Chapter 1-A new life.

Spring 1st

After giving my mom the last hug, I went on the ferry and took off to Waffle Island. I could see my mom's small image fading away until it was just a memory. I was all alone.

I shouldn't have done this


This was a mistake
I kept thinking to myself. But it was already too late to change my mind. So, I tried to think about the positive things about moving here. This was a chance to meet new people…Positive. A chance to start all over…Positive. A chance to…then I froze. Fall in love…

I blushed at the thought of that but shook it away. Once again, I started thinking negatively.

What if no one there likes me?
What if the boys are all mean? Or ugly? Or Both?
What if there are no boys there?
What would happen if I didn't get enough money?

So many thoughts going through my head. I couldn't handle all the stress going through me. My stomach was churning, my head was throbbing, my legs were shaking, my whole body was a mess. I was a mess. I needed to sit down, but where?

While I was thinking, I was completely zoned out from the world. I didn't even notice an old man walk up to me until he tapped me.

"W-What? Oh, I'm sorry." I managed to say. The old man was wearing a blue captains hat, and a suit that was the same shade of blue. He had a friendly smile on his face.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Pascal, the captain of this ferry. What brings you to Waffle Island?" Pascal said in a hoarse, but still friendly, voice. I showed him the flyer I'd had.

"Ah, do you're going to be the new farmer. I wish you luck. Oh, what's you're name?" He asked.

"Angela." I replied.

"Well, Angela, we just arrived at Waffle Island. You should go see the mayor right away. He's extremely excited to have a new person on the Island. He lives in that big house, you see it?"

I nodded in response. And with that, I stepped off the ferry, awaiting my new life to begin.

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