by Aria

Rating: Same as the show.

Disclaimer: I don't own them; if I did then I would be a hell of a lot richer. No one's paying me to write this, so I'm not making any profit from writing it. I'm just a sad little person with nothing to do.

Spoilers: Beneath the Surface, Grace, Heroes

Synopsis: Grace arrives through the Stargate, and it's not just Sam that can see her. Set a couple of months after Heroes.


"Unscheduled Off-world Activation"

The words echoed through the corridors of the SGC. Sergeant Harriman's voice carried to all the corridors on levels 20 and below, and the platoon on duty collected their weapons and shields and marched into the gate room.

Jack O'Neill skipped down the last two steps of the stairs into the Control room and sauntered towards the window. He was quickly joined by his second, Samantha Carter, jogging up the stairs. "Anyone due back?" she idly wondered aloud.

"We got four…four…five…teams off world?" He muttered, adding up names in his head.

"Five, sir" Walter informed him, pressing his earpiece. "We've got an IDC." Numbers began to spill onto the computer screen, twelve in total, forming two lines.

"Those look familiar…" The General began, as the computer flashed up his name.


Carter's voice broke his scowl. "That's your IDC, sir, issued last month." He hadn't been off world since the iris defence code was logged on system – a routine change at 30 days.

Jack O'Neill pursed his lips, and then scrunched them to one side of his mouth. "Let's send a radio signal through."

Walter Harriman muttered a quick oath of compliance and then a crackle was heard over the speaker. Jack tilted his head at Carter.

"Me?" she whispered.

He placed a cupped hand over the mouthpiece. "I can hardly talk - what if it's someone pretending to be me?"

When he pulled it away, Carter leaned into the microphone. "This is Colonel Samantha Carter at the SGC, identify yourself." Jack found it charming that she introduced herself as Samantha and yet most called her Sam. It made it possible for him to use her full name to childe her.

"Sam?" The voice that came over the speaker was one that they all recognised. A low, kind sound "It's Janet…Janet Frasier, I'm the chief medical officer at Stargate Command."

The surprise in the room was palpable. Technicians in the back of the gate room stopped their ministrations and watched the monitors and senior officers.

"How is that possible?" Jack said, his words travelling through the microphone and across subspace.

"I," the voice started and then paused again as though interrupted. A quiet shushing sound crackled, half lost in static. "It's cold here; send a MALP, and some blankets or warm clothes. I'll explain everything."

Jack glanced around the room, Carter's brow was furrowed. Walter Harriman was wide eyed. "Food wouldn't hurt either!!" She commented as the wormhole disconnected.


Jack O'Neill tapped his pen on the desk as he waited in the briefing room. Teal'C and Daniel were sat to his right, unaware of the events that had transpired this last hour. They were waiting for Sam to return from her lab, where she had been compiling the briefing. Jack wondered what the reactions of his team would be and Sam trotted up the stairs towards the room.

"You're late." He tutted as she neared the desk.

"Uh, no she's not" said Daniel, having briefly glanced at his watch.

Teal'C didn't need to glance down, or indeed, even wear a watch to determine the time. A brief "indeed" left O'Neill feeling admonished. It was usually he who was late for their briefings, and Sam was only the last to arrive because Jack had been eagerly sat, awaiting her news.

Sam apologised anyway and walked towards the monitor. She typed a few keys on the keyboard in the corner of the room and collected the control for the projector. She briefly recounted the events in the gate room and played an audio recording of the transmission.

Daniel's reaction was more reserved the Jack had anticipated, but still, not quite subdued. His eyebrows rose to the margin of his circular spectacle frames and he looked poised to interrupt, clearly waiting until absolutely every second of Janet's voice had been heard.

Jack was sure that Teal'C's eyebrow was higher than he'd ever seen it. He made a mental note to monitor whether it was always the same eyebrow that the friendly giant levitated in times of surprise.

Carter continued "The wormhole originated on a world we've been to before P7Z 22Y, a moon, orbiting a red giant on the edge of Baal's territory." Star maps appeared and enlarged on the projector screen, and settled on a large red circle, with, Jack counted six white circles around it.

"The world was scouted by SG8, but a preliminary recon showed up nothing of cultural or metallurgical significance and they narrowly made it back to the gate prior to the arrival of a super soldier."

Carter's onscreen capture briefly displayed a soldier, photographed from the side, from afar.

Jack recalled the mission. The team had escaped unscathed, unnoticed. "Think he knew something we didn't?"

"No, sir, The Tok'Ra suspect that Baal was sending the super soldier's out to scout the worlds in Anubis' domain – to determine if any other system lord has attempted to claim them for his own. What we don't know, is if he's doing it as a matter of routine, or as reconnaissance."

It was only then that Daniel piped up "So we may only have a limited amount of time to do as she says – see if that really is Janet."