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Cognac on the rocks


From the corners of amber orbs, he saw her strutting in. Each step she took was gentle, soft, and elegant.


With feminine grace she settled on to a bar stool and smiled at the bartender. Her smile captured his eyes and stirred something inside of him; he felt the heat rising in his groin.

Seated on the bar stool her deep v-neck halter hugged her modest little breast perfectly. The A-line skirt yield a thigh high slit in her dress and when she crossed her leg, her amber skin flashed him and he almost couldn't take his eyes off the smoothness of her skin. He had to feel how soft she is against him! He stood up gracefully and proceeded towards where she was seated.

As he neared, the soft sweet scent of her perfume invaded his nostril with an alluring seduction. A small smile curved the corner of his lip while he thought about how often he'd be able to enjoy the scent of her.

The ice cubes clattered as they hit each other against the clear glass. The bartender followed it with dark orangey liquid and pushed it over to her. She smiled and bowed to thank him. Polished French tip fingers raised the glass to her glossed lips and she sipped her drink.

"You know, it ought to be illegal to do what you're doing." A deep voice almost startled her, resonating up and down her spine.

"Huh?" She turned and stared into stunning eyes of the man sitting two seats from her.

He cocked his head, waiting for another smile from her.

"The ice cubes. You should never put too much in with the Cognac. It waters down the brandy." He nodded at her drink, a little awed at the fact that such a feminine female like herself, would choose such a 'manly' drink rather than a girly martini.

"Hmm…" She glanced at her glass and then back at him, cool and nonchalant.

He gave her a sexy inevitable smile, his winning tack-tit to get any woman to fall head over heels for him.

She remained silent.

"I am sorry. Didn't mean to be pretentious I'm Sesshoumaru." He offered her his hand.

She looked down from his gaze and at his hand. She returned his offer with an indifferent face.

"This is the part where you tell me your name" he continued, giving her another smile of seduction.

"Excuse me." She said finally as she got out of her seat and started to walk away.

Shocked he watched as she walked past the lobby, her short cocktail dress fluttering carelessly with each and every one of her strut. He was speechless, never in his life had he been ignore by a woman like that before. It wasn't as if she was extraordinarily beautiful either.

Sure she was pretty, and deserved a double-take here and there. But he had been with the hottest lingerie models with the sexiest bodies, and she was by far is but only about a seven in his book - at most!


She wanted to get away from him and fast.

Of course she knew who he was. Who didn't?

As the heir to Japan's infamous 'royal' family, his face was plastered everywhere. In every magazine, from gossip, to business, hell, even some 'family' journals.

But she wasn't going to fall for the old okey-dokey.

She read and knew about him too well - the bachelor, the 'playboy' with a new woman on his arm every week - if not every day. And damn he looked even better in person than in the magazine, but she wasn't going to go down that road.

No, she Kagome Higurashi was not like all the other girls he knew and been with; sharing him from one day to the next, and getting spoiled by his wealth then tossed aside when he was done with them. Basically, they were his high-class whores, and she wasn't going to be in the ring with them. She was her own woman, content with her own life.

She wasn't and will not get caught up in the hands of the InuYokai!

Even if her stomach lurched and rolled from nerves when he spoke to her or the way he looked. Between the brandy and his breathtaking proximity, she felt the heat rise inside of her; the tingling warm sensation perked her nipples and settled in her sex. She smiled and continued to walk towards the restaurant within the Hotel, to meet her friend for dinner.