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"Hey Dean," Sam called when he heard the door open.

"Yeah," Dean dropped several bags of takeout on the table. Sam sat grinning like a fool on one of the twin beds in front of the hotel T.V..

"You remember that kid we saved from that nest of vamps back in '81? Eric something?"

"One with the video camera. Wanted to make movies right? Krinkle? Krypto? Who gives an eight year old a video camera?"

"Kripke!" Sam clapped his hands together.

"You sure? Thought it was Krypto." Dean said emptying the contents of the bags onto two paper plates.

"Yeah. I'm sure."

"Yeah. So?"

"So check this out." He pointed at the T.V.. Across the screen flashed the word Supernatural. Then created by Eric Kripke.

"So Dude's got the same name. You going daft in your old age?"

"Keep watching. This is the third one I've seen today. It's called um," he hit the info button on the remote, "Dead in the Water."

Dean sat on the other bed elbows on his knees. "What is this crap. Oh my god. Is that? Is that supposed to be…..ME?"

Sam laughed out loud. Dean scowled at him.

"Quit laughing. That kid is way too pretty to be me."

Sam covered his mouth tears streaming from his eyes.

"You are so not that much taller than me! Shit did he get anything right?"

Sam pointed at the sleek black muscle car grumbling across the screen.

"Well THAT'S something I guess."