Return of an Old Evil

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Chapter 22

"I'd like to know that, myself," Rocky chimed in.

"Wait a minute, I think I may know a way to find out," Astronema spoke up.

"How?" Several people asked at once.

"Like this," She replied and pulled out a small comlink from her pocket and turned it on, while telling everyone else to be absolutely silent. "Divatox? Divatox, come in. This is Astronema," she spoke.

"I'm here," came the somewhat reluctant reply. "What do want O Queen of Evil?" She asked sarcastically.

"It's "Princess of Evil' and I want to know if you've heard anything about a being named Ivan Ooze."

"Whatever," her disinterested voice came back. "As for Ivan Ooze, I have heard something about him. Seems the freak tried to do away with Zordon! And you know that had to just make Dark Specter mad. So mad in fact that he obliterated him altogether!" She exclaimed smugly.

"And how do you know all this? I highly doubt Dark Specter would just casually contact you and tell you," Astronema replied skeptically.

"As a matter of fact he did. Granted, he contacted me and my army to guard Zordon. And when I got there, some of the other guard so graciously filled me in on what had happened. A pity he didn't contact you. I guess it means you're not his favorite anymore!" She said gleefully.

Astronema snickered at that. Divatox was so stupid it was almost pathetic! "Listen you pirate trash! He didn't contact me because guard duty is beneath me! I can handle the really important things! However it suits you perfectly!" She retorted.

"Why you little---" Divatox's shriek was cut off as Astronema turned off her comlink and pocketed it.

"Idiotic woman!" she muttered to herself.

Just then Rocky let out a loud whoop. "The ooze is gone!" He yelled jubilantly and slapped Adam high-five. Other cheers and congratulations filled the room.

"He has some nerve. I mean, going up against Dark Specter one-on-one!" Andros's voice was incredulous.

"You mean he had some nerve," Zhane corrected him and then picked up Astronema and spun her around.

"Wait a minute," Jason spoke up as he realized something. "That must be why he left so suddenly. Someone contacted him and told him that Ivan had found Zordon and was going to destroy him!"

"Of course!" Andros replied. "His leaving like that makes perfect sense now." The others agreed and then they all proceeded to discuss everything that had happened in the last several days, including Astronema defecting and Zhane and Adam getting injured. Then they checked on all the others and made sure they had food and drink and places to sleep. After that, the rangers all had something to eat and went to get some sleep themselves.

After many hours, they reached KO-35. It was morning on the planet and they were met by Kinwon, Rakor, and Sario, who were so glad to see them and the rest of their people unhurt.

They ecstatically welcomed everyone back and announced that there would be a party that evening to celebrate Ivan being defeated.

That evening the festivities abounded. There was dancing, entertainment, singing, games, and so much food that even Rocky was full.

Everyone, including the rangers, had a blast at the party. Ashley and Andros were caught making out at least twice, along with Adam and Tanya. Trini and Jason, and TJ and Cassie, were caught at least three times. But that was nothing compared to Tommy and Kim sneaking back to the ship to make love! They were gone for at least two hours and when they got back, all the other rangers demanded to know where they'd went. They wouldn't say a word but Jason, Trini, Billy, and Zack figured it out quite easily having known them for so long. Kim and Tommy blushed but they weren't really that embarrassed because these were their friends. There was a lot of good-natured joking about it, though, but that was to be expected among friends.

It was a late night despite the fact that the rangers planned to get up early because they were leaving for Earth the next morning.

It seemed like everyone was there to see them off the next morning. Kinwon, Rakor, and Sario all thanked them a bunch of times and shook all their hands, along with some others.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, after promising to keep in touch and visit, the megaship lifted off, heading for Earth.

They spent the time heading to Earth hanging out and relaxing. Zhane filled the others in on what had happened between him and Astronema several weeks prior to Ivan's return. The others, except Andros, who already knew this, were quite shocked, especially the remaining four Astro rangers. However, the shock wore off after only a little while and they all accepted Astronema. To say this pleased her and Zhane was a major understatement. Astronema was so happy she cried a little. Zhane almost did, but since he knew Andros would never let him hear the end of it if he did, he controlled himself.

After a while, they split up, the couples going off by themselves and the others in groups. It wasn't long before they all were asleep; catching up on some much needed rest.

Nearly twelve hours after they left KO-35, they had reached Earth.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Trini asked as she gazed at Blue Planet through the main viewing screen. All the rangers were on the bridge.

"It's very beautiful," Jason agreed, putting an arm around her.

"It looks so pure and undisturbed from up here," Billy added.

"I know what you mean. Looking at it from up here, you'd never know about all the wars, hunger, crime, and hate happen on it," Rocky said thoughtfully.

"It reminds me of that old song 'From a Distance' by Bette Midler," Ashley put in, holding Andros's hand.

"That's a beautiful song," Kim told her.

"Come on guys, let's get going!" Zack said impatiently.

"A little eager aren't we?" Jason teased him and the others giggled.

"So what if I am," Zack replied. "I want to see my girl!"

"Who, Angela?" Tommy asked.

"You know it, man!" Zack said excitedly slapping him a high-five.

"Well, what are we waiting for then?" Rocky asked.

"Nothing, let's go," Andros replied, and with that, DECA teleported them all down to Angel Grove. With the exception of Zhane, Astronema, and Andros, who needed to run an errand, the others all went home to their families. Several hours later, they all met at the Surf Spot.

"The food's still as good as when Ernie owned it!" Rocky exclaimed after they'd ordered and gotten their food. Everyone laughed at that.

"Who's Ernie?" Andros asked.

"He's the guy who owned this place before; when it was the Youth Center," Jason explained.

"Rocky's right, though," Tommy said. "The food is just as good."

"And there's a pool table!" Jason exclaimed. "Anyone want to play after we eat?"

"I will," Tommy told him.

"How long are you guys staying?" Tanya asked Ashley.

"We're staying overnight and in the morning we'll resume our search for Zordon," She replied.

"But doesn't Astronema know where he is?" Kat asked.

"No I don't," she replied, turning away from Zhane. "Only Dark Specter knows that. Well, Divatox does too, since she does all the work moving him from place to place. He keeps it secret so know one can force the location from us." They all nodded; that made sense.

"We're going to miss you guys," Kim said.

"Hey, we'll be back," Andros reassured her.

"Yeah, four of us go to school here," Cassie added.

"Oh that's right, duh!" Kim smacked herself on the forehead, making everyone laugh again.

After awhile they finished eating and played pool and video games and just hung out. Later, as goodbyes and promises to see the Astro rangers off in the morning, Andros pulled Ashley aside and asked her to take a walk on the beach with him in about ten minutes. She agreed instantly, happy to have some time alone with him on Earth.

So ten minutes later, after the others were back on the ship, Andros and Ashley were at the beach. They took off their shoes, deciding to walk barefoot.

After they'd walked silently holding hands for a couple of minutes, Ashley stopped and faced her boyfriend.

"So why's you want to take a walk on the beach, Andros?" She asked curiously. "Not that I'm complaining or anything, though."

"I wanted to ask you something and I wanted us to be alone when I did," he replied. He looked nervous and worried Ashley. She worried that he wanted to break up with her or something.

Still, she brushed her fears aside and looked him in the eye. "What did you want to ask me? It sounds serious," she said.

"It is," He replied. He pulled something out of his pocket and dropped to one knee before her, causing her to gasp in shock.

"Ashley Hammond, when you came into my life I was all alone and closed off. You opened my heart to the wonders of friendship and love when I needed it the most. You taught me how to love again and to be loved again. You were, and still are, like an angel from Heaven to me. You've done so much for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now I'm asking for the chance to repay some of that. I want to be with you and take care of you and love you for the rest of my life and shower you with all the love and happiness that you've shown me." He opened the small white box he had drawn from his pocket to reveal a gorgeous diamond ring. He picked it up and held it out to her. "Will you make me the happiest man in the universe and marry me and become my wife?" He asked her, his voice filled with emotion.

"Yes! Yes, I'll marry you!" She replied with tears streaming down her face. He had completely shocked her; in a million years she never would have guessed that this was what he wanted to ask her. Nevertheless, he had just made her the happiest woman in the universe.

Andros slipped the ring on her finger and she pulled him up and kissed him passionately. After a few minutes she pulled back. "I love you so much, Andros," she told him.

"I love you too, Ashley," he replied and kissed her again.

Suddenly Ashley pulled back as something occurred to her. "What about my parents? They'll probably freak!" She cried.

"Shhh, no they won't," Andros told her, cupping her face in his hand. "I spoke to them this afternoon before I bought your ring. You were taking a shower then. I promised them we wouldn't have the wedding until after you graduated and everything, and they were fine with it. Actually, they were impressed that I came to them before I asked you, but I told them I respected them and didn't want to do this unless they were okay with it. They then told me they would love to have me for a son when we get married and that I would make you so happy and that they were glad I would."

"Andros, you are so incredible!" she cried and threw her arms around him.

"I'm so incredibly lucky to have found you," he replied and kissed her hungrily.

They didn't stop for a long time and when they did, it was just to go back to the ship and continue it in their room because they definitely going to do a lot more than just kiss and make out.

She would go see her parents in the morning before they left and tell them the big news and thank them. Then they would tell the others what happened. She knew they would be so happy for them, especially Zhane and Cassie. She had been shocked to find out about Zhane going on a date with Astronema several weeks ago but it had faded quickly. She knew how much in love they were and she was happy for them. They had gained a powerful ally through this crisis. And with Dark Specter after her head she knew they would all help her and keep her safe until he was gone for good as well. Hopefully Zordon would be free by then and home on Eltar.

She looked forward to that day as well as spending time with her new friends and her fiancée. All in all, she couldn't be happier and she knew Andros felt the same way as he gently laid her down on his bed and became one with her.

The End

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