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Cognac Chapter 13
Lady, mine.


Shortly after they heard the tires squealing and the limo came to a halt but Sesshoumaru kept his cock lodged deep in her hot pulsing pussy, wrapping his arms around Kagome tightly. He loved the feeling of her naked body against his.

Out of control and daunted by the power of their mating, Kagome rested her head against his hot flesh, leaning on his chest, breathing erratically. She needed more time to regroup. The miko blinked her eyes frantically, swallowing hard. There was a bond that seemed to encased them in the moment and time seemed to stand still. Then, the sudden sound of the driver's door slamming made her tense in horror. She did not want his driver to find them embedded within each other like that. Snapping out of her dazed state, Kagome gasped out loud.

"Don't worry, Ah-Un won't open the door without my permission." Sesshomaru assured her. She was quiet as she turned her head away. "What is it?" He asked, concerned.

Kagome pushed herself up from his chest and rolled off as he slowly withdrew himself. "Please take me home." She requested softly, pulling herself up off him and the limo floor.

"You are home, Kagome." He replied and followed suit, leaning on his palms.

"No, my house, not yours, Sesshomaru." There was an anger in her voice that he couldn't understand. He reached over for his shirt and began to dress himself.

Why is she always so angry toward me? Hadn't I just made myself clear? "My house is now your home Kagome." The DaiYokai stated while buttoning his shirt.

"For how long Sesshomaru? A day? A week? A month at most - if I'm that lucky?" She scowled angrily. Sesshomaru couldn't get another word in before she interrupted him "And Ah-Un won't open the door without your permission, because I'm sure I wasn't the first girl he heard you fucking in the back right?" By now, her tears were flowing freely. Wiping the fluid away with the back of her hands, she knew this was going to happen, but she couldn't understand why her body couldn't resist surrendering to him. And the worst part - the worst part of it all - was the terrible pain in her heart. It was too late for her, tried as she might to push him away, but somehow he had managed to wedged himself deep within her soul. Kagome was upset, but more so, she was terrified of the feelings she fought so hard not to feel - and the heartache she would - could - never recover from.

"Kagome…" his voice was gently, but knowing she was right and he couldn't lie to her, "it's not like that with you." Sesshomaru tried to gather her in his arms. With her hands she brushed him away, fumbling to pull the skirt of her dress down and shaking hands tied the straps on her halter straps for some decency. "You are my mate Kagome. There will be no other."

Kagome narrowed her eyes at him but she couldn't find the words to respond. Her mind was racing a million miles a minute, she fought hard to stop crying while the DaiYokai continued on, "I can't let you go. When I close my eyes all I can see is you. When I blink, I see you. You are and forever will be mine. I need you, Kagome, like I know you need me."

The shocked miko couldn't stop the frisson of fear and desire crawling through her heart. A part of her knew it was ludicrous not to want a man like Sesshomaru, but another part of her was protective. And the part of her that wanted him, couldn't help herself. The trepidation heightened her arousal, making her aware of his, smell, his voice…his mood; everything about him.

"I can't keep doing this Sesshomaru. You're driving me crazy," a sigh followed the shake of her head. Nervously, Kagome ran her fingers through her hair, a futile last effort to distant herself from the demi-god looming over her.

Even for a DaiYokai, Sesshomaru was exhausted. He was so tired of her insecurity, her little tricks, and most of all her was soooo tired of her lies.

Determination blazed from his eyes. "It's time to go inside." He ordered.

Kagome realized that Sesshomaru wouldn't take her 'no's' for an answer - at least not tonight, not right now. Shaking her head, her shoulder throbbed and she felt her will bowing to his. She was too tired, too spent to fight anymore. "Well, what am I suppose to wear tomorrow?" It was the only thing she could think of to protest.

His lips moved to reveal a smile of victory. "You may choose what you want from your closet inside."

Kagome blinked her mouth agape like an idiot. Since when did she have closet at his house? Either she had lost her damn hearing or the DaiYokai had lost his damn mind.

Sesshoumaru watched as the miko blinked in shock and confusion. Sliding his hand around her waist, he pulled her into him; and before she could reject him, Sesshomaru opened the door and guided her into his large estate.


The servants greeted them just as he approached the door, guiding her with him, resting his palm on the small of her back. Though they have been instructed to get the house ready for their 'Lady', some time ago; shocked still registered on their faces as they watched their master guiding the human inside with such tenderness.

"Good evening, Sesshomaru-san," the head servant greeted with a bow.

Kagome avoided making eye contact with them. Oh god, she whined silently, fidgeting yet trying to maintain her regular breathing as his cum was slowly oozing out of her bare passage. She tugged the back of his shirt unconsciously wanting to go somewhere more private, a place where she could clean herself.

"And good evening, my Lady," the same servant nodded softly at Kagome. The miko almost winced at the discomfort. Still avoiding their eyes, she bowed.

"Come," her mate called and guided her up the stairs, feeling her apprehension through their mating mark. She's allowed this Sesshomaru in...he acknowledge happily. She will get used to the servants soon enough...

Kagome could hear the servants closing the door and their footsteps faded into the night as they returned to their business while she was escorted further up the stairs. She was so nervous when they entered his large bedroom that she was sure he'd heard the thundering of her heart. The miko smiled awkwardly while Sesshomaru glided her around the corner to the large walk-in closet. She realized the closet was big enough to house a family easily! On the left she noticed his clothes were neatly arranged. Dress shirts, followed by jackets, and then slacks and other pants on the bottom rack. His shoes were all polished to a perfect shine and lined neatly against the shelves.

Turning her head on the right, she saw dresses hung in perfect lines, pressed to a crisp. Pants, tops, and jackets all lined neatly on the racks, Kagome noticed tags were still attached to most of them. She tilted her head up to meet his gaze, "See, no need for you to worry about work clothes, going out clothes or any types of clothes." He said with an appeased tone.

"Whose are they?" She asked in awe of the beautiful collection of garments. But she couldn't suppress the jealousy that rose up her spine. Do I even want to know? Clothes all ready and prepared for any bitch he brings home. And then her heart sank. Welcome Kagome, you are number 34239437285794865487... She held back the tears that threaten to spill.

"Well, those are mine, obviously," he nodded toward the left. Her attempt to hide her pain did not go unnoticed by him. Kagome, when will you get it? There is only you now. "And those are yours." he pointed to the right side - her side - of the closet.

"But-" Huh? She felt dumbstruck as she furrowed her brows.

"This Sesshoumaru took some time, personally, to gather the items for you - while you were in hiding from me." He answered her before she even asked.

"Why? Wha-...Huh?" Kagome was baffled by the whole thing.

Sesshomaru turned her toward him so that his curled finger could lift her chin to meet his eyes. "Because this is your home, where you belong, with me, my mate."

"Mate? Wait, yo-you mated me?" Kagome's forehead wrinkled as she ask in shock and confusion as the word FINALLY registered with her. He brushed the hair resting on her shoulder aside.

Good, she's not reacting with anger...Kami Blessed us all..."Yes. Don't you understand now? I will never let you go."

Kagome's eyelids opened and closed furiously, fighting against the water wanting to escape from the inside. "R-r-really?" She asked, her eyes wide like a five year old child wanting a guarantee that Santa was real. Of the thousands and millions of beautiful women that surrounded him, he's mated me? I think I'm going to die...

"Really." He whispered before capturing her lips into his. Kagome returned his kiss, this time, with full satisfaction and eagerness.

"Why? I'm not...I'm not half as pretty as the models...or the..." Sesshomaru silenced his mate with his thumb.

"To me, you're more beautiful than the setting and rising of the sun. For what it's worth there's something about you that stirs this Sesshomaru like nothing else. There's like an electrical charge humming off you that … resonates inside of me. I want you, I need you Kagome, and I know you feel the same." Sesshomaru tapped gently on his mating mark. Kagome felt like a thousand butterflies lined her stomach. Her mate pulled her into his embrace. Relief swept over him as there are no more uncertainties over their relationship.

Letting time pass, she finally smiled up at him, "Would it be alright if I showered? I'm a little icky.." Kagome felt the heat rising and a little embarrassed as the trail of semen was slipping and sliding down her legs.

Sesshomaru's eyes flickered wickedly at her question. A broad smile spread across his face, while she began to blush. Now she blushes? he thought. "Kagome, you don't have to ask this Sesshomaru to use anything in this house. It's yours as much as it is mine." He said simply.

Kagome bit her lip lightly, "Okay...But...It's going to take me sometime to get used to all this..." she paused, then added, "my mate." The two words rolled off her tongue, unfamiliar, but felt so good. Sesshomaru's dick twitched again, his heart fluttered at the sound of his mate acknowledging their union. How is she able to do that so easily? The DaiYokai was baffled. He realized he'd never be able to get enough of his mate. He hadn't realized how badly he had wanted this - a life with a mate, a life with her, Kagome.

Brushing his own thoughts aside, he stared down at his lovely woman. "Of course," he offered her his hand. "Come..." Kagome nodded and took his arm.

Her mate guided her into the large Italian marble bathroom, with separate bath and shower. He showed her how to work the dials, then turned and walked out the bathroom. A twist churned in her guts, she was disappointed Kagome realized. She had expected him to join her in the shower, but instead she was there in the large bathroom by herself. She waited, hoping that she was wrong, hoping that he would come in to keep her company. It was her first time there and she didn't want to be left alone. The miko paused and waited.


Tired, Kagome let out a sigh of defeat and untied her dress, letting it drop to the floor. She stepped into the shower, closed the door and began to turn the dials. Hearing a noise from the bathroom door, Kagome turned and realized it had been well worth the wait. He'd stripped in the bedroom, and walked into the bathroom gloriously naked. Kagome's mouth fell open and went dry.

"Wow!" Kagome blushed realizing that she'd said it out loud.

Sesshomaru smiled; pleasure radiated from his gaze. He knew just how damn good he looked. Kagome had to struggle to pick her tongue off the tile floor. His skin was pale, his chest a light dusting of hair and dusky nipples. His body was ripped, with budging biceps on his arms and a washboard stomach. Her gaze swept lower and found his cock, bobbing between his legs.

Good Kami, no wonder I'm sore as hell. It's amazing I can even walk! Kagome thought. She felt her libido spiked a thousand times whenever she neared him. And although they've slept together numerous time, she realized at that moment, it was the first time she was 'conscious' and taken the time to scan his body over - enjoying every second of it.

Sesshomaru stepped into the warm spray of the shower, and then closed the glass door behind him, encasing them in a cocoon of warmth and steam. And the heat wasn't only coming from the water. She thought she might combust simply from looking at her naked mate. Was she always like this with him, or had the knowledge of their union made her hot and bothered so fast? She began to feel prickly as her breast were heavy, her pussy desperate to be filled, again.

He didn't know what prompt him to do it, but there was something about the miko that he just couldn't resist. He couldn't hold back from being tender toward her, catering to her, spoiling her any and all ways he knew how. He couldn't believe just how much this woman had come to mean to him in such a short amount of time. Taking the shampoo he squeezed a good amount on his hand and began to lather her dark tress. Shock registered on his mate's face, but Sesshomaru ignored it as he continued to run his hands through her hair, rubbing them together to wash before he massaged her scalp gently with his claws. Pulling her into his chest, he slid his hand in front and cupped her heaving breast, all the while trailing kisses along her shoulder and neck. Kagome let out a soft giggle of satisfaction and bliss. She leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder while he continued to caress her body. I must have died and gone to heaven, she decided. The playboy had given up his ways to be hers? Not possible...

"Sesshomaru?" She called her mate while he spooned her from behind, his fingers tweaking her solid nipple, laying a line of soft wet kisses along her neck.

"Hn..." he answered, his other hand stroking her legs softly. She didn't even try to suppress the shiver.

"I...I don't like to share..." she announced bravely.

The DaiYokai chuckled slightly..."Neither does this Sesshoumaru." He nuzzled her neck carefully receiving a soft laugh from his mate, followed by another sigh of exaltation.

"So no more partying with your sexy models and actresses?" Kagome asked her voice innocent yet alluring, setting fire along his skin.

"As long as you don't throw things with your miko powers at me" he teased..." oh, and no more singing..." he licked her mark.

"Oh? You don't like my singing?" she teased.

"I wouldn't really call it 'singing' mate..."

"Hmm..." She paused a moment, then, "C´est bien ma veine, Je souffre en douce..." she began to sing off tune, the song he'd given her.

"Mate..." he warned, she continued, "Miko..."

She giggled as she scooted away from him and continued to sing. "J´attends ma peine...Sa bouche est si douce..." Christ! She's got a serious case of tone-deaf! How could her voice be so sweet and alluring yet her singing was worst than nails on a chalkboard? Kami, his ears wanted to bleed.

"If you don't stop, I'm going to fuck you so hard so won't be able to walk for a month!" he threatened. She stopped singing and cocked her head to the side.

"Is that suppose to scare me?" Kagome asked before shrieking as her mate pinned her against the marble wall.

"Not afraid are you?" The Dai asked in a low deep tone. His hands already cupping her ass, while his wicked lips and tongue trailing hot kisses on her shoulders and neck.

"Oooohhh..." Kagome moaned, spiking his desires even higher. "Sesshomaru?" Another breathy whisper escaped her panting lips.

"Yeah?" He removed his hands from her ass, and without conscious thought, his hands moved to her face, cradling it as he brushed a kiss over her cherry lips. He could never get enough of her lips, her body, her!

"I...I...love you..Sesshomaru..." She admit out loud. A full body shudder shook him. He stopped kissing her and stared into her eyes. She saw the same glimmer from earlier and felt her heart rate tripled. He only leaned in so that their foreheads touched and he could inhale every breath she took. He knew her words were true, it vibrated through her being and swarmed his senses.

Then he reached up and pulled her head down and he kissed her. It was the sweetest, most potent kiss she'd experienced in her whole life. She opened her mouth to him and his tongue eagerly swept inside. He tasted amazing, affirming her that he was real, she wasn't dreaming. Especially when her mate lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around him.

He pushed inside of her and was immediately enveloped in her warmth. The heat from the shower mixed with their own created a fog of steam in the large bathroom. He'd given her time, and she was finally his. Because since the first time he experienced Kagome, he wasn't able to live without her - he didn't want to live without her. Both her arms and legs wrapped around him. His mouth ravished hers. He wanted to pour everything in him into his loving. Sesshomaru wanted her to know how much he loved her, how much he desperately wanted, needed, her in his life. Kagome rocked against him as he plunged inside of her. Soon she was screaming and writhing against him. And when she called out his name in an orgasmic rapture, he knew that he belonged to her.

Without saying anything, he lifted his mate, opened the door and placed his mate in front of the 'his and hers' sink with a large mirror. Kagome darted her head around trying to focus and figure out what her mate was doing. He placed himself strategically right behind her.

"Look.." he guided her chin so that she was looking at he mirror. She saw her naked body dripping with water as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. "Say it again.." he instructed.

Kagome titled her head back to look at his face, only to have him cupped her chin and moved her head back so that she was looking at them in the mirror. "Say it.." he demanded.

She swallowed. "I...I..." she smiled as she stared at them in the mirror. Kami, he was gorgeous with the water glistening off his skin under the lighting. "I love you Sesshomaru." He growled in her ear, she felt his cock pulsate between her ass and his eyes flickered a crimson.

"Again." He ordered.

"I love you Sesshomau." Kagome repeated, shivers running through her body. Again his eyes flicked red and his fangs grew as did his dick. Her breath quickened and her breathing ragged. "I love you, Sesshomaru, my mate." He almost roar at her statement, and his eyes almost all red now, spiking a need within her groin that she didn't know existed. Using his ankle, he parted her legs open and positioned himself right behind her.

"Now show me." Sesshomaru directed. Kagome blinked in confusion. Grabbing his mate's hands, he placed them on each side of her ass. "Show me your ass and pussy." he commanded. She nodded, then, grasping her fingers around her flesh, Kagome arched her back, hence tilting her hip up and then she pealed her ass cheeks open. Kagome watched in the mirror as her mate took a step back, his red eyes burning with lust, his lips almost drooling as he scanned her dripping pussy over.

"What do you want me to do Kagome?"

"I...I...don't know..." She answered honestly. Her body tingling with need, at this point she didn't care what he did, as long as he do something! Kagome watched from the reflection, he mate stroking his long hard length. She thought she had drooled right onto the counter. "Please...Sesshomaru..." she begged.

"Please what?" He asked gruffly while showing her his huge hard cock in his hand, stroking it with ease.

"Please...I want you." her answer wanton with need and angst while her hands began to shake, holding on to her ass cheeks. She leaned onto the sink counter for support.

"You want me to do what Kagome?" Sesshomaru continued to torture his mate. He was relentless.

"I...I want you to..." she breathed loudly...her mind racing...could she really bring herself to say it? "I want you to fuck me!" She screamed when she saw his hands stroked his large girth harder, his groans of pleasure driving her to the brink of insanity. "Fuck me, Sesshomaru! Fuck me now!" She hollered as her fingers dug into the soft flesh of her behind. He didn't wait another second before ramming his long, thick cock hard into her dripping cunt.

He speared hard into her and she watched as her breast and body bounced forward from his hard force. "Unnhhhh..." She cried, her body sandwiched between the sink and her mate. He drilled into her. His beast unleashed he went wild as he fucked her furiously, his balls slapped against her pussy, smacking into her aroused clit, making her moan and scream in pleasure.

"Now." He thrust once, dragging his cock all the way out, resting the tip of his head right at her entrance. "Who do you love?" He demanded then drove all the way into her tight walls, his voice resonated across her skin.

"I love you, Sesshomaru." She answered, and he reached forward, his finger circling around her clit expertly. Being tall as he was, allowed him to continued to massage her nub while withdrawing and drilling deep into her again. The combination of of his finger and his balls banging against her clit sent her to the realms of heaven as her orgasm neared and she twitched, her pussy gripped tightly around his large cock. He continued, steadily pumping in and out until another orgasm rolled through her. She screamed his name as she came and he continued to pound right into her core.

Her surrender to him was amazing and he pulled his finger back away from her clit, scraping her back with his claws as he continued to fuck her. He'd come three times tonight and he knew he was in for a long ride. Sesshomaru sure his mate wouldn't be able to walk for a while when he was done.

"Oh Koi,"

"Mate," she said at the same time. He felt her warm body wrapping around him. Watching himself fuck his mate was riveting. Sesshomaru couldn't remember the last time he felt warmth like this, if he'd ever felt it. He buried deeper inside of her, he felt like he was on fire.

"Kami, more. Harder," she demanded.

He had no problem following her orders as it was all he wanted to do. He didn't think he could stop watching and fucking his mate right now if his life depended on it. He picked up his pace, thrusting his cock harder and deeper inside of her. Filling her. It felt so damn good fucking her doggie-style with his huge dick while he squeezed her tits with his big hands, then pulled her back against his pelvis to meet his thrusts. He even gave her a few slaps on her ass between thrusts it was such a rush. If she didn't like being spanked before, Kagome was sure as hell LOVED it now! With him, she didn't care what he did because whatever he did to her body, Kagome wanted to cry from the pleasure of it all.

He leaned back a bit watching her hands trying to cling onto her ass cheeks, spreading it. Looking in the mirror he saw her tits glistened with moisture, her eyes consumed with ecstasy. He watched as her tight pussy choked his dick. He eyed it greedily as each time he dragged his cock out he pulled the lining of her pussy along with it. Sesshomaru was mesmerized with the sight of it; while his mate was engulfed in the sight of getting fucked from behind by her man.
He moved his finger and clawed his way across her ass, making her shudder and shiver. Then his thumb rubbed slight around her back door and she began to mumbled incoherently 'm..m...m...m..' ... 'bur...bur...bur...bur..." gurgling like a drowning imbecile.

"You like that, little Koi?" he queried with amusement. She shook her head frantically afraid of what he'd do if she answered 'yes'.

"Liar." he said and applied more pressure around the rim of her ass. She screamed in delight - without any regards of who could hear them. Continuing to torpedo into her, Sesshomaru licked his fingers, then slide two of them right into her anus moving in opposite rhythm of his cock.

"Oh, Kami, YESSSSSSSS," she screamed, clamping her pussy tight around him. Her cunt contracted around his cock as her moans and groans filled the air, her orgasm consuming her. Watching his mate cum on his hard rod, he couldn't maintain his pace, and much to his surprise the end of his control was nearing. He couldn't held back from cumming inside of her. He pulled out one last time, and together, his finger and his cock thrusting in to her hilt. He buried his finger deep in her asshole while he exploded inside of her. He actually saw stars. Fucking stars as his hot seed spilled violently, expanding her tight cunt.
His knees barely supported him anymore and he collapsed forward, crushing her against the marble counter.
She didn't seem to mind.

It seemed like both were too exhausted to stand and shower so instead, he carried his mate toward the bedroom. Placing her in the center of his bed, the DaiYokai took a few steps back to soak in the sight of his gloriously naked mate on his bed - their bed. Then as he watched her, his nose twitched.

"Mate?" Sesshoumaru called her, crawling into bed with her.

"Hmmm?" She answered, rolling her lids to look at him. Kagome moaned when he began to nip at her shoulder.

"Congratulations." He praised.

"What did I win?" She asked. Other than the hottest guy on the planet...?...and apparently the sweetest...Kami, who would ever think?

"Hn." he replied, trailing kisses down the center of her body and then stopping at her belly. "This." He pressed his ear onto her stomach and a wide smile beamed across his face.

"Am I really...?" She gasped, both happy and nervous.

"Hmmm. You've pupped," he answered and she shrieked in excitement. Gathering his mate into his arms, Sesshoumaru stroked her stomach tenderly. "Lady mine...you're going to make this Sesshomaru a father.." he claimed breathlessly.

"Mmmmm..." She nodded and closed her eyes dreamily..."Dai, I'm all yours...we are all yours."

He was hers, all hers and no one else's. And she was his. Only his.

Kagome didn't even bother to ask how it was she is pregnant, since she had taken her Depo shot every three months. She recognized it was probably because he was an Inugami DaiYokai, besides all that mattered to her was she was going to share her life with the man she loved. And he, had given up his playboy ways for her - and gave her the best gift of all - motherhood, well, soon enough anyhow.

That night she dreamt of butterflies and castles in the sky, her life blossoming in utopia...~Fin~


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"I don't know...I'm not sure I'm ready to meet your Father..." Kagome pouted.

Sesshomaru stared at his mate dressed in a sweetheart halter dress, with pleated insets on the skirt of her dress. She looked ravishing. Perhaps too ravishing..."Mate, there is nothing to be nervous about." He soothed.

Yeah right, the CEO of an empire, heir to the 'throne' of Japan mated a nobody...sure...your dad will be real happy...Kagome let out a long sigh. This lifestyle of maids and servants in a large estate was not something she was used to. Why all the fuss anyhow? Her head moved suddenly when her mate tilted her chin up to meet his ambers. "Stop worrying over nonsense. Come, let's not make Father wait." he coaxed and moved to get out of the car.

Striding with what seemed like he was walking on air, Sesshomaru made his way over to the other side and held the door open for his mate. With gentleness he didn't know was in him, he helped her out of the car and walked her into a large estate. Kagome stopped short staring at the massive property. "Are you sure this isn't a castle?" She asked jokingly.

"It was once.." her mate responded and her jaw wanted to fall out of her face. Entering the large glass doors, he toured her toward the guest area. "I'll be right back." he voiced and she settled into the soft sofa.

Kagome nodded and watched nervously as her mate's back shrink in size. Tapping her nails nervously on her lap Kagome looked around at the decor of the house. Exquisite antiques lined the wall, Kagome was sure they were none short of millions of dollars. Her appraisal eyes knew the items too well.

Rubbing her stomach slightly she smiled at the thought of their pup will be a little person within a year's time. Kagome was glad that her mate had cut back his work hours to a normal 8 hours a day instead of his usual 16. He'd allowed some of his trusted company officers to handle the things that he couldn't finish. She knew she'd made him happy because he made the extra effort to see her as often as he could, and much to her surprise, he'd devoted much of his valuable time to her. It spoke volumes of how much her mate loves her, even if he'd never actually said the three little words to her.

"Alright, now where is your little bitch that cost me millions?" Touga's booming voice echoed through the halls. Kagome flinched, then fumed. She knew they were dog demons but was it really necessary to call her 'his bitch' all the damn time? What's wrong with just 'woman'? Sure she didn't really like that either, but it was definitely a step up from 'bitch'.

What millions anyway? Is he talking about like divorce settlements or something? Kagome's anger continued to grow, forgetting the miko glow brimming around her.

"Pup, what has gotten your mate so upset?" Touga's voice startled her and she spun around to stare into two sets of golden orbs.

Sesshomaru ignored the question, already knowing why his mate was upset. He knew that she had never taken a liking to the 'bitch' term. "Father, my mate, Kagome Higurashi. Koi, my father, Touga Tashiou" Clearing her throat, Kagome exhaled slowly letting the glow subside. She bowed to greet her father-in-law. "Mr. Tashiou," she offered.

Both men looked at each other before Touga roared with laughter. "That would be 'Father' to you, little miko. So, you're the one that's been distracting my pup from his work and duties." When Kagome opened her mouth to protest, Touga raised his hand to stop her. "Ah! Not a word. Did you know that this pup of mine has been neglecting his work? He's cost me millions, not securing the bid on Meryl and Lynch?" Kagome followed Touga's gaze and stared at her mate, then shook her head.

"Father..." Sesshomaru tried to stop his father from going any further. His mate doesn't know that unlike him, his father fancied the 'joking' personality.

"Not you either pup." he waved his hand dismissively. "Now let me have a look at you...miko. How about you fixing us some scotch there pup..." He began to walk toward Kagome which made her nervous. She didn't know why, she was nervous, hell she should be upset having the blame put on her and now being scanned up and down like some object. Then suddenly, Touga leaned in close to her ear, "I'll forgive you if you can get that stubborn pup of mine to pup you." he bribed - like a giddy kid. A wide grin spread across Kagome's face. Touga's nose began to twitched, and she realized that he had caught scent of her pregnancy now that her miko glow had completely dispersed.

"Oh, you little vixen you!" Touga's voice held a pleased tone. He grinned at Kagome. "Well, sit! Sit! Sit! my dear! And you tell this old mongrel whatever you need, and if that pup of mine gives you any trouble, you tell me!" He spoke excitedly while helping Kagome settled into the lounge chaise. She smiled at the happy 'grandfather' to be.

Sesshomaru getting the drinks over at the bar heard his father and snickered while shaking his head lightly.

"And pup! Make sure you bring this ingenious daughter of mine, some juice!" Touga ordered. Kagome watched as the elder Tashio's eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. Who knew her being pregnant with her mate's pup could get the old mutt so antsy? She could have sworn she saw him clapping his hands together like a fat kid staring at a cake - while he stared at her!

Sesshomaru had already poured some juice for his mate before his father's command. Carrying a drink for his father and the juice for his mate, he made his way over toward the two. His father stared at the drinks and furrowed his brows. "What the hell is this pup?" The elder Yokai questioned his son, as he stared at his cognac on the rocks. "Who the hell puts ice in their cognac - especially my cognac?" The Elder Tashiou was annoyed and perplexed at the same time.

Sesshomaru looked over at his mate after handing her the drink and together they smiled. "If it wasn't for 'cognac on the rocks' you wouldn't be having grand-pups...Father. Drink up!"


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