Summary: One shot wherein Christian considers his choice.

Timeframe: Within the first season

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Nip/Tuck. This story is for entertainment purposes, only.

Title: Not Perfect

By Lynda M

Christian regarded the woman in his bed, analyzing her, since she wasn't his normal one nighter. Her name was Molly Hammond. She taught second grade during the day and was a bartender at night. Christian liked to date pretty girls. Almost perfect women. This one was different, not perfect, or almost perfect.

Nip Tuck Tuck Nip Nip Tuck Tuck Nip

"Scotch. Neat." Christian told the female bartender.

"Why not call me Molly? I see you here often enough, Dr. Troy," she offered as she made his drink.

"Then call me Christian."

"Here's your drink, Christian."

He ogled her as she walked away. Molly was far from perfect. Liposuction would do her a lot of good. She was beyond a size 12, maybe further than a 14. Nice breasts. Probably 38s or 40s. D cups. He was more of an ass man, though. She had a round, firm ass, great in proportion to the rest of her body. Her face was alive with crows feet. As to her legs, the short skirt reached just above her knees. Her calves were in great shape. She didn't have the feared large ankles some women her age already had. He wondered how she managed it, or if it was lucky genetics. Still, for a woman who was 38, he could do a lot to improve her.

He sat, staring at his drink and the bar a while. Soon, he was downing his second scotch.

"Something on your mind, Christian?" Molly asked.

"Nah. Just a long day. Two days in a row," he said.

"I've had days like that. The kids I teach . . . you never know what they're gonna do or say. One second they know everything. The next they're crying because math is just too hard. Or they'll be tough as nails and the next second, crying because they fell at recess."

"Sounds like my friend's daughter. She's about that age." Why was Molly so easy to talk to? "You don't have kids?"

"Just my students. Pets at home. This place. . . it's my one chance for adult conversation, some nights."

"No steady guy?" Christian asked, studying her face again. Dark brown eyes full of caring were centered in her oval face, framed by medium length brown hair. Her nose could be improved, if she wanted, her cheeks were full and the skin under her eyes were slightly puffy, a sign of chronic sinus issues, most likely.

"No steady guy."

Christian looked up and down the bar. "Why me?"

"What do you mean?"

"There are a dozen guys sitting here, doing what I am doing. . . but you're talking to me."

"Because. . .there's something about you, the way you were brooding, there."

"I can make you look hot, y'know."

"No thanks, DOCTOR Christian."

"Want to go back to my place?" He was not giving up.

"Can you wait till my shift's over?" She gave him a wink.

He nodded.

Nip Tuck Tuck Nip Nip Tuck Tuck Nip

It was close to ten in the morning, and he was still staring at her. Watching, now. The woman was deeply asleep on the pillows, her left arm on her forehead. Normally, the woman was gone, with cab fare. Normally, they didn't stay past 4 a.m.

Molly had showered after he did, put only her t-shirt on, told him good night and closed her eyes. He tried to make her go, but she said no. She needed to sleep. Tomorrow would be Saturday and she didn't have to hurry off. He'd let her stay.

It seemed she really needed the sleep, though. He couldn't bring himself to wake her up and kick her out on the street. She was different. The same, but different. Not perfect. That was okay, too.

The End