Return of an Old Evil

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A/N: This takes place in an AU of PRIS. Pairings include Andros/Ashley, Zhane/?, Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, Cassie/ TJ, and maybe some others!

Chapter 1

It was a quiet evening on the Astro Megaship. Cassie and TJ were training on the Simudeck, Carlos was in his room catching up on some homework, Zhane was also in his room, daydreaming about the day finally coming when the one he loved would allow herself to love him back like he knew she did, Ashley was in the galley, getting a snack from the synthetron, and Andros was on the bridge, monitoring the activity on Earth and all around it. And he was also thinking about Ashley; that was nothing new of course, because he always thought about her. Of her beauty, both inside and out, her great sense of humor, her willingness to accept him and befriend him even when he was so cold to her and the others in the beginning, and how much he had come to love her. He thought about her sparkling personality and her unwavering loyalty to him and the rest of the team. He pictured her in his mind and felt his heart fill with love and the need to hold her in is arms.

As if she had sensed his thoughts, the bridge door opened and Ashley herself stepped through, carrying a small plate of chocolate chip cookies. "Hey, I thought you might need some company right now," she said smiling. "How are things down there?" She asked nodding her head to the Earth that filled the viewport.

Andros smiled back at her. "It's real quiet right now," he told her. "And yes, I think I would like some company right now."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, because you're getting some," she replied, walking up to him and giving him a kiss. "Do you want some cookies?" She indicated the plate in her hand.

Andros shook his head. "No, thanks. Not right now anyway," he said.

"But you look hungry to me," Ashley complained, pouting a little.

"That's because I am hungry, just not for food," he replied slyly, a glint in his hazel eyes.

Ashley's pout turned into a soft smile. "I'm pretty sure I know where you're going with this," she said, setting the plate down on the console neat to her as Andros pulled her into his lap. He lovingly pushed her hair back from her face and kissed her, gently at first but turning deeper and more passionate. Ashley wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she kissed him back.

Andros's tongue pushed gently at her lips, begging for entrance, which she immediately gave. She moaned softly as he began to explore her mouth. Then Ashley started to explore his and their tongues began to duel for dominance. They pulled back to catch their breath after a few minutes but it only lasted for a couple of moments before their lips came together again, but harder and hungrier that before. Ashley tangled her hands in Andros's long striped hair while Andros rubbed his hands up and down Ashley's back.

Everything else was forgotten as it progressed into a heavy make out session. It didn't last that long, though, and the bridge door opened and Carlos barged through. Not realizing what Andros was up to at first, he started to speak. "Hey Andros, do you want---. " He broke off upon suddenly seeing exactly what Andros was doing and that he was not alone.

Andros and Ashley had sprung apart upon hearing Carlos's voice. "Hey, I'm sorry," he said startled, red in the face. "I didn't realize you guys, I mean, I though you were alone up here Andros," Carlos was stammering and clearly embarrassed at walking in on his friends in a private moment.

Andros couldn't resist chuckling at Carlos's awkwardness. "It's okay, man," he reassured his Hispanic friend. "You had no way of knowing what we were doing in here." He was breathing a little heavy from his exertions along with Ashley.

"Andros is right," Ashley added. "And anyway, I'm not sure the bridge is the best place for making out anyway." That got a laugh from all three of them.

"Maybe, but I still shouldn't have just barged in like that," Carlos insisted

"Hey, nobody's mad at you," Andros told him. "It was an accident. Anyway, you came in here for a reason. Is something wrong?"

"No, I finished my homework and was wondering if everyone wanted to watch a movie or something. You guys want to?"

"Sure," said Ashley and Andros nodded.

"Okay, I already talked to TJ and Cassie. They're finished with their training and they're going to meet us back in the Simudeck after they shower. I'm not sure where Zhane is though," Carlos replied.

"I think he's in his quarters. I'll go ask him and Ashley can go on up to the Simudeck with you," Andros said. Ashley and Carlos both nodded in agreement. "I'll get Zhane and join you guys in a few minutes." The three of them then turned and left the bridge.

Zhane was lying on his back on his bed looking at a worn photograph and fantasizing about the woman in it. His heart ached with the longing to hold her in his arms. He pictured himself wrapping his arms around her and kissing her passionately, looking into her eyes and telling her that he loved her. His heart contracted painfully. I know she loves me! Why won't she admit it? Why does she keep trying so hard to hide her feelings for me? He thought in anguish, his eyes filling with tears.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door. "Hey Zhane, what's up?" Andros's voice sounded worried. Zhane had just enough time to wipe his eyes and hide the picture before his best friend let himself in.

"Not much, just thinking," he replied.

"Well, the rest of us are going to watch a movie and I told Carlos I would get you. So come on," Andros announced, putting a friendly hand on Zhane's shoulder.

Zhane shook him off. "Maybe some other time, Andros, I'm really not in the mood right now," he said.

Andros wasn't going to be deterred, however. "Zhane, you've been keeping to yourself way to much lately, not to mention down in the dumps too. I know something's wrong. I just wish you'd tell me what it is so I could help you."

Zhane looked away, unable to meet his best friend's eyes. "It's nothing. I'm okay, and you don't need to worry about me." He insisted. There was no possible way he could tell Andros what was really going on. If he knew that Zhane was in love with the enemy and wanted to date her, he'd have a humongous breakdown, not to mention throwing him out of his life forever! And Zhane wouldn't blame him one bit for it. He'd have every right to do just that but Zhane couldn't help how he felt.

Andros didn't buy Zhane's words for a second but knew it was more than useless to pry. He wouldn't get anything out of Zhane until he was willing to talk about it himself. But in the meantime, he could do his best to see that Zhane didn't completely cut himself off from the rest of them. "Come on, the others are waiting for us," He stated firmly and Zhane reluctantly let Andros lead him out of his quarters and up to the Simudeck, knowing it was pointless to resist. Andros would drag him kicking and screaming in need be.

Meanwhile, in a hollowed-out asteroid several light years away, a very dark and evil being was getting prepared for his return. First he was going to get vengeance on the six insufferable teenage freaks that very nearly destroyed him a little over two years ago, despite his totally destroying the inside of the Command Center and shattering Zordon's energy tube, which should have destroyed him. But somehow it didn't and now Zordon had been kidnapped by Dark Specter. Just the thought of it completely infuriated him. He would have his revenge, first on those pathetic teenagers then on Zordon himself. It didn't matter that Dark Specter had Zordon who only knew where, he would find him and personally destroy him, and to hell with Dark Specter and anyone else who interfered. Then he the whole universe would be his to rule.

He had been waiting for this for a long while and now the time was nearly at hand. Very soon now, the whole universe would be trembling at his mercy!

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