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Make up, make out

Cloud didn't really know what time it was. Something was preventing him from seeing, but it seemed to still be dark around… He didn't know how he ended up being pressed face first into the couch, and he didn't know what was keeping him from moving his hands… nor did he know what Reno was up to. Because he could feel the Turk's fully clothed body really close to his… It was alarming to think Reno was in control of everything, and Cloud was naked and totally unable to do anything.

- "Reno…!"

His voice was broken and shaky, even if he was trying to scream. The redhead didn't answer, but Cloud could feel something cold and sharp slide between his throat and the couch… and he didn't take much time to realize that thing was a knife blade.

- "Reno!"

He was so ashamed, he thought he sounded so uke… and he felt as if he was one too. And right now he was so scared, really. If Reno killed him… he'd never really thought about how he was going to die, but he'd never have thought it'd be at the hands of his boyfriend. It struck him that if this happened, right now, well, wouldn't he have deserved it? No, no definitely not, he reasoned. It may have been wrong to cheat on Reno, but not enough to deserve that!

- "I hate you, Cloud…"

The Turk's voice sounded so angry and distraught, and so far away, yet it also sounded so close… Cloud could feel his breath on his shoulder, and his head was beginning to spin...

- "You… Reno, please…"

- "You know I'm good at my job, and I can't say I don't enjoy the occasional killing… And I really really am tempted to just slice open your throat and let you… let you just choke on your own blood, you fucking bastard!"

The knife was pressing harder against the blonde's Adam's apple and he could feel the redhead's hand get a little shaky. Damn, what was happening? Hadn't Reno told him last night that he was forgiven? Why did he suddenly change his mind?

- "I'm sorry…" Cloud whimpered in a choked voice. "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, Reno…"

- "I'm not" Reno said in a really murderous voice as he pressed the knife harder against Cloud's throat.

The blonde tried to free himself from whatever was restraining him as he felt the blade cutting through his skin, tried to turn around to take that knife out of his boyfriend's hands and hold him close, and then…

He woke up.

He bolted upright on the couch, clutching at his throat, panting hard and fast, heart beating wildly, sweat trickling down his body… His head was throbbing badly and his vision swayed, as if he'd drunk too much, and his lungs were threatening to burst. It's only after a while that he noticed Reno. The redhead was at the far end of the couch, his back against the wall, holding the sheets under his chin with a scared look on his face. He looked like a child who's afraid of the thunder during a storm… Cloud concluded he must've screamed or thrashed around, or maybe pushed or punched Reno to scare him like that.

After gulping and closing his eyes, Cloud rested his forehead in his hand for a moment, trying to slow down his breathing, convincing himself that it had only been a dream… just a dream… A short while later, he felt Reno get closer to him, then place a gentle hand on his shoulder.

- "Cloud?" he said in a warm whisper.

- "Bad dream, that's all" the blonde answered in a low voice.

Reno let out an almost inaudible sigh, then pulled Cloud closer, wrapping his arms around his neck and stroking his hair soothingly. The ex-soldier wrapped his own arms around the Turk's waist and rested his forehead in the hollow of his neck.

- "You scared the hell outta me…" Reno said with a little laugh.

Cloud didn't answer, and he really hoped his boyfriend wouldn't ask what his nightmare was about… The two of them held on to each other for a while, a really long while, and when Reno finally slowly pushed him back to look at him, the apartment was bright with the light and colors of the sunrise.

- "It's because of last night, ne?" the redhead asked in a little voice, placing his hands on the blonde's cheeks.

Cloud simply nodded in approval, and Reno smiled at him before placing a soft kiss on his forehead.

- "I told you it's ok" he then whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek afterwards.

Cloud sighed and gulped again, and the redhead smiled again before kissing his nose… then quickly kissing his other cheek… his lips… his neck… And then the ex-soldier couldn't help but laugh, pushing Reno off playfully.

- "Great, so you're in a good mood now?" the Turk asked, smiling widely.

- "Yeah, I'm ok" Cloud answered, still smiling.

- "I'm so good…" Reno said as his lips formed a smirk.

The blonde rolled his eyes, but didn't say anything to contradict him. And as Reno crawled back to him to kiss him, he realized he was in the mood this morning… As they let their tongues play with each other, the redhead trailed a finger down Cloud's neck, making the blonde shiver. His skin had been abused enough for it to still be quite sensitive… Reno pulled back and smirked as he let his eyes wander all over the blonde's body, then he trailed his hand even further down as he said in a mischievous voice:

- "Vincent did a really good job of a seme, you're covered with marks."

- "Shut up" the ex-soldier told him, feeling his cheeks redden.

- "Ooh, poor little frustrated uke…"

- "Reno…" Cloud said in a warning voice.

- "Yo, I bet you screamed all the while."

- "No, shut-"

- "He must have rammed you into the wall..."

- "You'd better shut up right this second."

- "Or was it into the mattress?"

- "Reno-"

- "How many times did he make you cum?"

Alright, that was enough. Cloud grabbed Reno's throat and pushed him down on the mattress to pin him there, making the redhead gasp and erase that smirk from his face. In fact, he looked really stunned, helpless, and vulnerable… and really fuckable, the ex-soldier couldn't help but think.

- "Cloud… Cloud, don't look at me like that, you scare me…" the Turk said in a shaky voice. "I… I didn't really mean it, y'know?"

- "Sure" the blonde snorted.

- "I swear! I just wanted to tease y-"

- "Shut up."

Reno just laid there, lips half-parted, stopped in mid-sentence, and he looked up at Cloud almost pleadingly.

- "So what, you think I'll bottom now? Be a nice little uke?" the ex-soldier said, lowering his face towards the Turk's. "You can always dream, bitch. I'll show you I haven't lost a bit of my seme side… How about that?"

Reno understood then that Cloud had just been toying with him, so his smirk reappeared and he lifted his arms to wrap them around the blonde's neck.

- "I don't have any doubts about your seme-ness, yo…" he moaned, closing his eyes. "But you could show it to me… Man, you can do anything you want to me…"

- "With great pleasure" Cloud growled just before kissing the redhead, none too gently.

Reno was already moaning and he soon wrapped his legs around the ex-soldier's hips, pulling him even closer… and the ex-soldier, for a moment, forgot everything about the night before and about his nightmare. He held on to the sheets and couch with a hand to support his weight and played with Reno's hair with the other. He then decided to faintly thrust his hips down, just to tease the Turk…

- "Hmm, Cloud…" the redhead moaned, turning his head away to pant a little. "Do something, yo…"

- "Where do you keep your lube?" the blonde asked in a low voice, his lips grazing the Turk's ear.

- "No time for lube!" Reno whimpered.

- "You'll need to be able to walk afterwards… Let me remind you your boss called you in…"

- "Damn…"

After a long sigh, Reno pushed Cloud off, got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen counter.

- "You keep your lube in the kitchen?" the blonde asked with a little smile and an eyebrow raised.

But when Reno leant back against the counter and brought his cell phone to his ear, Cloud had his answer. Just as he opened his mouth to ask him what he was doing, Reno spoke.

- "Hey, yo, Rufus! Whassup? … Um, got stuff to do back at my place, so, well, I won't be in today. What? Pfft, no way. Screw you – Rude won't give a damn – fine! Ok! Why don't you just fire me then? -sigh- Damn, you really need to get laid, yo…"

He hung up and threw the phone back on the counter in an indifferent manner, then shot an innocent look at the ex-soldier, who didn't even try to hide his shock.

- "What?"

- "You wanna lose your job or what? Why'd you do that?"

- "As I told Rufus," Reno began answering as he slowly walked back towards the couch, "I got stuff to do here, Strife-sama…"

Then he crawled back on the couch and over Cloud, smirking like only he could.

- "Everyone needs a little vacation now and then… and I think you need to make up for the bad stuff you've done. Bad, bad kitty…"

He bent down and started kissing the blonde's neck, slowly letting all of his body press down against Cloud's… The blonde thought Reno had been stupid to cancel his work day, but he was really happy about how this was turning out. He wanted his boyfriend so bad right now it could have driven him crazy. He pushed Reno off him to then pin him down on the couch again and kiss him like before… and soon the redhead was moaning like before too. Cloud proceeded to slowly take off the Turk's underwear, caressing as much skin as possible, as if it was the first and last time. It was weird to think the ex-soldier wanted Reno that much… much more than any time before that he could remember. As if having sex with Vincent had… proven to him how much he loved his boyfriend.

- "Still don't want the lube?" he asked, pulling away from their kiss.

- "You're not getting up from here now" Reno said with a lustful look before pulling Cloud back down.

The blonde had been really worried that his little experience as an uke would have taken away his seme side. His nightmare had been the proof of that, and of the guilt he felt. But as he kissed Reno, he realized he didn't have to worry. All the instincts were still there, they were imposing their presence… and Reno was really responsive. After a while of kissing, the blonde pulled away and stared at his boyfriend lustfully.

- "Cloud, don't just look at me, dammit!"

The ex-soldier brought a hand to the Turk's lips and traced them with the tip of a finger as he watched the impatience build up in those turquoise eyes… Finally, when the redhead parted his lips, surely to tell Cloud to hurry, the blonde pushed three fingers just a little past those velvety lips, just enough to graze the tip of his tongue.

- "Lick them" he almost growled.

He felt Reno shudder, and soon the redhead closed his eyes and did as he'd been instructed. Cloud bit down on his lip as that talented tongue swirled around his fingers, coating them with saliva, teasing the nerves underneath his skin. It was so sexy how Reno was now holding his wrist with both hands and slowly had Cloud thrust his fingers deep inside his mouth, then almost completely pull them out again. It really aroused the ex-soldier. After a moment, the redhead opened his eyes and took the blonde's hand away, pushing it down.

- "I can't anymore…" he moaned with an imploring look.

- "Beg for it" Cloud said just before bending down to nibble at the Turk's neck.

There always was room for a little play, so he could be a little sadistic, even if he was supposed to be "making up" for his mistake.

- "Aaah… Cloud…" Reno moaned as he writhed around a little and seemed to be very unsure what to do with his hands...

- "Say that again, I didn't hear you…"

- "Cloud!... Hmmm… please!"

The blonde smiled to himself as he kept abusing the redhead's neck and brought his wet fingers to Reno's entrance, mischievously tracing the ring of muscles there. Reno's breathing was really deep now, and his moans were really delightful…

- "Please… what?" Cloud teased again.

- "Fuck you… hmm… Just… push those damn fingers inside-"

And Cloud did.

- "- meeeee aaaah fuck…"

Two fingers right from the start. The blonde would hurry that job, he felt like he was gonna burst… He still tried to control himself and go slowly not to hurt Reno too much. It had been about 2 weeks since they last had sex, after all… He scissored his fingers to stretch those tight muscles, and soon he felt the redhead was more relaxed, so he pushed the last finger in, earning him a long resounding gasp.

- "Does it hurt?" Cloud asked in a whisper, kissing the Turk's ear gently.

- "Hmm… just a bit… but it's ok, don't stop" Reno panted, holding on even more tightly to the blonde's shoulders.

After a moment of thrusting his fingers in and out and stretching his boyfriend as much as possible, Cloud withdrew them and wiped them on the sheets. After that, he kissed Reno, caressing his hair and relishing the long moans it earned him. Then the redhead pushed him back and bit down on his lip as he smiled.

- "What?" Cloud asked, with a little smirk.

- "Well, there's something else I need to lube up…"

Getting the not-subtle-at-all hint, Cloud allowed Reno to take control for the next few moments. The redhead pushed him away slowly as he sat up, then had the blonde sit on the bed as he got on all fours before him, between his legs. Cloud tangled his fingers into the Turk's long red hair and watched unashamedly as his boyfriend slowly bent down, sustaining his stare, and gave his arousal a very small teasing lick to lap up the little bead of liquid there. Then another lick… and another…

- "Fuck you, Reno, you were the one telling me we didn't have time a moment ago…"

- "Oh but the faces you make…" the redhead moaned.

Cloud was about to reply when Reno finally decided to take the plunge and start giving him a real blowjob. The ex-soldier hissed as that talented tongue found the sensitive veins and coated his rock-hard erection in thick saliva. Damn, he felt like such a sex addict… but it felt so good, how could he be otherwise? After a short moment, Reno stopped lubing up his boyfriend's arousal and crawled up to heatedly kiss him, and Cloud grabbed the back of his neck to pull him even deeper into his mouth. He definitely enjoyed every part of having sex with his boyfriend. Every part. When they pulled apart, Reno was smirking.

- "I know, I'm a slut…"

- "I think it's a good thing" Cloud moaned, deciding to attack the redhead's collarbone with his tongue and teeth.

- "Aaaah… hmmm… so… what do you feel like?" the Turk asked, moaning.

- "Fucking the hell out of you" Cloud growled.

- "No way, I want it to last!" Reno complained.

- "Man, you're so… clearly ambiguous."

It was stupid, when the blonde thought about it, but he also thought that was the best way to describe his boyfriend. He sighed and thought about it, and then a genius idea sparked into his brain…

- "So you want it to last, huh?" he asked, pushing back to look at Reno in the eyes.

- "Oh fuck yeah…" the Turk moaned.

- "I'll still fuck the hell out of you, but I know how to make it last…"

Reno gave him a little suspicious but playful look with a little suggestive smile. Now, Cloud would never admit it, but he had experimented before. After their first (and only, unfortunately) bondage session. So he knew exactly how to keep Reno as hard and horny as possible for as long as he wanted… He pushed the redhead back down on the bed and bent down to grab something on the floor, but he kissed the Turk right after so he wouldn't see what he had in his hand. He'd know soon enough. Reno was moaning already and caressing Cloud's thighs with his legs in an enticing way… until the blonde reached between them and tied Reno's hair strap around the redhead's dick.

- "Wo, hey, what are you doing?" the Turk asked in a gasp, almost panicky.

- "Never heard of it? It's a "homemade" version, but still… I think the purpose is there…" the blonde said, preparing to push inside his boyfriend.

- "A… a cock ring?" Reno said in a shaky voice.

- "So you've never tried it? Don't look at me like that, it works."

Oh Cloud knew it too well. He'd tried before. Something else he'd never admit… although he just did, but in an indirect manner. Maybe Reno was blonde enough not to get it…

- "You almost look innocent with that face" the ex-soldier said in a low voice, bending down to lick Reno's bottom lip. "It doesn't suit you."

- "Ok, ok! Stop playing, just fuck me…" Reno pleaded, wrapping his legs tightly around Cloud's waist.

The ex-soldier had been waiting just for that. He started pushing inside his boyfriend, earning him a long moan and a very sexy face… and then a gasp as he sheathed himself completely inside him. Reno had done a good lubing job… but Cloud would still leave him time to adjust. He himself had trouble concentrating. It seemed his boyfriend was tighter than ever. After a moment, the slightly trembling Reno below him nibbled at his ear and whispered:

- "You're way too gentle… you said you… wanted to fuck the hell… out of me…"

Immediately, Cloud pulled back and gave a hard thrust back inside him, and the redhead's back arched up and off the bed as he let out a strangled gasp. Wow, the blonde was impressed with himself. He had found the spot without even concentrating… The tricky thing now, though, was to do it again. He put almost all of his weight on his arms and thrust his hips forward again, which resulted in Reno gasping again as his fingers grabbed his shoulders as hard as he could. He rapidly built up a rhythm, steady and fast, and the sweat was almost trickling down his forehead after a while… Reno was almost crying and making the sexiest faces ever, which aroused Cloud even more.

He bent down to abuse an exposed spot of skin, the sensitive one just where the jaw and ear connected. The Turk moaned as the ex-soldier licked at it, and then he grabbed the blonde's hair to push Cloud's mouth harder against his skin. The redhead was getting tighter and tighter, and the ex-soldier could feel the small spasms in his muscles… They were so sweaty and hot, it filled the room, which was already ringing with the sound of their bodies against each other and Reno's loud complaints of pleasure. Ok, maybe with Cloud's fast and heavy breathing too…

- "Ah, Cloud…" Reno said in a broken, panting voice. "You… you said that… you'd make it last… but… Fuck! I'm… I'm gonna-"

- "No you're not" the blonde growled, smirking against his skin.

- "I am… please…"

Cloud didn't answer and continued ramming Reno into the bed and abusing his neck, and then the redhead arched his back and made that erotic face of when he was about to cum, his breath hitched and harsh… and then he collapsed back on the bed with a really frustrated look and watery eyes.

- "Fuck… you…" he said through gritted teeth, holding on to Cloud as tightly as he could, trying to shake off that really unfulfilled sensation as the blonde kept up his pace.

The ex-soldier knew exactly how it felt. You didn't know what a ring like that could really do until you reached climax… or thought you were going to. It did feel like it increased the pleasure… up until that point. If he had to put it into words, he'd say it's like white-hot iron needles trying to get out, but turning to lava and shooting back in. It was pure torture, but it made the pleasure last oh so impossibly long…

- "Well," he began telling Reno, "you did say… you wanted it to last…"

The redhead kept panting and moaning as the blonde caressed his hair.

- "If you… don't want it, I'm not… forcing you to keep it… Take it off if you want…" he whispered.

No answer still for a moment, until the blonde finally slowed down the pace, almost stopping completely, and Reno was actually able to get enough air into his lungs to manage to speak.

- "No, I… it's… weird… but not… in the bad way… I'm just… not used to it…"

Cloud smirked and bit down hard into Reno's neck, making him gasp loudly and then moan in pleasure.

- "Aaah man… that… I'm used to…" the redhead said in a shaky voice.

The blonde sped up the pace, little by little, and kept abusing Reno's neck, collarbone and throat with his teeth and tongue, and it didn't take long before the Turk was writhing and screaming underneath him… again. But Cloud got quickly bored of this simple position, and felt the need to try something else… Reno seemed quite receptive at the moment, so why not abuse it?

- "Wanna try… something else?" the blonde asked through his panting.

It took a while until Reno's brain registered he'd been asked a question, but he finally managed to answer, controlling his breathing for just long enough.

- "Anything… you want…"

Cloud quickly slowed down to a stop, then withdrew from Reno and sat up, straddling one of his legs. The Turk shot him a very intrigued look, until Cloud smirked and grabbed his other leg to lift it up and have it rest on his shoulder, and so Reno was lying on his side.

- "Hmm, you are… such a perv…"

Cloud simply sustained his stare and kept smirking as he pushed inside him again, brushing against the spot right from the beginning, making the redhead hold on tightly to the pillow and tense up all of his body, hissing and gasping. It was getting really difficult for Cloud not to cum… He quickly set up a pace, and it quickly earned him a vocal performance from his boyfriend, whose cheeks were quite red now. The blonde let one of his hands wander all over Reno's thigh, caressing it as he kissed the skin he could reach, and then he tightly wrapped it around the redhead's erection, making the Turk cry out and tense up again.

- "Wait! Oh fuck… don't… I'm…" Reno pleaded, almost crying.

The same thing as earlier happened, as the Turk got on the very edge of climax, but then was refused it. He clenched his teeth together, closing his eyes tightly as the stars formed in front of his eyes and the heat inside his body became almost intolerable. Cloud, for his part, almost let his control slip, feeling all the contractions around his arousal and seeing and hearing Reno… It was really a lot of stimulation at once, but he managed to keep himself from cumming. He slowed down again, to leave Reno some time to catch his breath… and to leave himself some time to clear his head again.

- "Cloud, I… I want to-"

- "You're not handcuffed" Cloud said simply.

He wanted to see his boyfriend take it off himself. Just cause he felt like it. Reno got the hint and busied himself taking off the strap off his dick. It was so sensitive that just grazing his skin with his own fingers nearly got him off the edge. Once the "ring" was off, Cloud pulled out of his boyfriend again and bent down over him to kiss him deeply for a moment. When they pulled back, the blonde asked:

- "Now you decide… how I finish you off…"

The Turk let out a little laugh in between his panting, and he thought about it for a moment. Then he licked his upper lip enticingly and said in a moaning voice:

- "Get off me… and I'll show you what I feel like…"

The ex-soldier licked Reno's lips and kissed him again before getting off him. The redhead slowly sat up, his muscles visibly already tired because they were a little shaky, and then he got on all fours, looking back at Cloud with a lustful look.

- "Get to it, babe…" he moaned.

Ooh the blonde knew Reno would be dead after this… He'd probably have to help him support his own weight way before he was done with him. Cloud wasted no time and grabbed the Turk's hips tightly, digging his fingers into his skin, and then thrust himself all at once inside his boyfriend, making him cry out again and making his head snap back. The thrusts inside him soon were as fast and hard as Cloud could still manage while controlling himself, and the blonde knew it wouldn't last long, for either of them. He'd make it good for the redhead… He let go of Reno's hips with one hand and buried that hand into the Turk's hair, grabbing it, stroking it, pulling on it a little… And Reno managed to look back at him for an instant, just enough for him to tell Cloud:

- "Sadistic… bitch…"

- "I know" answered the smirking blonde.

He could feel Reno's arms shake and threaten to buckle underneath him, so he bent forwards a little more, keeping Reno against him by wrapping his arm around his stomach, and he bit down on his shoulder, making the Turk gasp loudly.

- "I can't do everything…" the ex-soldier managed to say even with his hard breathing.

So Reno, trusting Cloud to support him, took one hand off the couch to bring it towards his aching and throbbing erection, grabbing it and pumping it without really having the time to match Cloud's pace… And he came. Hard. Screaming his boyfriend's name, arching his back and tensing up, his muscles clenching around the blonde's own erection. A few thrusts more were all it took to push him over the edge too, and he allowed himself to moan as he came inside Reno, coating his inner walls with his hot essence.

Damn, this had been the hottest session since they were together, in Cloud's opinion. They both collapsed on the bed, panting, breathing hard, sweating… and it took a few minutes before they were breathing normally again and the blonde withdrew from Reno, lied on his side and turned his boyfriend on his back at the same time so he could look at him.

- "So?" the ex-soldier asked in a low voice and with a little smile.

- "Hmm that was… so hot, yo…" the Turk answered in a moan.

- "Glad you liked" Cloud answered with a little laugh.

Reno was still obviously dazed by the strength of his orgasm… and he looked so incredibly sexy with that face… Well, to be honest, the blonde wasn't satisfied just yet. He felt… so hungry for this, needy of Reno's body, it was impossible to resist that urge. He smirked at the redhead who, for a moment, looked almost afraid. But when Cloud took his hand and slowly licked a trail of semen from one of his fingers, he let out a little laugh and shot him a lustful look. The blonde didn't particularly like the taste of the thing, but he knew Reno thought it was sexy sight.

- "You know me by heart…" the redhead moaned.

- "Ready for another round?" the ex-soldier asked, still smirking.

Reno laughed at this, closing his eyes.

- "You took your day off anyway, might as well take advantage of it" Cloud said matter-of-factly.

- "Damn right, hun" the Turk told him, wrapping his arms around Cloud's neck.

Then the redhead quickly switched their positions and straddled his boyfriend, smirking in an unholy way.

- "I'm always ready for another round, yo…"

Cloud didn't know how much time his relationship with Reno would last, and he didn't want to think about when and how it would end, or if it would end at all. It didn't matter, cause for now it was… all he'd ever wished for. With Reno he'd finally found the one thing he'd unconsciously been looking for everywhere, for a very, very long time. He'd found love, of course, but there was something more… Forgiveness. Total, unconditional forgiveness.

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