Mario Versus Asteroids

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the story! Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

PS: This is the mist pointless fanfic EVAR!!!1 (gasp) I mean, enjoy it. if you can. Mwa ha ha...

Asteroids. The most evil of evil. The most arcadic... umm... is arcadic even a word?

"No," Said a random black-colored Bo-Bomb that turned around, who exploded due to being hit by a lone Bullet Bill, whose cannon shortly ceased activity shortly afterwards. Anyway, our main story is at little old Mario's house, where he's...


Mario furiously tapped his keyboard as he tried to get the asteroids zapped. He wasn't doing so well, quite pathetically actually, as his high score only was a meager...

"Eighty seven!? D'oh..." Mario muttered as he once more furiously typed, angrily stating afterwards, "Why must I always be put in the crappiest situations in one-shots that are better off not being made, even if it's for the sake of writing and having fun and having a weird imagination-"

Just as he continued muttering to himself, his spaceship got attacked by the asteroids. And it exploded.

Not just regularly. It exploded. Exploded.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Mario cried out in horror and anger as he grabbed his hammer and started smacking the crap out of his personal computer, up to the point where he even broke it. Sweatdropping, mario shrugged and laughed his head off as he tossed the hammer aside, a loud crash being heard in the background.