Chapter Eleven.

Claire stood up, setting her gun down on her seat. Ada's eyes opened but he head remained held back, rested on the wall of the train. Ada's eyes followed Claire as she undid the zipper on her vest, and slid it off. Next, she removed her black shirt, leaving nothing to cover he chest but her bra.

Ada let a smile creep across her tired face as Claire straddled her on the bench. Ada's hands moved around and gripped Claire's buttocks tightly to prevent her from falling backward. "As many times as you've been laid today, you still want it?" Ada said, looking up at Claire.

Claire wrapped her arms around the back of Ada's head and pulled her in closer. "Aren't you glad you kept me around?" she said. If I'm going to live, I'd better at least pretend to be putty in her hands, Claire thought.

Ada responded by clutching Claire's bran in her teeth and pulling it down over her breast, letting them spill out over the top. Gently, she gave Claire's right nipple a quick flick wit her tongue before taking it into her mouth.

Claire's body tended up as Ada sucked her nipple in, past her teeth, and began whipping it with her tongue. It sent spasms of pleasure through Claire's back and down her body, making her wet between the legs. "How long before the train gets to where it's going?" Claire asked.

Ada let Claire's breast go with a wet popping sound. "It'll stop before it reaches its destination. We'll get off there; it shouldn't be more than half an hour." Ada began sucking on Claire's other breast, while she slid one hand off Claire's ass to massage the other tit.

Claire closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of having her nipples sucked and fondled, and her ass squeezed. Sure, maybe the person doing it was an amoral spy, but she was an attractive amoral spy and knew what she was doing. Claire thought that this might not be one of her prouder moments, but who was around to care?

Suddenly, both of Ada's hands were supporting Claire's thighs. Ada lifted Claire up and walked her over to the other seat. With Claire now sitting in the seat, and Ada kneeling before her, Ada began unzipping Claire's shorts. Quickly, Claire was stripped to her panties. Ada wasted no time in pulling them down past Claire's knees and spreading her legs apart.

Ada's tongue rolling around in the folds of her vagina made Claire close her eyes, tilt her head back, and forget her numerous troubles. The tension between Claire's legs built with every movement of Ada's tongue. Ada seemed to know how long to keep a steady rhythm and when to mix it up. She also knew how to tease. She would lick up towards and around, Claire's clitoris, only to avoid it completely and drive her tongue deep inside her, where she rolled it around frantically.

Claire was breathing hard and loud, not caring if she moaned loudly or not. They were the only two on the train and they had left all of the zombies and mutants behind them. When she felt the tension peak, she grabbed the top of Ada's head and held on as her hips began to buck and heave violently to the waves of the orgasm that was rocking her body.

Ada didn't stop her licking, she kept at it with renewed vigor as Claire came, causing the orgasm to maintain its intensity. When it dipped and Claire thought it was over, Ada moved her tongue, causing another great wave to hit her. Claire's higher thought functions shut off and she was taken to a place where thinking didn't exist, only sensation. Claire wasn't sure, but she thought she might have screamed Ada's name, just before coming back down to earth.

Claire slumped forward over Ada, her energy gone. Ada helped Claire slide gently to the floor, where she lay, panting heavily. "W-wow," Claire said, pulling her legs up towards her chest. "Ada…"

Ada patted Claire on the head. "Relax, I'm good for a while yet. Consider it a freebee for a job well done."

Spy on Umbrella, find Chris, get paid…have sex like this…oh, what the hell…it can't be THAT bad…Claire thought as she lay, breathing on the floor of the train as it rumbled towards parts unknown. She looked up at Ada, who was looking towards the front of the car. Ada cast a short glance at Claire, smiled, and looked back. Can't be that bad at all…

The End.