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Authors Note (Hannah554): What could have happened, maybe still could, I'm going to keep think that lol.


By Hannah554

Chapter 1

Elizabeth stared out of the window of the ship; hyper space was passing her by in its usual mixture of colours and light. If she was honest she was a little sick of seeing it now, the first few times it had been interesting, something pretty to look at outside her window when she just couldn't sleep. That fascination had lasted longer than it really should have done but then simple things were sometimes the most endearing. Now though she was fed up with it, just once she'd like to wake up and see something else, she tried to tell her self that something wasn't specifically the ocean.

She'd had to accept that this was her fate; that she wasn't going back to Atlantis, that in all probability she'd never see it again. It had been harder than she'd ever realised it would be, Atlantis had been and very much still was her home, a part of her. She missed it every day, she missed the people she had called family but this was the way it had to be, life had had a different plan for her than the one she'd expected, the one she'd settled into.

"Dr Weir," someone behind her said quietly, almost as though they didn't want to disturb her staring out the window in what they considered to be pointless wondering. Talis had proven herself to be a good person but she still lacked that human quality that Elizabeth missed so much.

"Yes," she acknowledges tearing her gaze away from the window and toward the woman standing by the door. Privacy and knocking were something else these people were going to have to learn; in the mean time she knew she'd just have to be patient with them.

"We have confirmation, Fran is dead, she was picked up by a replicator ship two days ago," Talis told her, there was so little emotion in her voice, so little feeling as she gave a report that someone's life had been lost, that one of her own was dead. Elizabeth nodded her head, thanking Talis for letting her know and waiting for the woman to leave again before she returned her gaze to the window. She thought back to all the times she'd lost someone on Atlantis, the faces of her teams as they came back with the grave news and the conversations she'd have with John in her office. They were always emotional, filled with grief, sadness, even anger. John was always just as angry at himself as whoever was ultimately responsible, he felt every loss deeply, took every loss on himself as though he should have been able to prevent it.

She could admit now, to herself at least, that she missed John more than any of the others. It was a thought she would have been ashamed of a few months ago, holding any one of her people above the others would have been unacceptable. Too much had changed in the last few months, she'd changed and being unable to get to see any of the things or people that she cared about had helped her put a lot into perspective. She'd missed out on too much, too many things that she had denied to herself, the one that bothered her the most was John and everything that could have been.

The look on his face had haunted her since the last time she'd seen him, the desperation, fear and anger that he'd looked at her with as Ronon dragged him away was probably something that would never leave her. She hated that it was her who had caused that look, her that had given him cause to feel so much and she could only hope that he was okay now. She was another loss that he would no doubt hold himself accountable for. It might sound arrogant but she knew that he felt even more responsible for her, that her safety had always been one of his top priorities and that he would feel like he had somehow failed her.

She would give almost anything to see him one more time, to tell him that he hadn't failed her, that he had never let her down. Even now, all these months later he was still the person she trusted the most, the person that she knew she could rely on above everyone else. She missed having that; she missed knowing that no matter what he was there, standing right beside her. She missed their conversations, all the things they would talk about, whether they were important or not, standing outside on the balcony, their balcony. She even missed having to lecture him when he did something stupid though that had been less frequent over the last year that they had been on Atlantis.

Thinking back to that day in Antarctica, when she had run into the chair room to find he'd mindlessly sat down in it. He'd looked utterly bewildered, he hadn't had any idea what he was doing and she'd known instantly that she had to have him on her team, not just because of his gene but because of him. She'd been told numerous times that it was a bad idea, more or less been told she'd regret it but she never had, not for one second. They'd had their problems, their disagreements but with the completely opposite views she'd been expecting that. They'd worked though, something had clicked and the two of them, they had just worked. They'd found their balance and after that they'd been unbreakable, until a few months ago.

She sighed, a long suffering sigh that she would never have given herself the luxury of before; even now it was reserved for when she was alone. Leaving the sanctuary of her makeshift office, she returned to the bridge, everyone was at their station, performing their duties as always. She pushed all thoughts of Atlantis and John out of her mind, they had things to do and dwelling on the past and all the 'what if's' and 'could have been's' wasn't going to help her.

They couldn't stay aboard this ship forever, even with the bulk of the replicators gone now it was still to dangerous for them to keep floating around in space. They had a whole new civilisation to build, they had to stay off the radar of the other replicators and find a way to destroy them once and for all.

"How long until we arrive?" she questioned.

"Four hours," Kabel told her as he sat at the helm.

"Let me know when we're close," she told them unnecessarily, of course they'd tell her when they arrived butshe was eager to find out if the information they had got their hands on was accurate. If it was then it could change everything, it could bring their chances from next to none to actually worth trying for. If there was anything the replicator rebellion needed it was a chance.