Disclaimer: Not mine. Honestly.


This is such a stupid idea, I mean, who would've thought Hotch would want us to send Valentine's cards to each other? Maybe he needs the love since his marriage went AWOL.

Rumor has it Reid has a date Friday night.

Anyway, may as well take the oppurtunity to say, you're a great friend, and thanks for always being there for me. I hope you know I'd do the same for you.




Keep your chin up gorgeous, Morgan tells me you've got a hot date Friday night, fill me in on all the goss on monday.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie.

Love, Garcia xxxxxxxxx




Well, while we're on the subject . . I NEED ADVICE!

We're going to The Ivy. Not my idea. Theirs.

Happy Valentine's Derek, thanks for all your help over the past few months, nice to know you understand.



My 3 guardian angels,

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and that you liked my gifts. Hopefully you won't ever recieve anymore unwanted ones.

I hope you all find love for this Valentine's and that you look after each other. You are all forever in my heart.

SSA David Rossi


My wonderful boyfriend Kevin,

Our first Valentine's together 3
I though, instead of sending cards like the rest of the guys up here in BAU i'd send you an e-card, more modern AND more enviromentally friendly.

I know, I'm so considerate.

Anyway, see you Friday night stud muffin, The Ivy at 7? We might catch a glimpse of reid's date!
then maybe, back to mine ;)

Penelope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Thanks for last night, one of our best ever.

And thanks for these past few months, and your patience and understanding, because I know it's hard for you to keep this relationship secret.

See you Friday.

All my love,