Amu-Eh?! Where am I!

Tadase-And me?

Rima-Is this a gag, because it's not very funny!

Yaya-I wanna be in the story!

Nagihiko-Me, Amu-chan, and everybody else is gone!

Kikiomi-Shut up!!!!! This is about me and MY FRIENDS as the Guardians, not you guys! You all have graduated, and will come the Royal Garden sometimes to help out, so you guys aren't completely gone okay!


Kikiomi-Now that thats over with, lets start! *winks*

Chapter 1.

A New Chapter

My heart was pounding as I stood outside the room. "I think transferring to Seiyo Elementary was a bad idea," I whispered. I am a very shy and timid girl, but I am a good person when you get to know me. My name is Kikiomi Hanazono. I am a 12-year-old girl in the 6th grade. My parents decided to move because my dad got a new job.

Then my guardian character Lilly yelled, "YOU CAN DO IT KIKIOMI! FIGHT! KIKIOMI! FIGHT! YOU CAN DO IT!" Lilly is a very social chara, she loves people, and she fulfills my wish to be social. She is nothing like my other chara, Cathy.

"Shut it baka," she murmured. She slowly went over to Lilly and smacked in the back of her head. Cathy is the sensible chara; she loves work, even more than me. "It doesn't matter if they like you or not," she told me, "You just need to focus on those horrid grades of yours." She sighed and went back in her egg.

"Hanazono-san you can come in now." Yukaido-sensei told me as he open the door. As I walked into the room Lilly did a chara change.

"Give it your all!" Lilly told me.

I jumped into the room and yelled "Hola! My name in Hanazono Kikiomi! Nice to meet you!" I looked around the room, everyone was stunned, and they have never seen such an introduction. All around the room I heard, 'Who is she?' 'Is she the new Queen?' 'She's kinda cute.' And ' What does hola mean?'

"Now who is going to help this young lady out?" Yukaido-sensei asked the class.

As soon as he said that two young girls raised their hands, then glared at each other. "My name is Komo Irish! Just call my Irish! Nice to meet you!" yelled a girl with long black hair and brown eyes. Then she ran up to me and said, "Your lovely dark brown hair is your best feature." Then she started playing with my hair.

Then the other girl shouted, "HI! I'm Hyuga Miki, but just call me Miki! Nice to meet you too!!!!" She had light brown hair in a black ponytail and brown eyes. She ran up to me and said, "No! Her eyes are her best feature!!!" Then she hugged me.

Both Miki and Irish had red plaid capes on over their school uniform, unlike the rest of the class.

"Um. Irish-chan, Miki-chan, why do you two have capes on over your school uniform?" I asked them curiously.

"Well because I'm the Ace's Chair in the Seiyo Elementary School's Guardians!" Miki-chan told me happily.

"While I'm the Joker" Irish-chan said proudly.

Then one boy jumped up excitedly and asked, " Is she the new Queen!"

Then Miki-chan said, " That's for me to know," then she looked at me and said, "and ALL of you to find out."

After school Miki-chan and Irish-chan got up and dragged me to the room next door, grabbed two boys from that room and went to a beautiful building. "This is the Royal Garden," both Irish-chan and Miki-chan said. I looked at the two boys; both at them were wonderfully cute.

"Well-" Miki-chan started.

"Introduce yourselves, or should we start?" Irish-chan interrupted.

The tall boy with beautiful light brown hair and brown eyes went first, "My name is Kyujou Nene, call me Nene please," he must have seen me staring at him in a daze because he said, "Yes, I DO have a girlfriend, her name is April. I am 12-years-old and I'm in the 6th grade. And this is my guardian character Komi! His special skill is telling the truth. NEXT!"

Next a short boy with black hair and brown eyes yelled, "MY NAME IS KOMI TAKUMI! I AM IRISH-NEECHAN'S YOUNGER COUSIN-, nice to meet you. I am a 12-year-old 6th grader. My guardian character, just did a character change to make me calm, his name is Tobi. He looked at me and said, "and I am single, next ma'am."

I got up and whispered "Lilly!"

Lilly came out of her egg and said, "Confidence, Exited, Social, Character Change!!!"

Then I jumped and said, "I am Hanazono Kikiomi, call me Kikiomi! I am a single 6th grader who is 12-years-old!! I just recently moved here from Osaka!!! Nice to meet you!!!! These are my two guardian characters, Lilly, and Cathy!!! Lilly makes my social and confident, wile Cathy makes me, well, less easily distracted, and makes me a smart-Alic. But she means well! Next please!!"

This time Irish-chan came up said "Hi! I'm Komi Irish!! Just call me Irish though, Nice to meet you!" Irish-chan winked at us and continued,"I am a 12-year-old 6th grader, and I have three charas! Riri, my positive chara, Mimi, my negative chara, and Gigi, my neutral chara! I am the Joker! Next up is my rival, Miki-neechan.

Miki stood up and said, "I am Hyuga Miki, just call me Miki though! I am a 12-year-old girl in the 6th grade. I am the Ace's chair! My chara is well," Miki-chan blushed as she said the next part, "cute, now lets go inside we have a special surprise for you all in side. I walked in not knowing what to expect.

Kikiomi-Well thats a wrap for chapter 1!


Kikiomi-Yeah! I'm beat!

Irish-Lazy, hey, is Cathy here currently?

Kikiomi-No, she went to a nerd convention, hey, weren't you gonna tell them something!

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