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Far away love

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Bella x Edward

Bella's P.O.V

Warning: The characters in this story might seen a little different!

Summary: Edward and Bella had know each other by internet. They talk all the time... when they finally meet each other when Bella decide to visit him. They will finally know that they are made for each other. All human!


Chapter 1

finally meet

Here I am in Florida, where I was finally gonna meet my best friend from the internet Edward Cullens. My name is Bella and I'm 17 years old.

Like every teenager in this world I got obsess with the internet where I met Edward. At first we kinda dated but we broke up and we both moved on but we were still friend. I always was exited to talk t him every weekend.

Edward had find a girlfriend from his school but I was still single and I still had feeling for him

... but I didn't tell him that because for me he was just my friend Edward who I have never seen. We had always wanted to meet since we always talked, so when my father told me that we we're going to Disney for summer vacation I was thrilled. So now I'm here hours away from meeting him.

I sat in the bed that I was suppost to sleep that night. I kept thinking of the different thing that I could do and that he knew I could do... Like run away. I was suppost to meet him the next day... in epcot where he worked. I decide to see if he was Online and got out my silver laptop and log in. As always as this hour he was on.

-Hey!- I wrote. I waited a few minutes until he answer.

-Hey!... What are u doing online?- he wrote. I laugh, he always asked me that.

- I was bored!... The hotel is pretty boring XP- I wrote back as a wide grin apperd on my face. "Bella I'm gonna go down to eat in the buffet... are you coming?" My father asked as he came in the room. "No dad I'm not really hungry" I said and gave him a smile.

"Ok... but if you get hungry just get room servise" My dad told me and I knob. "Well good night Honey... and don't stay up to late... You have a big day tomorow" My dad said with a smile. "I know... Good night dad" I said.

My dad gave a chuckled and threw me a good night kiss and left. When my dad close the door I rolled my eyes, My dad didn't really mind that I would spent the day with Edward. I look over the computer and notice that he had wrote something.

-Really?... They had told me that it was a good 1? but then again it's u LOL *Grins*- he wrote.

-Ha! are U Saying I don't know how 2 have fun? *fakes glares* - I wrote back.

-Yes XD *Smiles innocetly* - he wrote back.

-Whatever Edward *Roll eyes* ... I'm kinda sleepy... I'm gonna catch up some Z's- I wrote as I yawn.

-ok!... I guess I'll see you tomorow *Smiles*- He wrote.

-Wow that sound weird- I wrote.

-I know... I'm exited to see u *Grins*- He wrote. As I read this words my heart started pounding loudly. I didn't know why but for some reason I liked it that he wanted to see him. "Oh Bella snap out of it! He had a girlfriend and he loves her!" I said to myself loudly.

-I'm exited to... but one again I tell you... I might run away- I wrote.

-I know... but I'll run after you- He wrote.

-We'll see about that... anyway I have to go! See ya!- I wrote.

-see ya *Kisses good night*- He wrote.

-*Kisses back* good night!- That was the last I wrote and I turn off the computer. I put the computer in the night stand and went into the bathroom to change. After I change into my Pj I went directly to bed and dream about to so waited day.

The next day I was ready to meet him. I had put on a pink tank top with shorts and a cap. I was ready to go. After my father and me aet breakfast wet took the bus to Etcop. As the bus got closer I grew neurves. It wasn't so long when the bus stoped in Etcop.

"We're here" My father said as I glup loudly. We got off the bus and said our good byes. I look around the big place where million of people were walking. "Ok... don't panic... you just have to get to the entras he said he was gonna meet me there" I said and walk.

It wasn't long when I found the main entras. I look around to see if I saw him between the million of people walking around me. Edward and I had extange photo when I told him that I was gonna meet him so I knew how he looked.

"Bella?" I heard some one asked from behind me making my heart stop. I slowly turn around to find two green eyes staring rigth into mine. "Edward?" I choked. "Yes" He said as he smiled a crookedly showing all of his perfect theeth. "Oh my god" Was all I could say.

He chuckled and shook his head. "And here I thought you were gonna run away" He said still smiling. "I'm sorry... I think I'm just a little shock" I said. "Aa I see... are you done?" He asked which made me smile.

Yep now I was sure it was Edward. "Defenetly Edward!" I said as a giggle escape my lips.

"Of course who else?" he asked. "I don't know... a raper?" I said with a smile. "Ah tipical Bella" He laugh.

"Ok... so?... what do you have plan for today?" I asked. I didn't know why but I felt like I had know him in real life for a long time. "Aa well my dear Bella... We are going to walk around Magic Kindom" He said. "Well then let's go!" I excaim and he laugh.

After a ferry's ride we got to Magic Kindom. The place was amaising and since Edward knew all the place we got fast.

The whole day was incredible and now it was night time and we were sitting in the perfect place to see the fireworks. "This day was Amaising Edward" I said as I glance at him. "Yes it was" He said. I stared at him as I notice a hint of sadness in his voice. "What wrong Edward?" I asked.

"I have something to tell you but I have two option and they both don't have happy endings" He said. "Please Edward... you know you can tell me anything... It's me Bella" I said as I put a hand on his shoulder. "That the point... It's you" Edward said.

"I don't get it... you always tell me everything... Is it about Tanya?" I asked about his girlfriend as a sharp pain hit my heart. "No! acctually... Tanya isn't really my girlfriend" He admitted as he looked down and the ground. "What?" I asked as my eyes went wide.

"Tanya... is my best friend and the photo I showed you was one I made her take" He said ashame. "But... I don't get it... Why would you tell me that she was your girlfriend when she really wasn't... I thought we were friends?" I asked a little taken aback. "That the point Bella... I'm In love with you" He said and looked right into my eyes.

His eyes showed hope. "But... you... I Don't understand" I said. "When you broke up with me I was hurt... even we were just Cyber dating I fell in love with you... I hid my hurt of course" He explain.

"But after that... I told you I still loved you and you said I was too late... why did you said that?" I asked.

"I thought you were joking after all you were the one who ended it... I wasn't sure... and Believe me I still love you" Edward said as he gently took my hands.

I look down at our hands... this was just like I had dream it.

"Believe it or not I still love you too" I said with a small smile. His face light up but then he frownded

. "But... what about your boyfriend Mike Newton?" Edward growled his name. "Mike Newton is a guy from my class that my best friend like's... I didn't want you to know that I was still single and in love with you when you were over me" I said.

"So... there is no Mike Newton?" He asked. "Nope... I haven't been with anyone" I said. His face light up again with happyness. Edward slowly leanded t capture my lips on a kiss but I turn away.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned. "I don't know how to kiss Edward" I said. "I'll show you" He said with a smile. He slowly leanded once again but this time holding my face with both of his hands and we kissed. At first it started simple and small but as our lips connected the kiss became passionet. It was all that I have dream.

After the wonderfull night he took me back to the hotel with his silver shiny volvo that it was parked on the outside's of Etcop. "I guess this is good night" I said as he took me to the front of the hotel.

"I guess so" He said softly. "I'll see you tomorow then?" I asked hopefully.

"It's a date" He said. The sentence had brighting up his angel like face. Once again he leanded but this time he kissed my forehead. "Good night Bella" He said. "Good night" I said and turn around and got into the hotel.

When I got to my room I threw myself in the bed with the biggest smile I have seen in my own face. I just couldn't wait for the next day.


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