Chapter One.

"So you're saying those things out there are zombies?" Claire asked the young Asian woman sitting across from her in the police chief's chair.

"Yes," said the woman who had introduced herself as Ada. She was wearing a short red dress and carrying a nine millimeter pistol. She had used it in the lobby of the police station on three of the zombified police officers that had been after Claire. Claire's own gun had run out of bullets long ago. "You need to decapitate them or destroy their brains completely to put them down. Get bitten and you'll become one within twenty-four hours."

Claire paced around the lavishly decorated room and tried to think. After learning that her brother, Chris, was nowhere to be found in Raccoon City, her only thoughts had been of escaping. But now she was curious as to just what had caused the city's inhabitants to become mindless rotting cannibals. "So it's a disease then? Why has no one come to help? All the phone lines have been cut and…"

"Because it was planned," Ada said casually. "Umbrella set the whole thing up."


"The company that runs this town and the biological weapons lab beneath it. This disaster was orchestrated to test their monster's combat abilities on a civilian population," Ada said, examining her pistol.

"How do you know all of this?" Claire asked, casting a wary glance at Ada and her gun.

"My boyfriend was a researcher there; he told me things," Ada said.

"He didn't happen to mention a way out of here did he?" Claire asked, a little skeptical of Ada's story.

Ada sighed. "I only know of one way out, but it's dangerous."

"What way would that be? Leaving this building is pretty much committing suicide, the helicopter was taken out…"

"It involves going down to the sewers, through the underground labs, and getting onboard an underground train that leads to the surface just outside of town," Ada said. "The labs, and I suspect even the sewers, are also likely crawling with things worse than zombies."

Claire shook her head. "Great, just great. Alright then, how do we get there from here?"

Ada smiled and looked up into Claire's eyes. "I could tell you," she said, smiling. "But what would you do for me?"

Claire shrugged. "I don't know…I don't really have anything. If I had bullets I could back you up…"

Ada laughed softly. "I can handle myself, don't worry. And I'm well aware of the fact that you're essentially a nobody and have no money or connections."

Claire huffed, wondering what the hell the bizarre woman was playing at. "Look, I appreciate you saving me and all, but I don't have to take this. I don't know what you think you're…"

"You've got something I want, trust me. Giving it to me won't hurt you in the least." Ada stood up, set her gun down and walked over to Claire, deliberately putting each foot directly in front of the other. Placing her finger at the base of Claire's neck, Ada leaned in and whispered, "I want your body."

Claire looked at Ada, but otherwise didn't move. Staring into Ada's dark, brown eyes she tried to read her. Claire had seen plenty of monstrous things and people since coming to Raccoon City; she wasn't sure what Ada meant by what she said. "What do you mean?" Claire asked calmly.

Ada smiled, "What do you think I mean? I saved you because I thought you might be good in bed. I don't need you, or anyone else, to escape this place."

Shocked and a little appalled, Claire opened her mouth to speak. Ada stopped her by planting her lips over Claire's. The fact that she actually did need Ada to escape kept Claire from shoving her backward. Instead, she let the other woman explore her mouth with her tongue. Ada pulled back from the kiss and looked Claire up and down. "You'll have to do better than that unless you want to take your chances by yourself."

Claire took a deep breath and shut her eyes. She grabbed Ada by the shoulders and pulled her in, returning the kiss she had just received with added vigor. Ada responded to her tongue action with some of her own, and Claire felt herself become wet in between her legs. "That better?" Claire asked flatly, pulling back, letting Ada nuzzle and kiss her neck.

"Much," Ada said into Claire's ear as she nibbled at the lobe. "Get me off and I'll make sure you find your way out of town."

Claire grabbed Ada by the waist and guided her over to the desk. Shoving papers and assorted office supplied off to the side, Claire made a place for Ada to sit. She hiked up Ada's dress, exposing her white panties and the tops of her nylon stockings. Pulling the panties down, Claire lifted Ada up on the desk.

Ada began undoing the buttons on Claire's shirt; Claire took the message and removed it entirely. "The bra too," Ada said, and off went Claire's black bra. "Now, on your knees. If you're really good I might do you too."

Claire dropped to her knees before Ada's pussy. Spreading the other woman's legs, she slid her tongue up through Ada's slit, tasting her sour musk, and feeling her coarse, black, pubic hair brush her face. Ada shuddered at Claire's first lick and began to rock her hips slightly as Claire slowly lapped and flicked her clit with her tongue. Claire felt Ada's fingers slide through her hair, pulling her ponytail out of place as she gripped Claire's skull.

Ada leaned back on the desk and began to moves her hips up and down faster. Her grip on Claire's head was tight and she used it to force Claire's face down on her. Claire did her best to lick Ada in time with her hip thrusts and had to grab onto Ada's thighs to steady her on the desk. Ada moaned quietly as her fingers pressed harder into Claire's scalp.

Claire heard Ada's right palm slap the desk as Ada used it for balance. Her moans became louder and her thrusting harder; Claire knew she was having an orgasm. Hopefully one good enough for Ada to show her the way to the labs. When Ada finally stopped coming, she lay back on the desk, knocking a stapler and a file folder off the edge. Claire got to her feet and rubbed her sore knees while Ada sighed heavily as she lay sprawled on the desk. "Not bad," Ada said. "Maybe I'll take you with me after all."

She was only slightly relieved; Ada didn't seem like the trustworthy type, plus Claire's panties were moist; she could feel it as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Ada sat up and slid off the desk to her feet; pulling up her panties and straightening out her dress she looked at Claire's shirtless form and smiled. "Maybe next time I'll do you. Right now, we had better get going."

Claire put her bra and shirt back on while Ada walked calmly around to the back of the desk. There was a painting on the back wall; Ada removed it, revealing a grey panel set into the wall with three square indentations. Ada turned and picked her gun up from off the desk along with a little brown fanny pack.

From the pack she removed three square stones; one red, one blue and the other a dull yellow. She set them in place one by one ending with the blue. When it clicked into place part of the wall slid off to the side revealing a secret room. "A secret door?" Claire asked. "How did you know about that?"

"From reading Chief Irons's diary. It seems he was a very interesting man," Ada said walking into the secret room. "Coming?"

With her hand on her empty gun, Claire followed Ada into the room. "You said your boyfriend worked for Umbrella?" Claire asked, "What happened to him?"

"He's probably dead. No one was supposed to leave Raccoon City alive."

To be continued…