Ok. Here is the horrible epilogue you asked for. Its super short, I know but just enjoy it will you? I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Epilogue. Ok. What can I say in an epilogue?

I'm not going to say that I lived happily ever after, because I don't think I've earned it. You're only allowed to say that if you are truly and spectacularly happy which is not entirely true.

There still was that time I almost lost all of Aerrow's pokemon cards (don't ask), and he almost destroyed half the town. Or the time I had a secret admirer which turned out to be a stalker, and we had to use Melody (yeah, we found her) as bait and the stalker nearly chopped all our heads off. And then it turned out the notes were actually for Aerrow. Not me. I was so pissed.

Or that other time long after we graduated high school and college I made him make out with my boss so she could pay me $10,000 bucks which I used to take us on vacation which Aerrow used to propose to me. Or that time I got him lost on the beach on purpose so I could rummage through his stuff so I could find the ring (I saw it coming from a mile away. He's not very good at keeping secrets) but it turned out he brought it with him because he was going to propose to me that night.

That was an awesome vacation

But then again. The good times far out way the weird which brings me to the point of this survival guide/horror story.

If my life turned out so awesome, why would I make a guide telling you to not do what I did?

Because I am awesome!! And lucky. I am very super lucky that I met Aerrow instead of some super evil freak that really hated me. Otherwise, I would've been in big trouble. I'm also very super lucky that I have friends like Melody and Celia who always take care of me. And also never let me forget that I'm super lucky.

Now. What is the moral of this story? I'd say it is to never do something to spite someone else. If you do something wrong, just own up instead of telling lies and causing natural disasters. And maybe someday you'll get a happily ever after worth telling a story about.

Alright that's it. I know it was super short, but hey. I gotta run. I've got graduations and wedding showers and actual weddings and baby showers and birthday parties to plan. Life is calling. You know the drill.

And as for not saying I lived happily ever after, weeelll, I think I can take that back.

If there is one thing I've learned it's that being scared, panicked, nosy, scheming, guilty and shocked are totally different things from not being truly and spectaculary happy.

So yeah. I'll say it. I've earned the right: We all lived happily ever after. The End.

Hope you all learned something from this.

Till we meet again.



Yay!! Its finished!! My first finished thingy!! I'm a bit sad though. No worries, I'll just write something else. Something more adventurey. Yeah, that'll be fun.

I'll put something up soon so you guys can read it and we can be happy again. Yay!!!

Review! You're not off the hook yet.

Till we meet again!!