reno chuckled and whispered in his ear…

- "See, that's what I was trying to get…"

Cloud shivered at hearing that sensual voice, at feeling that hot breath over his skin… He was really enjoying it now. And there was no more blaming the alcohol.

- "So you wanted to hear it just once? … Or is it because you won't be able to make me moan again?" Cloud asked, smirking and grabbing the sides of Reno's tight black panties, taking them off slowly.

Reno smirked right back, a very playful look on his face.

- "Ooh, that sure sounds like a challenge…" the redhead said.

The blonde then switched their places so quickly the Turk never knew how he'd done it. But he knew, when he felt Cloud's leg between his and saw him reach for the lube, that the ex-soldier's idea of the both of them having sex was exactly the opposite of his own idea. And that made him freak.

- "Um… what are you… doing… with that lube?" he asked in a shaky voice as Cloud grabbed the tube.

- "I may be a virgin, but I'm not an idiot" the blonde answered as he started kissing and nibbling at the Turk's neck. "I know you're gonna need a lot of that stuff…"

Alright, so at first Reno had been freaked out, but now… he was just downright panicky.

- "Yo, yo! Wait wait wait!" he said, trying to push Cloud away.

But the blonde had his mind set. There'd be no changing it.

- "What? You thought I'd play being your pet and accept to bottom?" he asked, an eyebrow raised.

Reno began stuttering and babbling incoherently, and Cloud really was enjoying the show. He had never thought he could have so much fun just by showing his emotions and actually talking.

- "I don't even think you've ever been seme…" the ex-soldier said.

- "Shut up, bitch!" Reno said, visibly offended… and his cheeks taking almost the same hue as his hair. "I have been seme!"

- "Oh yeah?" Cloud asked, an eyebrow rising again. "How many times, and with whom?"

But the redhead ended up just mumbling and turning his head sideways. Ooh Cloud would have so much fun… He bent down again and slowly kissed every inch of the Turk's neck, and the mumbling soon turned to gasps and strangled moans. Reno cursed in his head and decided he just didn't give a fuck about who was top. As long as he got to have sex with that gorgeous, sexy, scorching hot blonde, he'd be the happiest guy on Earth.

As for Cloud… he knew that if he stopped to think about it, he'd get up and out of this room at once. So, if he was to lose his virginity, he'd make sure it couldn't be better. The tube of lube was still in his hand, but for a moment he had totally forgotten it. Now though… He managed to open it with just one hand, all the while caressing the Turk's chest and nipples, concentrating on making him moan and writhe underneath him, and then… he realized he had, in fact, no idea what to do next. So he lifted his head up and shot Reno a murderous look.

- "What?" the redhead asked, petrified.

- "If you laugh, I'll kill you" Cloud answered in a low growl.

Now Reno was beginning to think he was masochistic. He was totally panicked… and he'd never been harder.

- "L-laugh? …About what?"

- "I don't know what to do next."

Cloud wasn't even embarrassed to say it straight up like that. He was too aroused and lustful for that. But he was serious; if the Turk laughed at him, he was dead.

- "Oh" was Reno's only answer.

The blonde was so innocent… For a moment, you could hear the crickets, and they remained stock still. And then a smirk appeared on the redhead's face.

- "Well then, I'll have to show you…" he moaned, taking Cloud's hand.

As he had the blonde pour some lube onto three of his fingers, Reno continued talking with that same husky, moaning voice which showed a hint of teasing, just enough… and it made Cloud even more aroused.

- "Maybe I should explain it to you also… So, first you coat three fingers with quality lube. Not the black bottle, trust me, anything but that. Anyway, you coat three fingers. Not two – not enough – not four – way too much. Preliminaries, hun. At this stage, the seme usually begins stretching his uke, in a gentle or rough way, depending on his mood… one finger at a time, by the way, or else it kinda defeats the purpose of the whole stretching thing…"

Then he raised an eyebrow at Cloud and waited for a reaction. The blonde, behind his "shut up, I don't give a fuck" look, had really been listening and stocking all that information in his brain. He was still unsure about it all, but decided he'd try anyway. Just as he pressed a lubed-up finger against Reno's entrance, the redhead said:

- "Oh, I forgot. The seme first needs to make sure his uke's aroused. Just, um, to make it easier for the sweet submissive thing…"

Reno was expecting Cloud to bend down and devour his throat and neck again. So he nearly died of shock when the ex-soldier got off him, then rammed a finger inside him, hitting that single sensitive spot dead-on, at the same time as he bent down to take his dick whole into his mouth.

- "Fuck! Ah man!" Reno almost screamed, his eyes watery.

All that pleasure, at once, was almost too much to bear.

- "Yo, Cloud… you're… you're not supposed… to give me a… heart attack oh my god!" he said in a strangled voice as the blonde continued blowing him and pushed a second finger in.

The redhead buried his fingers in the spiky blond hair and the ex-soldier kept himself busy sucking hard, then just licking, teasing his hardness, making more than sure that this uke was aroused. Ok, so since the purpose of the fingers was to stretch, Cloud didn't need much time to realize he should scissor his fingers inside Reno. And it did seem to work. After doing that for a while, he felt him more relaxed and pushed the last finger in, making the Turk gasp and tense up again for a moment.

It was incredibly fun to watch his reactions, in the blonde's opinion. The way his eyes were closed, how deep his breathing was, how he moaned and whispered Cloud's name, how he held on to the blonde's hair… But above all, Cloud relished the fact he could devastate that man so easily. The ex-soldier's patience soon hit its limit though and he decided Reno must be stretched enough, so he withdrew his fingers, also lifting his head up. He was amazed at how natural it had felt for his tongue to swirl around Reno's hard cock… He hadn't even had to think about it. Anyway. He was about to wipe his fingers on the sheets when the redhead grabbed his wrist and looked at him with that playful look on his face again.

- "Ok, yo… At this stage… ah goddamn it!" he said as he tried to control his breathing again. "At this stage, two options. The seme can either get right to fuckin' the life outta his uke, which I can see you're clearly tempted to do, or… he can further impress his uke by showing him just how much self-control he's got."

Cloud eyed him suspiciously, waiting for the rest of the challenge… because that's obviously what it was, knowing Reno.

- "You take the remaining lube…" the redhead whispered with a smirk, pushing Cloud's hand slowly. "And you apply it… right there…"

The ex-soldier didn't need another word. Self-control? That arrogant Turk wanted to see self-control? Oh he would see some… Cloud got on all fours, crawling up to be just above him, and immediately started stroking himself, looking down at the redhead who was biting down on his lower lip and holding on to the mattress as he watched the show. Cloud managed to keep his face perfectly neutral, as always, but there was this little glint of pride in his eyes. He controlled himself totally, although the heat was spreading inside him at the speed of light… and threatened to make him tip over the edge with each stroke. And then Reno grabbed his wrist again, stopping him.

- "Alright yo, enough!" he whispered, shifting to rest his head on the pillow and pulling Cloud down on him. "I could've cum just by looking at you… and that wouldn't have been fun, ne?"

- "Shut up, Reno" Cloud said as he bent down to taste the skin of the Turk's shoulder.

- "Hmm, I love it when you say my name…" the redhead moaned, smirking.

- "Shut up!"

And then the ex-soldier glued his lips to Reno's while strong arms wrapped around his neck, managing to keep the redhead from talking. Cloud didn't wait for or, in fact, need any more instructions. From here, he was sure about what he should do. The only thing is, even with his legendary self-control, he knew it'd be hard not to just literally ram his dick up Reno's ass and make the Turk beg for mercy… But he'd try being gentle. As long as he could. He positioned himself and then began very slowly pushing beyond Reno's entrance, the tightness and heat right from the start sending an intense wave of pleasure all over his body. As for Reno… he had more and more trouble breathing, with every inch more inside him, and he felt his lower body ignite at once. He hadn't had sex in quite a while, so it did hurt at first, but quickly he chased that away.

- "Yo, Cloud…" he whispered, stopping to kiss the blonde and stroking his cheek.

The ex-soldier had just become fully sheathed inside him, and he was shivering from all the incredible sensations. Reno thought that was the most beautiful sight ever.

- "Are you ok?" the blonde asked, his voice somewhat shaky.

- "Hell yeah" Reno answered, laughing. "So now you tell me. What do you do next?"

That playful, teasing look had reappeared on his face, and Cloud decided he'd change that. So he grabbed Reno's hip with a hand, wrapped the fingers of the other around the Turk's long red hair, and brought his face a millimetre from his.

- "I'd say I'll fuck you 'til you can't stand it anymore, or can't stand up anymore, or even both, but you'd like that too much. So I'll go very slowly, just to make you beg for it" he said, smirking.

- "Tch, as if you'd be able to make me beg…" the redhead said, snorting.

- "We'll see."

Cloud then withdrew almost completely from Reno, agonizingly slowly, and pushed back in as slowly, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes in concentration. Reno just laid there, mouth wide open in an almost silent gasp, holding on to his partner's shoulders and entwining his legs with the blonde's. Damn, he knew, he knew he'd beg at some point…

Cloud did the same thing a few times, his control menacing to slip away a little more each time, but once he had his mind set on something… yeah. But Reno was like that too, as the blonde knew. It was gonna be tough for sure… Cloud kept that rhythm up, for quite a while, not kissing Reno's lips, or his neck, or his shoulders, not caressing him, just holding on to his hip and hair, while the redhead was breathing hard and digging his fingers into the skin of his shoulders. Well, that's until…

- "Ok, ok! Damn you, Cloud Strife!" Reno almost screamed, his eyes watery.

The blonde smirked, bending down a little to be even closer to the Turk's lips, but still just far away enough not to let him kiss him.

- "I'm still waiting…" Cloud whispered, with another very slow movement of his hips.

Reno whimpered and closed his eyes tightly, cursing himself for being so weak… oh but how he need this! Alright, so he would beg.

- "You wanna hear me say please?" Reno said, an unmistakeably needy tone in his voice. "Ok then… Please Cloud… please…"

- "Please what?" the blonde asked, still moving slowly, still with his smirk.

- "Ah damn yo! I want ya to please me! Please, man! Just… fuck me, fuck me hard! I wanna scream your name so loud the whole goddamn city will hear it!"

Oh how impossibly sexy Reno was when he begged… It was enough for Cloud.

- "Fuck you hard…" he repeated the Turk's words. "You mean… like this?"

And he thrust fast and hard into Reno, making the redhead scream in pleasure, and making Cloud's body shiver again, and a thin sheet of sweat covered it. That fact Cloud couldn't understand. A shiver… of heat? It sounded weird. But man did it feel good… Both men were still panting when Reno decided to answer Cloud's question.

- "Yeah… just like that…"

And the smirk returned to his face.

- "If you can… keep it up and hold it. The seme needs to wait 'til his uke cums… before even considering letting himself cum…"

Ooh the arrogant bitch… He wanted it rough? He wanted to test Cloud's control? The ex-soldier would show him… He really began giving it all he had, thrusting hard and fast into the Turk. Reno just couldn't believe it… The blonde was as fit and good as he looked. And Cloud thought everything felt really, incredibly, amazingly good. The both of them knew they weren't gonna last long at this pace… Reno was literally screaming in pleasure, crying out Cloud's name whenever he could manage, he had trouble breathing and his head began to spin, while Cloud was panting and closing his eyes in concentration.

At one point, the blonde felt the redhead's entrance slightly tighten around him and, even if he had never had sex before, he knew. He bent down to kiss Reno and moaned when his lips touched his partner's. The Turk grabbed the ex-soldier's hair and pressed him even harder against his lips, moaning incessantly. He could feel it… it wouldn't be long now… But he decided he did have time for a little more fun. He pulled Cloud away and, with the greatest efforts, managed to say:

- "And… and then… if the seme… is… aaaaah satisfied… he can… he can pl- please… his uke… even moooooore ah man!"

He then took one of Cloud's hands and brought it down and between them, and the blonde didn't take long to understand. He wrapped his fingers around the Turk's arousal and began roughly pumping it as he bent down again, this time to sink his teeth into Reno's neck and shoulder. All of what he was doing was making the redhead scream and moan and pant... It didn't take long before Reno felt his insides ignite and a wave of heat and pleasure spread all over him, and he came into Cloud's talented hand, screaming the ex-soldier's name as his back arched up and off the bed and he closed his eyes tightly. The whole city definitely heard that…

The blonde felt the warm liquid flowing between his fingers and the redhead's entrance trapping him inside such heat and tightness he thought he might faint. Then he bit a little harder into Reno's neck as he gave one last thrust and he moaned loudly as he spilled his seed inside the Turk. His head was spinning so badly… He literally let himself fall on top of Reno and rested his forehead against the pillow as he gently kissed the redhead's neck.

Reno sighed and let out a cute little laugh, burying his fingers in the blonde's hair. Cloud felt so good… He would never have thought that being this close to someone was so releasing, that it could, for a moment, wipe out all of his problems from his mind. Reno kept caressing his hair and the nape of his neck until they had both managed to get their breathing back under control. Then the Turk turned his head sideways to kiss Cloud's cheek, making the blonde lift his head up and stare down at him with his great, deep blue eyes and… a smile? Reno was shocked.

- "Y-"

- "Shut up, Reno."

But the blonde kept on smiling and the redhead smiled right back as a warm hand started caressing his cheek. Then the ex-soldier bent down and softly pressed his lips against Reno's, barely moving them. After a moment, he pulled away and slowly withdrew from him, making the Turk hiss a little, and then he rolled on his back and ran his fingers in his hair, closing his eyes. He knew he was a mess, and he had that sticky feeling on his hand and… lower… but he couldn't have cared less.

Reno, hoping and trying to convince himself that Cloud was in a good mood, used the occasion to roll on his side and cuddle against him. He really was surprised when the ex-soldier let him do so… and was even more surprised when the blonde wrapped an arm around his shoulders and placed a hand on his cheek, stroking his hair. Cloud really liked the feel of that long, red hair. And he did love the feel of Reno's body against his.

- "So…?" Reno said, smiling as a giggling schoolgirl usually smiles, tracing patterns on the blonde's chest with the tip of his fingers. "How would you rate that first time of yours? Outta ten?"

Cloud took a moment to think about it. Just a moment.

- "Eleven. Point five."

Reno couldn't believe it. The blonde could actually joke! And… eleven point five… now that was something the redhead would remember. Cloud knew he'd regret giving that answer later on, but it was the last thing on his mind right now. And for once, Reno just smiled and kept his mouth shut. Cloud reached for the sheets and covered the both of them with them, and it didn't take long before they fell asleep, exhausted, but totally fulfilled. The last thought on Cloud's mind?

- "I swear this isn't the last time, Reno."