The next morning, I lay on the couch in the defendant's lobby, my head spinning in every direction. (I don't want to go to court… I wanna go home… At least, I want to get some sleep… Why haven't I been able to sleep since Mia died? What is this world coming to?) I placed my hand over my eyes to block out the light, my other hand resting on my evidence bag, which was on the floor beside me. (This seems so much like a dream… I mean, it has to be. Only in a dream could I become a lawyer without knowing how I did, have friends who I only know through a video game, and get away with swearing in court. There's no way this can be real…)

The door swung open nosily on its hinges, and footsteps alerted me to my company. Sitting up, I opening my eyes and smiled faintly when I saw Maya. She smiled back, determination burning in her eyes.

"Morning Andrea," she said, "How are you feeling?"

I stared back, petulant. "I haven't slept in … a week? Maybe more… I spent two nights in jail. I was hit on the head with something hard and it still hurts like hell. No, I'm perfectly fine, Maya. Just fine."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Sorry I asked," she grumbled. "Well... I guess this is it!"

"Yeah," I muttered, stretching as I stood up. "This gets decided today, whether we want it to or not."

"And we'll be the ones coming out smelling like roses," she laughed, sitting down on the couch. She looked away from me and stiffened. "Aaa! An-Andrea! Look!"

Glancing over my shoulder, I noticed Edgeworth standing in the doorway, calm as always, regarding the two of us with minimal interest. Our eyes locked for a second and I noticed the conflicting emotions in them: determination clashing fiercely with disbelief. He walked over to us in long strides.

"I received a call from the public prosecutor's office yesterday," he explained with serious face, judging my expression as he spoke, "I was told that whatever Mr. White says today, it will be the 'absolute truth.' No matter how you try to attack his testimony... If I raise an objection, I have it on good faith that the judge will listen to me."

I rolled my eyes. "That's all? I figured as much. You didn't have to waste time coming over here to tell me." I leaned over slowly to pick up my evidence bag, turning my back on him for a second. "It seems like I don't have much of a chance, huh?"

Edgeworth stared at me, looking a bit confused, as if he couldn't comprehend my actions. "I will do anything to get my verdict, Andrea. Anything."

(Oh, so you decide to start calling me by my name now? That's nice. A farewell gesture of kindness for the condemned, is that it?)

"Why..." Maya asked, visibly shaking in anger, "Why!? How can you torment an innocent person like this!?"

"'Innocent'...? How can we know that?" Edgeworth replied, his voice thick with loathing, "The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out. There's no way to tell who is guilty and who is innocent! All that I can hope to do is get every defendant declared 'guilty'! So I make that my policy."

(And here's the part I've been waiting for…) "Edgeworth, you're an idiot," I snapped.

Edgeworth raised an eyebrow, taken aback by my unexpected comment. "And how, may I ask, did you come to that illogical conclusion?"

"It's obvious that you have no idea how to do your job," I answered, annoyed, "Especially with the way you're thinking."

"I don't know how to do my job?" he repeated, "What do you mean by that?"

I shook my head. "How do you not know? You don't know what you're doing wrong because you don't know what you should be doing. You have no idea what a prosecutor is…"

"What do you mean?" he asked again, annoyance apparent in his voice, "How do I 'not know what a prosecutor is'?"

I smiled slyly, inwardly laughing at my knowledge of the story. "You'll find out on your own, eventually. If I tell you, then you won't learn," I taunted, "but you will learn. You'll understand what being a prosecutor means, what law is, and what true justice is."

"True… justice?" Edgeworth stared, slightly startled by what I had said. It was evident to me that he still didn't have a clue of what I meant, and Maya, now standing, also looked lost.

"You'll see," I replied, smiling sweetly, "and when you know the answers, I'll be proud to face off against you in court with all of my ability. Until then, you'll just have to put up with this mediocre effort of mine."

"Don't expect any special treatment, Andrea," Edgeworth muttered stiffly, annoyance contorting into fury. "Not this time."

Without waiting for a reply, he turned on his heel and left. With a loud sigh, I dropped back down onto the couch, rubbing my eyes. (I'm not gonna make it… I'm too tired for this…)

Maya sat down beside me. "It's hard to argue with someone you like, isn't it, Andrea?" she giggled, teasing.

"Shut up, Maya," I hissed under my breath. "I'm really not in the mood."

"Okay… but, he seems to know you. Have you met him somewhere before?" she asked.

I laughed weakly. "Who knows…"

"What do you mean by…" Maya began.

One of the guards standing by the door cut her off. "Ms. Giusto, court will be starting soon."

I stood up and yawned. "Thank you."

"Wait a second!" Maya shouted, jumping to her feet, "What about your lawyer? He's not…"

"Maya, just who do you think I am? When I said this fight was between me and him, I meant it. I'm not letting some snotbrain handle this in my place," I retorted, pouting. (Geez, I thought it would be obvious…even if they were surprised that Phoenix defended himself…)

Maya stared at her feet. "Are you sure you should be doing this?"

(I wasn't expecting this…) "Look, Maya, I'm the one on trial. I can do this. I'm sure Mia would support me in this, so you should, too. Put your faith in me. I won't let you down."

"Right!" Maya nodded, "Let's do this!"

The volume of chatter in the courtroom was louder than ever. I felt pressed in and started to feel a bit claustrophobic, not to mention that my head was still killing me. Beside me, Maya was fidgeting like crazy, clinging onto the edge of the bench. I wanted to tell her to relax, but I looked across at the prosecutor's bench first and locked eyes with Edgeworth, who was busy glaring at me. Frustrated and in an attempt to wake myself up a bit, I glared back. I broke off my glaring contest with him when the judge banged his gavel.

"The court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Andrea Giusto," he announced.

Edgeworth straightened up, regaining his confident and collected presence. "The prosecution is ready, Your Honor."

"The defense is always ready, Your Honor," I replied, crossing my arms defiantly.

"Ms. Giusto..." The Judge looked at me curiously, "Are you sure you're up to doing this? You look very stressed…"

"Will you stop being surprised!?" I snapped back, "If I wasn't sure, would I be here!?" (Stop getting on my nerves! I'm tired, and stressed out… Although, the yelling is helping a bit)

The Judge cowered back behind in his chair. "I… Alright. V-very well. Mr. Edgeworth, your o-o-opening statement, p-please."

Edgeworth was smiling, almost mocking me. I glared back, even angrier than before. He cleared his throat. "As the details of the event are already quite clear to the court, today we will hear the testimony of another witness to the defendant's crime."

"I see. The prosecution may call its witness," the Judge replied, looking a bit uneasy.

"Hold up a sec there," I cut in. "This trial shouldn't even be happening. It's already been stated that I couldn't have committed the crime, and the prosecution even submitted a report proving I couldn't! There's no reason for the charges against me!" I pulled the report out of my bag and slapped it against the table. "You remember this, right, Edgeworth? So, what do you have to say to this!?"

Edgeworth shook his head, "Only that the authors of it will be getting the appropriate change in occupation. They aren't fit to be medical examiners if they can make such a simple mistake."

My mouth literally dropped open. "What!? That's it!? That's the only response you can come up with!? I give you damning evidence and all you can come up with is 'they were wrong'!? You can't deflect the blame off yourself! You submitted this to the court yourself!"

"And I have taken the appropriate measures since then to ensure its accuracy," he added. "The report didn't state when you where knocked out. It could have easily been after the murder took place. Ergo, the accuracy of the report was called into question."

I slammed my fist into the table. "No! You're not getting off on this again! Not like with that bogus autopsy report of yours! I won't-!"

The judge's gavel interrupted me. "Ms. Giusto, place keep your opinions of the prosecution to yourself. I will not stand for an outburst like this in my courtroom."

Quickly, my anger deflated and I hung my head, my hair dropping in front of my face. "Yes, Your Honor. Sorry about that. I'll control myself better." (What's with this game world!? Everyone is content with lying! Even the judge doesn't see that something's up with this whole mess. Man, now I'm starting to desperately want the Jurist System…)

"My sincerest apologies to the court for this misunderstanding," Edgeworth announced, folding his hands solemnly, even though I could tell he was rejoicing underneath.

"Excellent, Mr. Edgeworth." The Judge nodded approvingly. "I appreciate your demeanor."

Edgeworth bowed. "I would like to call Mr. Redd White to the stand!

Maya nudged me lightly. "Andrea, aren't you going to object? White should have testified at my trial, but he didn't. He should be called on that."

"What, so that Edgeworth can gain more charity points?" I grumbled, staring at the bench. "I'll just get my ass whipped again and he'll come out smelling even more like roses than he does now. I'll just have to focus on pinning White with evidence. There's nothing else I can do."

Redd White took the stand with his proverbial smug look plastered on his face. I glared at him, but it didn't seem to have any affect apart from hurting my eyes. I lifted my hand to take of my glasses and rub my eyes, but my fingers didn't find any glasses. (Getting used to this is still gonna take some time. Now that I think about it, I don't like perfect vision. My semi-blindness was my favorite handicap…)

Edgeworth folded his arms. "Please state your full name."

"You wish to know the title of my personage?" White asked.

At this, Edgeworth's lips twitched slightly downward, a probably sign of confusion. "Er... your name?"

White blinked. "Yes! That is what I said!" He gestured with his hand, and then paused. "Oh dear, do my locutions confuse?"

"Name!" Edgeworth shouted, slamming his palm against the bench, having obviously lost his temper.

I chuckled, hiding my smile behind my hand. (Typical Edgeworth. I'm gonna have a lot of fun laughing at his expense, that's for sure)

"My name is Redd White. But my friends call me Blanco Nino," he grinned at his little inside joke. "I am the CEO, or to use a more common term, the President, of Bluecorp."

Edgeworth didn't drop his pace. "Did you know the victim, Ms. Mia Fey?"

"That would be a negatory! No, I did not," White replied.

Edgeworth paused. "You were at the Gatewater Hotel the night of the murder?"


"And you witnessed the murder from there?"

White cleared his throat and shook his head. "Why tell you what you already know?"

The Judge nodded. "Very well, Mr. White. You may begin your testimony."

"Ho hoh hoh," White laughed, still smiling. "I hope you have made your peace with God, Ms. Lawyer!"

I glared. "Shove your comments where the sun don't shine. You'll be the one praying for forgiveness when I'm finished here."

"Andrea, please watch what you say…" Maya muttered, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Let's see, it was about 9:00, I believe," White began, "I was quietly perusifying... er, that's 'reading' to you, some papers by the window. Then I heard a bedlam coming from outside! Surprised, I turned to look at the building across the way. It was then I saw her: An aggressive-looking woman attacking another woman with long hair! Needless to say that woman was none other than you, Ms. Lawyer! I called Miss May over at once. She, too, was flabbergasted of course. The victim, she... she ran away, but you gave chase! Finally there was a terrible impaction! Then it was all over..."

The Judge sat in thought for a moment. "Hmm... If things occurred as you testify, then I'm afraid the defendant is guilty. Very well, defendant... er, I mean, Ms. Giusto. Your cross-examination..."

"Ready and waiting," I smirked. "One question, Mr. White. You say the victim ran away. Can you specify what direction she ran in, for argument's sake?"

White nodded. "Of course! Comprende! I understand! The victim ran to the left. You gave chase, and struck her down!"

"Are you sure?" Edgeworth asked, covering all his bases.

"As you know, I am always abso-posi-lutely perfect!" White announced with a nod.

"Perhaps you could change your testimony to reflect this new detail," the Judge said.

"Certainly. The victim ran to the left, and you gave chase!" White added.

I smiled. "I have to say that you've just cracked your own testimony for me, Mr. White. Thank you for the help."

White look surprised. "What is this!?"

"Your testimony makes no sense if you look at the evidence. First of all, the other witness to the crime, Miss April May, says she ran to the right. Second, if you look at the layout of the office, and her position, if the victim had run left, she would have been running away from the door, right into a corner. She'd be putting the killer between herself and the exit!"

White looked startled and folded his arms in thought. "Very strange..." he muttered, "I did see her run to the left... I did."

From her position beside me, Maya shuffled a bit. "Andrea... look at his face. I don't think he's lying about this one."

"Thank you, Miss Obvious," I retorted, "I can read people just fine."

"Ms. Giusto?" the Judge asked, "Miss May says 'right,' and Mr. White says 'left.' Can you explain this contradiction to the court?"

I smiled. "For the apocalyptic once-in-eternity, both witnesses are telling the truth."

"Hah! I doubt it!" Edgeworth retorted, and then cleared his throat. "Er, rather, that does not clear up the contradiction!"

"Of course it doesn't, smarty-pants. I'm not finished yet," I snapped back. "If someone gets me the overhead projector, then I'll tell you where Mr. White was at the time of the murder in relation to the floor plan."

"Ms. Giusto, what do you mean?" the Judge asked. "The witness wasn't at the hotel?"

Edgeworth stared at me. "Where, then, do you propose he was?"

"Get me the damn projector and you'll find out," I grumbled.
Gumshoe wheeled in the projector sheepishly and set it up for me with the overhead. The markers for the victim and killer's positions were still stuck to it.

"Now, to review," I muttered, staring at the screen beside me, "Ms. May saw the killing from her room at the hotel. It would mean she saw it through the window. If the victim ran towards the door, Ms. May would have seen her running left. Thus, from what Mr. White says he saw, the only logical conclusion is that he was standing…here!" I stamped my foot, swinging my arm out at the projector, pointing at the killer marker.

Edgeworth looked completely relaxed. "Please! This is no time for jokes in ill taste! That is where the killer was standing!"

"Exactly my point, genius," I grumbled, folding my arms.

The courtroom broke out into a loud chatter, and I folded my arms confidently as the Judge called for order, banging his gavel angrily.

"Anyone disturbing the order of this courtroom will be held in contempt!" the Judge turned to face me, "Ms. Giusto! What are you suggesting!?"

White was shaking in his spot. "R-r-rapscallion!!!"

Before I could reply, Edgeworth cut me off. "OBJECTION! The postulations of the defense are a distortion of the truth, Your Honor!"

(Says you, smart ass. Admit you're wrong and I'm right and we can call it a day…)

The Judge nodded in agreement. "Indeed. They do seem a bit far-fetched..."

White took a moment's pause, letting Edgeworth's train of thought sink into his own. "Ho hoh hoh! You provide us with so much entertainment, Ms. Lawyer! The hilarity of the moment made me remember something... It appears I have been unclear, and for this, I apologize. Mr. Your Honor... Might I be allowed to testify once more?"

The Judge nodded. "Very well, let's hear your revised testimony."

(What the hell!? I just said he was the killer and they let him go on like I didn't say anything!? That's not fair! ...I should have known. This isn't gonna be easy. I have to focus. I can't slip up, or I'm finished!)

"Miss May's testimony was correct... as was mine!" White announced. "When you assaulted the girl, she first ran to the left. And then you hit her, savagely! That is what I saw. Next, with the last of her strength, she ran to the right. You chased her, and delivered the final blow. That is what Miss May saw. You see? You hit her twice! Don't you remember, Ms. Lawyer?" He finished with a smile in my direction.

"Hmm..." The Judge closed his eyes in thought. "That does seem to make sense. Will you be cross-examining the witness's testimony?"

"There's no way in hell that I'm not, Your Honor," I snapped, glaring evilly in White's direction. "Because whoever came up with that testimony is a complete retard… and if that was Mr. White's own original creation, he's a supreme retard."

The Judge stared at me. "I hope you're going somewhere with this, Ms. Giusto."

(Oh, right… that) "Yes, sorry. The witness says he saw the victim being attacked twice, but that contradicts the autopsy report. BOTH autopsy reports; the original and the one Mr. Edgeworth over here pressed to enter into evidence. They both say she was hit once. Fix that testimony, Mr. White!"

White was taken aback, sweating profusely.

"OBJECTION!" Edgeworth cut in, "The witness is obviously confused, Your Honor! I would like to request a 10 minute break!"

The Judge nodded. "Yes... yes, quite."

"Oh, come on!" I snapped. "It's obvious the witness is lying! He'll just come up with more lies if there's a break! The trial must continue, Your Honor!"

The crowd broke out into shouts of agreement, some people standing up from their seats in excitement. White cowered on the witness stand like a cornered rat.

The Judge banged his gavel for order as the crowd quieted down. "Very well. If the witness would care to revise his testimony..."

(Score one for the good guys! I'm so much closer than I thought I was. There's no escaping now, White…)

White didn't respond at first, glancing worriedly between the door and Edgeworth, who was leaned back in a posture of thought.

"Mr. White?" The Judge asked impatiently.

White jumped a bit and steadied himself nervously. "O... okay..."

"Umm, well, see," White paused, thinking carefully through his testimony, "I looked at the other window when I heard that thing fall. Then, the next moment, I saw Miss Mia run to the left! The killer, you, attacked her... but she dodged. She turned, and ran for the door! Then you did her in with a single blow! Thwap!"

The Judge closed his eyes in momentary reflection. "Hmm. 'Thwap' indeed. Very well, you may begin the cross-examination."

White cleared this throat. "Mr. Your Honor... My stomach, you see, it is hurting..."

"Live with it, you big baby," I snapped. "I'm not done with you yet. In your testimony, you mention 'that thing'. What is this 'thing', anyway?"

"Huh? Oh... oh, that?" White looked slightly confused, as if it should have been obvious to me. "Umm... the glass light stand!"

(Bingo…Just what I was waiting for…)

"Andrea! Doesn't something about that strike you as odd?" Maya hissed from beside me.

"Obviously," I murmured back, petulant. "Mr. White, can you modify your testimony to include this… slip-up?"

White gave me an annoyed stare. "S-sorry. My bad... A light stand was lying on the floor when I looked."

"Ha! As if! The light stand broke when it fell over," I retorted, pulling a bag with some of the glass shards in it out of my evidence bag. "And these prove it. Plus, you can't tell it was a light stand from the pieces. So, explain that one, smarty pants!"

White jumped, looking more frantic than before. "I-isn't it obvious? I saw the stand before it fell over!"

"That would be before the attack, correct?" I asked, and chuckled. "Once again, as if. If you were in the hotel as you claim you were, you couldn't have seen the light stand before it fell because it wasn't in range of the window! It was out of your frame of view, and the lay out of the floor plan proves that!"

"Er... erp! Ri... dicu... losity..." White blathered, shaking with tension.

"Thus, Mr. White, you saw the light stand the moment it fell, placing you in the office at the time of the murder! You've proved my original point for me! You were in the office, making you the best possible suspect!"

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" White groaned, clenching his fists on the witness stand.

A few minutes of silence followed and no one dared break it, not even White, who had buried his face in his arm. Edgeworth was composed on the outside, leaning back in a relaxed and confident posture, but his eyes were tensed up in conflicted thought. Maya was glancing around nervously, obviously as disturbed by the silence as I was. (Geez…someone…this is more awkward than… anything I can compare this to… Someone, please break the silence!)

The Judge finally spoke. "Mr... White?"

White didn't reply, staring down sheepishly at the floor.

"Spill it White. You did it. No use hiding it anymore," I sighed, folding my arms.

"Mr. Your Honor." White spoke up, his voice weak and shaky, "I... I... Miss Mia..."

"OBJECTION!" Edgeworth interjected, and Maya jumped, hitting her hand on the underside of the bench with a smack. "That's far enough! Mr. White... I think the time has come. Shouldn't you confess your crime now, hmm?"

White looked just as confused as the rest of the courtroom. "W... what?"

Edgeworth smiled, shaking his head. "I said, you should confess your crime. Ergo, confess that you placed the wiretap!"

The courtroom bust out into chatter. From behind me I could hear some of the comments. "Wiretap? What wiretap?" "The one from yesterday. Weren't you here?" "What's the prosecutor doing, bringing up something like that?" "I'm in the mood for ice cream."

(Bar that last comment, these people aren't too dumb… I'm in the mood for ice cream, too… So tired… Damn you, Edgeworth. Just let me whip your ass so I can get some sleep…)

The Judge banged his gavel. "Order! Order! Mr. Edgeworth! Explain to the court what you mean by this!"

Edgeworth was still smiling devilishly. "Distinguished members of the court... Mr. White is slightly confused. Allow me to explain. As you know, Mr. White is the CEO of Bluecorp. He ordered his secretary, Miss April May, to tap the law offices of Ms. Fey."

"What does that have to do...?" The Judge began, but was cut off.

"Your Honor. The question is: when was the wiretap placed in the office, and by who? Mr. White. In order to place the wiretap, you entered Ms. Fey's office. Am I correct...?" Edgeworth finished, eyeing White expectantly.

It took a moment to sink in, but when it did, White regained his confident air. "C-correct! You are most correct, Miles! Yes... in order to place the wiretap, I breached the Fey & Co. Law Offices! That is when I saw that accursed light stand!"

The Judge just stared out blankly. "Now I'm confused. Please explain to the court what all this means, Mr. Edgeworth!"

"Gladly, Your Honor." Edgeworth smirked, relaxed. "The defense has made her position quite clear. She has determined that Mr. White knew the glass stand was in the office. She has shown that there was only one time Mr. White could have seen the stand: At the very moment of the murder! Thus, the defense would like you to believe that Mr. White was the murderer! However! It is a fact that Mr. White had been to that office well before the murder took place! He went to place the wiretap! He could have seen the glass light stand then. Ergo, the defense's theory is revealed for the baseless conjecture it is!"

(Shit… Too… tired… to… object…)

The Judge looked resolved. "Mr. White! You will testify to the court about this wiretap!"

White cleared his throat. "Leave it to me!"

(I can't hold out much longer… Damn…)

"It was the beginning of September... the week before the murder," White mused, "I had entered the Fey & Co. Law Offices. Of course, I had done so to place the wiretap. That is when I saw this glass light stand."

The Judge blinked. "Hmm... So, you saw the stand before the night of the incident... And this is how you were able to identify what had fallen over. By the sound?"

"Correct! That is right." White affirmed with his overly cheesy smile.

"I see." The Judge nodded, "Very well, Ms. Giusto, you may cross-exam- Wait, are you alright?"

I felt my legs giving out underneath me, my eyes drooping shut against my will. Holding onto the bench for support, I tried to stay upright, but the effort was too much. (I'm fading… too fast… No…) The Judge asked something, but I couldn't hear. I couldn't hear anything. "No," I mumbled, "No, no, no…" Maya's voice added to the din and I shut my eyes, pressing my plam against my face. (Why!? Why now? I have… I can't… I'm… slipping…)

"Andrea, are you giving up? What's not like you," a voice interrupted, understandable and crystal clear. "This isn't the time for backing down. Stand up straight and be yourself."

(Wait, isn't that…!) I glanced up quickly and lost my hold on the table. As I fell back, I thought I saw Mia standing beside me. My head hit the floor hard. "OW!"

"Clumsy as ever, huh, Andrea?" Mia laughed, and as my head stopped spinning and I took a good look at her, I smiled.

"I guess," I laughed sheepishly, sitting up a bit. "I guess Maya's spiritual powers grew strong enough for her to channel you?"

Mia brushed a strand of black hair over her shoulder, smiling as well. "When you accepted your defeat... It appears that was enough of a shock to awaken Maya's true powers."

I blinked. "I… what?"

"Andrea, the judge is about to call his final verdict," she replied, serious. "You have to focus. You've already won. The answer is in the Court Record. You have it with you!"

"Right!" I gasped, snapping my fingers, "The receipt for the light stand with the bloody name. I forgot to check the date!" Scrambling to my feet, I rifled around in my bag for the evidence pictures. Mia, bewildered, shook her head.

The Judge turned to me. "Is the defendant... rather, are you alright, Ms. Giusto?"

"Oh yeah, just fine, give me a sec," I muttered, not even looking up. (Here we go! Date of purchase: September 4th, the day before the murder. Well, now I've accomplished two things: Maya has her spiritual power, and I have my victory… Though, I was probably gonna throw this part of the case anyway. I need Maya to have her powers. I know when I'll need them…)

"Then, let's start where we left off." The Judge sighed.

Edgeworth laughed. "Your Honor. There is nothing to go back to! The cross-examination of Mr. White is finished! All that is required now is for you to pass judgment on the defendant!"

"Actually, there is one thing that I'd like to do, if you'll let me," I interjected, smiling sweetly. (Hopefully the old man is also an old sap…)

"Hmm..." the Judge grumbled for a moment, "But, as Mr. Edgeworth has noted, the trial is more or less finished. Mr. Edgeworth, do you have an opinion on this matter?"

(Come on, Edgeworth, be a man. Be the man I know you are. Don't let this chance slip away…)

Edgeworth paused, thinking over the options in his head. "I say... let us give the defendant her 'last chance.'"

"Very well! You may begin your cross-examination." The Judge nodded.

"There's just one thing I'd like to point out, Mr. White," I announced, forcing myself to stay calm. "It's this receipt." I pulled out the two photographs, one of each side. "The first side, which everyone first noted, is, of course, the bloody name, 'Maya'. The other side, however, is now of a great deal more importance."

Edgeworth looked like he was about to blow a gasket. "Th-the other side?"

"Correct. It's a proof of purchase for one 'glass light stand', dated September 4th, the day before the murder. If Mr. White had allegedly placed the wiretap at the beginning of the month, the light stand wouldn't have even been there!"

"Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!?" White screamed, his eyes wide in their sockets. The rest of the courtroom burst into loud chatter once again. Glancing over at Mia, I noticed she was scribbling down something on a notepad, but my mind was so scrambled that I couldn't remember why.

"That's it, then. Mr. White's alibi is cracked beyond repair, and my logic has been proven," I muttered. "A happy ending."

"No..." White grumbled, "It's impossachievable..."

The Judge sighed. "Very well. Then, that is all for the trial of..."

"OBJECTION!" Edgeworth interrupted. "Not so fast! There is a certain thread of logic to the defendant's claims. However! There is no concrete proof that the defendant is innocent! Ergo! I would like to request one more day before she is granted her freedom. I need time to make one more inquiry into this matter."

"Come on! White is guilty! I proved it! What more do you need to look into!? I'm not waiting around for you to come up with another faked report!" I shouted, feeling dizzy again.

"Ms. Giusto, this is your last warning," The Judge snapped, "One more time and I'll hold you in contempt."

"If anyone is going to call Mr. White to trial," Edgeworth continued, "it would be me, the prosecution. I need a day to ascertain whether your claims have any basis in factual evidence!"

"I see. The completion of the trial of Ms. Andrea Giusto will be postponed until tomorrow," The Judge concluded.

(Crap! Now what!? What can't I remember what to do anymore!? …I need to rest. This is taking too long. I won't be able to keep my eyes open at this rate…)

Regaining most of his composure, White sighed with relief. "Mr. Your Honor! May I go home?"

"Of course." The Judge nodded, "Thank you for your time."

"The witness will stay!" Mia interrupted, her voice ringing in the empty silence.

I blinked. "Mia, what…?"

She handed me the note she was writing earlier. "Andrea, read this note out loud."

Nodding, I took it and turned to the judge. "Can I?"

"You're quite persistent today," he mused, "Alright, permission granted."

Clearing my throat, I began reading. "Mark Hallberg, Steven Sales, Matthew Lewis, Karen Santos, Joshua Andres, Titus-"

"S-s-stop! Desist! Halt!" White shouted, shaking in place, "P-please, stop! Make her stop! How... how did you get that list!?"

"Mr. White. Admit your guilt, right here, right now. Or else this list will be released to the press!" Mia replied, smiling slyly.

White's face contorted to an expression of rage, and then to defeat. He hung his head. "I... I confess. I confess. I... I did it. I hit her. I hit Miss Mia with 'The Thinker'!"

"And?" I glared, "What about me? You were the one how hit me, correct?"

"No, Miss Lawyer, that wasn't me," White answered solemnly. "You were unconscious when I arrived."

"Case closed, Your Honor." Mia said.

Everything started going hazy again, all the voices jumbled together into an unintelligible mess. My head spun and I try to stay standing, but everything shifted beneath my feet. Voices grew louder and more hurried, but I still couldn't understand them. (White couldn't…? Didn't…? What…? Then who…? Why…? Can't… awake…thought…intelligent…form…can't…) At that moment, my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer, and my entire world went black.

As I drifted back into consciousness, I was pretty sure I was alone. The silence of my surroundings engulfed me, as opposed to the noisy chatter of court, or the wall of noise before I passed out. I was lying on something comfortable, despite the fact that there was a lump pressing against my spine and my feet felt numb. Lying on my back wasn't one of my natural sleeping positions, so I shifted to make myself more comfortable. Suddenly, the edge of whatever I was lying on gave out, I tumbled with a shriek, and something hard came up and met me head on.

I opened my eyes, snapping them shut and opening them slower. The light hurt my eyes. I found myself lying on my stomach on the floor. My head throbbed from the impact, but the pain was too faint to bother me much. Grumbling, I sat up halfway and looked around, scrambling to my feet when I saw I wasn't alone.

Edgeworth was standing on the opposite side of the room, next to the doors, leaning up against the wall. His arms were crossed and he was facing me, glaring at me with pure contempt.

"Um…hello…" I smiled sheepishly, waving. His eyes narrowed. (He's pissed with me… Jerk…) "It's nice to see you," I continued. (What the hell am I saying? Geez, I'm still tired…)

"I didn't come here to exchange pleasantries," he snapped. I internally cringed. (Scary…)

I shrugged. "Figured as much. So, why are you here? Come to complain to me of your loss?"

Edgeworth's glare became more powerful. "I'm not so shallow that I would complain, especially not to the likes of you."

(I wouldn't put it past you…) "That supposed to be an insult?" I scoffed, letting my anger get the better of me, "You're so stupid."

"Is that the only insult you can come up with?" he grumbled back, sounding a bit bitter.

"'You're a retard.' 'You're an asshole.' 'You're a bastard.' 'You're a shithead.' Which one do you prefer?" I spoke up, walking towards him until I was almost right in his face.

Still glaring, his eyes locked with mine, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, which he handed to me roughly. My anger deflated, I took the paper curiously.

"Maya Fey asked me to give this to you," he announced sharply. He stood up straight, the two centimeter difference in height between us feeling more imposing than ever, and left, magenta jacket flapping in his back draft.

Alone, my strength gave out and I slumped against the wall, sliding my back down until I was seated on the floor. I dropped the note beside me, hugged my knees, and cried silently, a few tears streaming down my face. Behind me, underneath my grumbles of self-hatred, I was sure I heard something else, a whisper:

Edgeworth, I'm sorry…

Startled, I looked up and glanced around, looking for the speaker, but found no one. (Guess I'm just imagining things…) As I started to stand up, my hand touched the note and I picked it up.

"Dear Andrea," I read, noting that the letter was in Mia's handwriting, "I'm proud of what you did today. You've come very far, and you've done a lot. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done; for me and for Maya. I understand that you may feel like you've let me down, or failed in some way. I know things could have turned out different, but the outcome is what counts, so you don't need to be upset about it. You haven't failed me or yourself. You've done a great job, and I know you'll go farther before you're through. I would have liked to say this to your face, but you passed out before I could. Congratulations, and good luck. I hope to see you again. Signed, Mia Fey. P.S.: Come to the office tonight at 9:00."

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I took another hesitant look around. (She gave this to Edgeworth? I can't imagine his expression seeing her like that, but he was probably too mad to have noticed, knowing him. …It's over, then? Just like that? Funny, this isn't anything like last time. There's no feeling of accomplishment. It just feels…done. …There's just one thing I don't get. White didn't hit me, so who did? And why? How could anyone understand what I was doing? I'm not going to figure out anything like this. I'll just have to go to the office and meet Maya)

I walked around the city for a few hours to let myself cool down, and to recover my thoughts. Nine rolled around too fast. By the time I arrived at the office, I was no farther ahead than I had been when I left the courthouse. The door was unlocked when I arrived, and I let myself in. The entire office was pitch black, faint shadows cast by the street lamps outside.

"You came!" Maya's chipper voice called from Mia's office. "I was kinda worried you might not."

I snorted. "As if I wouldn't. You feeling alright Maya?"

"Awwww, you knew it was me? I was trying to make you think it was Sis…" she grumbled, walking out from behind the door.

"I can tell the difference between your voice and Mia's," I replied, "Speaking of her, where is she? I thought I was meeting her here."

"Yeah, well, she wrote me a letter to be here, and I am. She told me to look after you," she smiled.

I blinked. "You? Look after me? Blasphemy!"
Maya rolled her eyes. "She means the office! This office! Someone has to help with the new Giusto & Co. Law Offices, right? And who better but me! Maya Fey, reporting for duty! Wait, no, on second thought, let's make this casual! Yo, Andy! Maya here, ready to get down to business! You... don't mind me calling you 'Andy,' do you? It's a great name! Mia said that's what your friend Larry calls you."

"Alright, fine, call me that of you want to," I sighed. "I look forward to working with you, Maya."

"Right! Okay, Andy, let's do it!" Maya smiled, walking past me to the door.

I stared after her. "Do what?"

"Burgers!" she sighed, glancing back over her shoulder at me, "I want burgers! Let's get some!"

(Looks like I'm stuck with her, no matter what. It'll be nice to have some company, though. …Mia, I know you'll always be watching, so watch over us, alright? We'll need all the help we can get…) "Hey Maya, how 'bout we get some pizza instead?"