A/N: All right like I said in the summary this is my realization/theory on what Jareth said when he left Sarah on that hill that overlooked the Labyrinth. Please enjoy and tell me what you think. This is my first crack at a one-shot.:D

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Chapter 1 (A/N: Obviously. :D)

Jareth sighed and leaned back in his throane. He had just come back from informing his latest runner that he had failed. This was usually draining to him. This usually drained him. It was always the same in one form or another. The conversations usally went like this:

First, Jareth appeared behind the runner, informing them that their time was up.

Second, the runner would jump and spin around almost immediately acting concerned about the child they wished away, execpt a few cases when the wisher was actually concerned about the child, or they didn't even pretend at all.

Third, Jareth would then spend a few minutes reassuring them that the child would be safe.

Fourth, those pretended to care would finally drop the act and start to complain that they would be in the big trouble if their parent figures find out.

Fifth, Jareth would inform them that nobody, including them, would even remember the child Aboveground. It would be like the child never even existed.

Finally, they would agree and Jareth would transport them home. At the same time, he would wipe memories, delete files, and turning the child's bedroom into a guest room. or whatever the parents wanted to do with an extra room.

That is how it went usually. Occasionally, there would be some situations out of the norm.

Today was one of those times.

This time they were overdoing the pretending. It seemed like it had taken forever for him to go.

Jareth snorted in amusment, forever was long enough to one who has little patience like himself.

"Jareth are you alright?"

Jareth sanpped his head to the sound of the voice, not realizing until then that he was thinking so deep. He stood and went to greet her.

He kissed Sarah's cheek then answered her,"Yes, I'm fine. The runner lost."

"He lost?" she asked."What will happen to the child?"

Jareth shrugged."She will be adopted out to a Fae couple."

Sarah shot him a surpised look. "She won't be turned into a Goblin?"

"Why would I turn her into a Goblin?"

Sarah blinked."Because isn't that what you do to wished away children?"

Jareth threw his head back and laughed."Sarah,"he said, still grinning."think about it. Why would we want anymore stupid, mindless Goblins?"

"I guess if you put it that way."Sarah said, looking sheepishly. Then her looked changed when she realized something."Then why did you tell me Toby would become a Goblin when I wished him away?"

Jareth grinned."I never said he would become a Goblin. I just said that he would become one of us."

"You meant the Fae."Sarah said in realization."Nice little motivation trick."

Jareth gave her a mock-bow."Why thank you, my dear, I thought so. After all, my ideas are the best."

Sarah rolled her eyes and muttered something about "an egotistical maniac" then grinned at Jareth's glare.

"Little minx."Jareth muttered back, then kissed her.

When they parted, Sarah said,"Well, that's one mystery solved. I'm glad you told me I probably would've taken the chid and hid."

"Then its good told you. I love you."

"I love you too."

The End

A/N: Okay there it is. My first one-shot. To prevent confusion, the first half of ths story takes place in the throane room and the second half of this story takes place in a hallway outside the throane room. Jareth and Sarah are married for quite some time and are expecting their first child. The wished away was immediately taken to the Fae version of an adoption agency and is waiting adoption. If you have any questions regarding this please contact me via PM. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed. :D