Super Tortimer

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the story! Read and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

Welcome to Animal Crossing! Enjoy your stay! ...No, you didn't come here to move in? Sigh, fine. MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE. Jerk...

As the flowers bloomed in the pleasant grassy meadows, the wind breezing and causing the temperature to be cool within the season of change (Autumn), the old turtle mayor of No-Name Town, Tortimer, watched as several of the animal villagers enjoyed themselves at the annual feast. It was then that Tom Nook, out of nowhere, appeared right behind Tortimer.

"Hey, old turtle boy. Howzit that you buy a sweet, sweet deal off my palms?" Tom Nook asked as he chuckled, rubbing his hands together with greed in his eyes.

Tortimer gave Tom Nook an odd, wary look, slowly backing away. "Errr... look, Tom Nook, I don't think that you should be mooching off at the villagers just for cash-"

"PLEASE!!" Tom Nook cried out as he got onto his knees and started releasing tears of waterfalls from his unconvincing eyes, bawling, "I'm bankrupted! If I don't get any cash, I'll be RUINED!!"

Tortimer sweatdropped, and he began to think thinking deeply. "Hmmm... well..." He snapped his fingers, getting an idea as he chuckled. "There always is having a shot at my own game..."

Tom Nook gave Tortimer a glazed look in the eyes, feeling dumbfounded.

"You got to be kidding. Are you proposing..." Tom Nook thought as he rubbed the back of his head, "A Super Tortimer-"

"YES!!! YES!!!" Tortimer clamored as he kissed Nook all over and rushed off to who knows where, leaving Nook to continue crying about being bankrupted.

Later, at Tortimer's SECRET house...

"Now... what does this button do?" Tortimer mumbled as he zapped himself into an old arcade machine, starting up the game of Super Tortimer. He looked around, and smiled. "Whoo! Eat your heart out, Mario!"

In his house, Mario muttered something about himself and the countless clones of his games as he started playing through Super Mario Bros., just for the heck of it.

World 1-1

Tortimer began his greatest adventure yet. As he slowly moved across the plain meadows, he bumped into a Goomba. And lost a live.

"Darn it, how does this game work again?" Tortimer asked himself as he scratched his head, the level resetting.

World 1-1

Tortimer began again, using his cane to knock the Goomba way. Attempting to jump to hit the block, Tortimer fell on his back, struggling to get up.

"Ugh. I knew I shoulda been exercising..." Tortimer muttered to himself as he couldn't be able to get back onto his feet.

World 1-1

Tortimer jumped over the Goomba and continued trekking slowly, tripping over a rock and breaking his back.

"Yeowch! My poor, aching back!"

World 1-1

Tortimer grabbed a slingshot and started firing at the Goomba, then at the blocks. As he attempted to fire at the green-colored warp pipe in front of him, the pellet hit him, knocking off his glasses and knocking him down, unconscious.

World 1-1

Tortimer was actually running this time, but sadly, he bumped into the pipe, and fell on his back. Before he could be able to struggle, a Thwomp appeared out of nowhere and crushed poor Tortimer.

World 1-1

"Oh, darn it all to heck!" Tortimer finally pouted as he pressed the quit button and proceeded to leave the game. But sadly, the worst thing out of all of the madness he's been in...




(Dramatic Pause)




He wasn't able to get out of the game. Thus, being stuck in Super Tortimer... FOREVER!!!! GWA HA HA HA!!!!

"Damn it, Bowser, stop writing my stories!" Mario shouted as he gave chase to Bowser, Benny Hill style.