"There isn't enough time to explain who Jeff Hardy is."

Yup, that's what I told him. It actually had a double meaning, as did him telling me to explain who I am. It had a personal meaning. He knew I was "extreme" in the ring, but wanted to know if I was the same outside of it.

Now, I really didn't think he was into that type of thing. But then again, in this business I swear you do have to enjoy at least some pain to survive. Plus he's done about as much crazy shit as I have. I've watched the man all my life, but never thought he'd like that, and let a younger guy do it to him.

I swear the more I get to know him, the more alike we seem. It's almost like fate brought us together. I know it will be age that will drive us apart, but I'm gonna enjoy the ride while it lasts. . .

~Jeff's POV~

I grin as I walk down the hall. Tonight's the night and he doesn't even know it yet. I walk up to his door and knock.

"Yeah." Comes his voice from inside.

I slip into the room and shut the door behind me. I lean back against the door. My fiery red locks fall into my eyes as I grin darkly at him. I see him shiver a bit, his blue eyes looking up into mine. I move away from the door and saunter over to him.

"So you want to know who Jeff Hardy is do you?"

"Ye. . .yes I do." he replies with a slightly shaky voice

I laugh darkly.

"Oh come on sexy boy, you afraid of little old me." I move closer to him sliding my finger across his cheek.

"You wanted to know how extreme I am. You got yourself into this. . ." I pause and lean down so I am face to face with him, "and you;re not getting out of it now!" I growl with an icy glare.

He shivers again, and I glance down to see his cock tenting out the thin track pants he's wearing. I grin and let me hand accidentally brush his cock as I go for the key in my pocket. I pull it out and hand it to him.

"213, You better be there when I get there, or I will come find you, don't think I won't!" I give him one last glare and then turn away smirking as I walk out the door.

I laugh as I walk down the hallway. I had him right where I wanted him.

I walk into my locker room and walk over to the mirror.

"If you only knew what you were in for Shawn. You want extreme, you want to know me, well youre going to get the real me." I grin as I strip my shirt off and head for the shower.

~Shawn's POV~

Once I'm sure Jeff is gone I let out the deep breath I've been holding this whole time. I run my hand through my hair and lean back against the locker. Why am I letting Jeff do this to me? Besides the fact that I want him bad. But do I want him bad enough to let him be like this with me.

I stare at the key that sits on the bench next to me. Should I do this or not, is the question that floats in my brain. If I don't, lord knows what he'll do. I shiver seeing the look in his eyes in my mind. I really don't know how far he's willing to take this.

I get up picking the key up off the bench. I walk over to my bag and change. My mind races a mile a minute, wondering what he has planned, if I can get out of it, how much I want it. The nervous anticipation building up. It's almost overwhelming. I walk out of my locker room and look over my shoulder as I walk down the hall. Jesus, this kid has got me paranoid. No one makes me paranoid, but yet he managed to pull it off. I shake my head in disbelief as I unlock my car door and get in. I can barely keep my thoughts on the road as I drive back to the hotel. The whole idea of this turns me on quite a bit. So much so, thats I'm actually a bit nervous.

The elevator ride to the second floor ends a little too quickly for my taste. I step out into the hall and bite my lip as I look around the hall, relieved to see no one around. I walk up to room 213 and pull the key from my pocket.

I take a deep breath as a I open the door and walk into the room. All the breath leaves my lungs when I look around the room. He had obviously already been there. The room is lit only by the light of four candles. On the night stand sits a pair of handcuffs and a bottle of lube.

"Hello Shawn." Came his voice in a soft southern drawl that makes me shiver.

I turn to him and my bag falls from my hand as I look over him. His hair, still wet from the shower, hangs in his eyes. Hes dressed only in a pair of black silk pajama pants, slung low on his hips. His navel piercing glistens in the candlelight, and I suppress the urge to lick my lips at the sight of him.

"I'm glad to see you decided to join me. I didn't really feel like knocking on Paul's door to find you." He grins as he lets the door close behind him.

He walks over to me slowly. He turns me around and presses against me. His hand slowly opens the buttons on my shirt as he sucks at my neck.

"You call yourself the showstopper. You think you're extreme," He whispers at my neck, "Well tonight you are going to find out my meaning of extreme. You will find out who Jeff Hardy. . ." he pauses his nails raking down my chest and I gasp, "really is."

He slides the shirt from my arms, then pushes me to the floor.

"On the bed!" He growls and I quickly obey.

~Jeff's POV~

I grin darkly as I watch him quickly crawl up onto the bed. I love how submissive he's being for me. I walk over to the bed and take his wrists. I grab the handcuffs from the night stand and quickly put them on his wrists. He bites his lip looking up at me and I laugh. I move away from him and walk over to the CD player, pushing the CD to track six. The Bondage Song starts dark and heavy in the background.

I slide to my knees, staring him in the eyes as my hands slowly slide over my stomach and chest. I softly sing the words.

"Innocent child, how you thought you knew me."

I fall to my hands and knees, my hair in my eyes as I look up at him.

"Understood my ways, my dark needs."

I lick my lips and slowly crawl over to the bed.

"The hunt is not the thrill I'm after, I want the kill, the conquest," I stop at the foot of the bed. I get up on my knees and point to him growling softly, "To be your master."

I climb up on the bed and slide my hands up his legs.

"Wrap your arms around my pale skin."

I unbutton his pants and slowly unzip them.

"It's too late to back out, you're in."

I yank his pants and boxers off and throw them aside. I slowly crawl up his body.

"On you're knees and praise your new lord."

I kneel between his legs and slowly slide my pajama pants down.

"Deeper now, and here's you're reward."

I toss my pants aside and run my hands over his chest. I straddle him and grind my ass back against his cock.

"Take me to bed and rip me apart."

He moans, tugging slightly on the handcuffs. I lean down whispering at his lips.

"Take me to bed and rip me apart."

I slide back down his body and slowly lick up his cock from base to tip.

"Take me to bed and rip me apart." I moan the words, my lips moving against the tip of his cock.

He gasps and moans, his hips arching off the bed. I grin and reach over to the night stand grabbing the cock ring and slipping it on him. He whimpers, his eyes pleading with me and I wink at him.

I slip off the bed and turn the CD player down, the music plays softly in the background. I stand before him in all my naked glory and watch his eyes roam me and settle on my cock.

"See something you like?" I ask with a grin as my hand slides down my stomach.

"God yessss." He moans.

I laugh darkly.

"We will see if you get what you want. But first we have to see if you can survive the extreme. If you can survive Jeff Hardy."

~Shawn's POV~

I watch him, my body quaking with anticipation as he walks over to his bag. My eyes grow wide when I see him pull out a black leather strap. He glares at me over the strap his fingers toying with it.

"It's time Shawn," he walks up the bed trailing the strap up my leg, "it's time to find out the true meaning of extreme."

He grabs me and flips me over so I'm on my hands and knees on the bed. My body shudders even more as he trails the strap over my ass and up my back. He growls and brings the strap down hard over my back and I cry out.

"Mmmmm you like that?" he moans as he watches me shake.

He brings the strap down hard over and over. The stinging blows making my cock ache more and more. He tosses the strap aside and runs his fingertips over the marks across my back.

"Mmmm so Shawn, you think you know who Jeff Hardy is now?"

He scratches his nails over one of the welts and I moan.

"They say the extreme always makes an impression," He yanks my head up by the hair and glares into my eyes, "Has it?"

I swallow hard and reply in a whisper.

"Ye. . . .yes."

"What was that?!" he growls.

"Yes. . . .master." I reply my head falling between my arms.

"Good boy." He says patting my ass, " maybe you do deserve my cock after all."

~Jeff's POV~

I can't take it any longer. Watching him writhing, hearing him moan, its making my cock throb. I look over at the lube contemplating it for a minute. Fuck that, I think to myself as I smile slides across my face. I reach out and turn him over. I grin seeing how purple and slick his cock as become, watching it twitch.

"That's gotta hurt." I say with an all knowing smirk, "Shall I ease the ache a little."

I grin darkly as I reach out and slip the cock ring off and stroke him slowly. His entire body shudders.

"Oooh goddddd." He moans arching into my hand.

I growl and roughly grip his cock.

"Don't even fucking think about cumming! You will not cum until I say you can!"

He whimpers biting down hard into his lip as I release his cock.

"Now," I climb up on the bed straddling his chest, "we're gonna need some lube for that tight little ass of yours." I glare down at him, "Get me wet for your ass!"

He shivers and slowly takes the head of my cock into his mouth. I moan softly pushing more into his mouth.

"Come on take it all. Get me nice and wet."

He slowly deep throats me swirling his tongue around me and my head falls back.

"Mmmm fuck yess" I moan tangling my fingers in his hair. "That's right. . ."

He moans around me and starts moving faster and sucking harder.

"Oohhh aaaahhh godddd. . .stop. . .STOP!" I growl and pull away from him.

I reach up and un-cuff him. I move off him and growl.

"On your hands and knees. . .NOW!"

He shudders and quickly gets up on his hands and knees. I grin and move in behind him I grind hard against him.

"You want this sexy boy?"

"Mmmm yessss."

"Beg for it. I wanna hear the sexy boy beg."

He whimpers softly and I slap his ass hard.

"Beg bitch!"

"Ooh godd. . .Mmmm please. . .I want you cock. . .I need it. . .ram that big thick cock in my ass. . . .please."

I moan and quickly thrust into him. He cries out balling the sheet up in his fist.

"Aaahh Mmm you like that sexy boy. . .Mmmm fuck. . .want more. . .wanna get fucked through the bed."

He writhes under me his body silently begging me for more. I grab his hair and pulls his head to face me.

"Say it. . .Tell me you want it sexy boy."

Tears form in his eyes and I grin darkly.

"Mmmm fuck . . .fuck me through the mattress" He moans grinding hard back against me.

I growl and release his hair, slamming into him over and over. I reach down and grasp his cock.

"Mmmm you wanna cum, don't you sexy boy. . . .god I can feel you throbbing. . .you need it bad don't you. . ."

He whimpers loudly.

"Yess oh goddd. . .please. . .I need to. . .Mmmm hurts"

I laugh darkly and let go of his cock.

"Not till I say!"

I start losing control slamming into him wildly, my own sheer need taking over. I rake my nails down his back crying out in a animalistic howl and I cum hard spurting into him over and over.

~Shawn's POV~

I shudder as I feel his hot cum filling me and running down the back of my thighs. I swear the ache of my cock is going to make me pass out. He slips out of me with a moan and my whole body shudders. I bite my lip and look back over my shoulder at him, tears stinging my eyes and sliding down my cheeks. He smirks.

"Awwww you need something there sexy boy."

I nod my head, unable to form a sentence. He moves up laying on his side next to me. I swear to god my arms and legs are about to give way, but I somehow manage to stay up. He grips my cock, stroking it slowly.

"Do you know who Jeff Hardy is now? Who is Jeff Hardy, sexy boy?"

I moan trying my hardest to keep from cumming.

"Mmm. . .Je. . .Jeff Hardy is. . .mmm. . ."

He stops stroking me and grips my cock roughly.

"Say it bitch!"

"Jeff Hardy is my master." I whisper defeated.

He grins stroking me again.

"Say it again. . .say it louder." He growls stroking me faster.

"Jeff Hardy is my master!"

"Mmmm fuck yess. . .now cum sexy boy. . .cum all over your master's hand."

I scream cumming in white hot spurts all over his hand. The orgasm seems endless, till I finally blackout and collapse onto the bed.

~Jeff's POV~

I grin and lick his cum from my hand.

"That is who Jeff Hardy is Shawn."

I get up from the bed and walk over to my bag, pulling out my journal.


"Jeff Hardy is my master."

Hehe. . .I knew I could get the almighty sexy boy to say that. . .he wanted to know who I was and he got to know tonight. . .right now he's passed out on the bed, and I'm pretty proud of myself. . .I didn't think I'd make him pass out. . .it is an added bonus. . .He wanted extreme and he got it. . .but I held back, I could have been more extreme than I was. . .I think that was just enough for him. . . .for now. . .I'll show him the next level of extreme the next time we meet. . .