I love the ace Attorney games. One of my friends introduced me to them in my first year of high school. I remember watching her face off against Dahlia Hawthorne in the first case of "Trials and Tribulations" and remarking on what an interesting game it was. The story was so detailed and had so many plot twists that it seemed like it could keep you engaged for hours. I learned just how truly fun and fascinating these games were when I played them for the first time, starting with "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney". Quickly, I played through all four games for the first time, gaining more understanding to the story the more I played. I played each game repeatedly until I found myself not just reading out some of the lines from memory, but also making commentary on each case as I played.

I must confess, this idea is not entirely mine. I owe this idea somewhat to Ami Tajiri and her amazingly crafted comic "Reminiscence~Countdown" on Forums. It's an amazingly funny and well planned out piece of work, which I hope to see continue in the near future. From it, I gained the confidence to try something of this nature, and the general idea of how to approach such a situation.

Of most important note, the main character is me. I've done my best to portray myself accurately and have covered my personality and my responses as best as I can. The story will be mostly in first person point of view, but will also have some third person segments. I'll also continue the story into the Apollo Justice arc and I'll cover the Mason system and add parts in between "Trials and Tribulations" and "Apollo Justice".

As far as canon character go, I'll be including everyone, including Phoenix Wright, in some why. I can't reveal how, but I'll have a major part for him in the story. As for the rest, I'll do my best to keep them all in character, but some things in their personalities may change throughout the course of the story and how events and people are affected. Soundtrack for this story, as expected, includes the music from all four games, as well as "CADENZA" by Magic Trick Society, "Gyakuten Meets Orchestra", and "Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul".

I'll have to include a rating for the swearing and other materials.

I hope, as readers, or just someone skimming through this, that you can understand what I am trying to put forth with this piece of work, and how everyone can have a different view of things because of what we are. Human beings are unique and special, and each one of us has some way of adapting to the situations presented to us.