Chapter 8


Alright, as of now no more intro/end of chapter thing, it's just annoying me trying to think of something that will not give away too much of the story, and it usually ends in me apologizing for something that went wrong.

Andrew's P.O.V.

Everything slowly started to come out of the shadows. I awoke to find myself in an empty hospital room. No dirt, no trees, no trophies, nothing. "Where am I," I asked weakly. The only response was a sudden wave of incinerating heat washing through my body.

"Oh! Good, you're awake!" someone said. "There were some people here with you a little while ago. Let's see, two boys: one with blond-ish hair and one with dark brown, almost black hair; both tall. Oh, and-"

"Do you know where they went?" I asked, struggling just to get out of the hospital bed.

?'s P.O.V.

"How the?"

"I don't know sir; Darkrai should have defeated him easily."

"Well, he didn't, did he?"

"No sir."

"Well, then… think of something else! What am I paying you for?"

"Well, sir there is one thing but-"

"Set it on him."

"B-b-but sir…"

"I don't care! Set it on him; I don't care if it freaking kills him!"

"But sir if you would just please-"


"… Yes sir."

Phillip's P.O.V.

"Dang it, Krystal, why did you have to hit me so hard?" I asked while we hurried into town to find a Lunar Wing. My stomach was still in pain, who would have known such a skinny person could hit so hard?

"Well," she said in a sweet voice, "You wouldn't listen, so I had to use force."

"Yeah, well next time, just give me a REASON to go. Gah! This isn't working, we should just go back, I think you broke my rib."

"Ah, shut up you big wuss." She said and punched me hard in the arm.

"Will. You. Please. STOP THAT!" I screamed, and punched her back.

"That's it, you asked for it!" Krystal said, and lunged.

Andrew's P.O.V.

"Alright… so they went to get a Lunar Wing." I asked the nurse. I was too weak to get out of bed, and apparently I would stay that way for a few hours.

"Yes," she answered, "It can awaken anyone from even the worst nightmare."

"OK, I think I understand. But what am I supposed to do here for God knows how long until they get back?" I murmured, hinting at how ticked I was.

"I dunno, you'll think of something." She left, closing the door behind her.

"Great." I said, and shifted my position. "Juuust great."