To Be With You

Troy Bolton, a University of Berkley student, sat quietly in his seat on the airplane. He was on his way to his best friend's wedding; Chad Danforth's to be exact. He couldn't be happier for him. Chad had proposed to his long time girlfriend Taylor McKessie about two months ago.

Troy was happy for them but he wasn't so happy himself. His long time girlfriend, or should I say ex-girlfriend Gabriella Montez was going to be there. He was looking forward to seeing her but it was just going to be awkward between them. He knows it. He's been miserable these past few months without her. She has been in London for a semester studying. He remembered clearly the day she left him and his broken heart.


Troy was in the gym with the rest of the team practicing. They had just finished practice and Troy was on his way to rehearsals for his new play. Suddenly his phone rang and Gabriella's picture appeared on the screen. He smiled. He hasn't seen her in a while since both of them been so busy but they still kept contact. He answered it.

"Hey babe," Troy answered.

"Hey," Gabriella responded. She seemed sad.

"What's wrong Gabi?"

"Nothing. It's just…" she took a breath before finishing. Troy got worried.

"It's just I got news that I'm going to London to finish a semester there," Gabriella said.

"Oh that's great. I'm proud of you sweetheart," Troy replied. He was saddened that they'll be apart for at least 4 months but he was really happy for her. She deserved it.

"Thanks but Troy do you think you can meet me in a few minutes?"

"Uh…I was going to head to rehearsals but I guess Mr. Johnson will understand. Sure where?"

"Meet me in our secret place in the park."

"Okay. I'll meet you there."

"Okay. See you in 10. I love you."

"I love you too. Bye." They hung up and Troy ran to his newly bought Audi and drove to the park.

He arrived minutes later only to find Gabriella already there. She seemed distracted. He walked towards her.

"Hey," he said as he approached her. She turned around and pulled off a fake smile.

"Hay," she replied. He kissed her softly. They sat down on the bench.

"So what's up?" Troy asked.

"Troy do you ever think that we might not always be together?" Troy was shocked. She never asked that question.

"Um…I don't really like to think about it. Why are you asking?"

"It's just I'm going to be in London for 4 months. I don't want you to worry and I know that if you worry, it will ruin your game."

"Gabriella…" Gabriella cut Troy off.

"I'm just going to let this out. Troy I don't think we should see each other anymore."

Troy was stunned. He couldn't believe what he just heard.


"I just can't do this. Maybe when I come back we can restart but for right now I just can't Troy." Tears were running down her face. Troy felt so heart broken he was going to cry. Before Troy can say anything, Gabriella had already run out of sight and into an awaiting car and in a moment everything Troy knew and love was gone. All gone.

End of Flashback

Troy had snapped back to reality and realizes the plane was getting ready to land. He put his seatbelt on and sat quietly. The plane landed and everyone got off. Troy stopped for a moment before entering the airport where his parents would be awaiting him. He took in a fresh breath of air. He was glad to be back in Albuquerque. He missed his hometown.

He walked into the airport and immediately found his parents. It was good to see them. He hasn't seemed them since they came to visit him and Gabriella 6 months ago in California. His mother saw him and ran towards him. He dropped his bags to hug her.

"Troy! You're finally home!" Mrs. Bolton screamed while hugging her only son.

"Hey mom! It's great to be back," Troy replied hugging her mom back then pulling away to hug his dad.

"Hey dad."

"Great to see you son," Mr. Bolton replied hugging Troy. They pull away to grab Troy's bags and they left towards the car. Once in the car, they drove towards the house. Troy thought about all the good times he had in Albuquerque.

"So Troy how's Berkley?" Mr. Bolton asked making Troy snap out of his thoughts.

"Good I guess. The team's great. The cast is amazing and my grades are up," Troy replied.

"That's great Troy. How's Gabriella?" Mrs. Bolton asked. Troy hesitated. He forgot to tell his parents they broke up.

"Well you see mom…Gabriella and I broke up 4 months ago," Troy replied.

"Oh I see. Never mind then." Mrs. Bolton said. The rest of the car ride home was filled with silence. They arrived and Troy took his stuff into his old room. He got to his room and pushed his door opened. He dropped his bags by his old desk and looked around his room.

It was pretty much the same. Except for one thing. His old Wildcats jersey was hanging on the wall above his bed. Mr. Bolton wound up at the doorway.

"I thought I get your old high school number 14 jersey laminated and put it in your room," Mr. Bolton said making Troy look at him.

"Thanks dad," Troy replied.

"Na no problem. Hey listen Troy; I'm sorry about what happened between you and Gabriella. I know how much you loved her. She meant a lot to you." Mr. Bolton put a hand on Troy's shoulder as Troy turned his attention back to his old jersey.

"Yeah she did. Thanks dad." He turned around and smiled at him.

"Sure thing."

"Can you believe Danforth's getting married in two days?" Troy said deciding to crack a joke.

"No actually I can't believe it. Now come on let's see what Coach Graham taught you."

They left Troy's room and played a little father and son basketball.

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