Emerging From Darkness

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The rescue mission commenced. Past Phoebe, Phoebe, Piper, Prue and Melinda were transported to an obviously secluded part of the underworld. They looked around for a second, wondering were in the world they were and were the demon was.

Suddenly they could hear terrified sobs and pleas for someone to stop. Their heads wipped around towards a large stone wall and they looked at each other in confusion before realizing the wall must be an illusion.

Piper strode forward purposefully and smacked her head right into the wall. "Ow!" Piper cried out in pain as she fell backwards, stars floating in front of her face.

"Piper!" Melinda and Prue cried at the same time, running towards her. Phoebe and Past Phoebe gasped, knowing that that must've hurt.

"Are you OK?" Melinda asked with worry, standing back and allowing Prue to help Piper up.

"Fine." Piper said, rubbing her head furiously. Another blood curdling scream came from the room behind the rocks and Piper's eyes widened. "Oh no." Piper said with a groan.

"What?" Prue asked urgently. "What is it?" She repeated when Piper didn't answer.

"That wasn't Melinda's voice doing the screaming." Piper said with dread. "That was Paige."


Themal smiled as she continued to torture Chris who was really starting to regret moving himself inside Melinda's body. Sure, he was happy that Melinda wasn't sufferring, but he was pissed that he had to suffer.

Chris was determined not to scream. Themal had explained what kind of demon she was and Chris knew about these kinds of demons. They feed on pain, and they're always higher level demons because of it. These demons were really dangerous because the more powerful they get, the more power hungry they got. And in order to get more power they had to spread pain so..

Chris felt another bubble of a scream rise up in his throat. The demon had decided to make a potion were it felt like a million different knifes and swords were slicing through you at once. The pain was very real, the blood was real, and the wounds were real. Fortunately she had a reversal potion that she used every time Chris was near death, but Chris was ready to just give up and give her what she wanted.

"STOP IT!" Paige screamed in terror. Melinda had been taking the torture silently, but her eyes were burning with pain and desperation, pleading with someone to save her. "Use me instead!" Paige cried out desperately. Paige couldn't live with herself if she let this go on without trying to stop it.

Themal's head quickly snapped towards Paige and her eyes widened happily. She was getting bored torturing this girl anyways. She hadn't screamed once and that just wasn't any fun. Shrugging, Themal said, "OK." And threw the reversal potion, releasing Chris, and turning towards Paige excitedly.

Chris took several deep breaths, trying to muster up enough courage to shout out and tell Themal to focus on him... or her from Themal's perspective.

Themal snapped her fingers eagerly and Paige's cage disappeared and was replaced with chains around her wrists and ankles, lifting her off of the ground as well and holding her parallel to Chris.

"S- stop." Chris tired to scream, but it barely came out as a whisper. "P-pl-please." Chris tried again, a bit louder, hating himself for pleading.

"I don't think so." Themal said quietly, a brilliant plan forming in her mind. "I could just torture the red-head here and then she would scream for me." Themal said, grinning disgustingly. "Then, seeing her pain, you'll scream as well, just like she was doing moments before." Themal said happily, walking over and standing in front of Paige.

Paige's heart was pounding to an unimaginable beat. She couldn't believe that she was about to go through what she had just seen. Paige tried to control herself, but she couldn't help it. Tears rolled down her cheeks in waves and Paige's whole body shook, fear lacing her very breath and panicked sobs. Paige heard Melinda pleading with the demon to take her instead and wanted to cry out, and say that the demon needed to focus on her, but pretty soon the demon was standing in front of her anyways.

"I'll scream." Chris cried desperately, wanting more then anything to spare Paige this pain. "I'll cry, I'll give you whatever reaction you want just please don't hurt Paige." Chris tried again, not wanting Paige to lose her innocence. Chris had been tortured several times and it was nothing new to him, but Paige had never been tortured and Chris couldn't live with himself if he allowed Paige to go through with this.

Themal grinned at him viciously and threw a potion at Paige's feet. Flames erupted around her as though she was being burnt at the stake and Paige's eyes widened, the pain not being nearly as bad as the heat. A second later Paige couldn't stand it anymore and she opened her mouth as wide as possible and screamed her lungs out.

Blood poured from Paige's mouth as she continued to scream. Once her eyes started to melt they seeped into her mouth and momentarily quieted her, getting into her throat and choking her. The second her throat was clear Paige screamed again and again, her body dying in unimaginable agony.

"Stop it." Chris screamed, horrified. He had seen Paige tortured once before. It had been one of Wyatt's crazy schemes to get Chris to join her and let's just say that it didn't work. "Stop that, dammit." Chris screamed again, not liking the smug look of satisfaction the demon wore.

Just before Paige entered the blissful realm of darkness Themal threw a reversal potion and watched with satisfaction. Paige continued to scream for several seconds after word, unable to realize that it was over. Her mind was in pure chaos. She didn't know anything except for pain and heat. It was hot, much to hot and Paige was sure that the fire was working as slowly as possible.

"Leave her alone." Chris said, panting. He hadn't been tortured with a potion, but his wrists and ankles were bleeding. He had been tugging at his restraints the entire time and was starting to feel a slight burning sensation.

"I don't think so." Themal said with a nasty smile. She was glowing a slight red color and obviously enjoying herself. "Let's go again." She said breathlessly, absorbing that pain that reverberated through the room and smiling happiliy.


"Paige's?" Phoebe asked, walking towards the wall and pounding on it. An unbroken scream of terror echoed out to them and Phoebe started banging on the rocks, needing her sister.

"Stand back." Prue demanded. Phoebe moved out of the way cautiously and Prue flung several boulders at the wall, frowning when they made contact and bounced off.

"Maybe we should try a spell." Past Phoebe suggested timidly. Prue looked at her and rolled her eyes.

"You always think we should try a spell." Prue said with disdain, immediately dismissing Past Phoebe. Past Phoebe glared at Prue and was about to flip her off when Piper interrupted.

"Let me try." Piper said, pushing Prue backwards gently. Prue looked at Piper and remembered that she has an explosding power now.

"Go for it." Prue said, stepping back and not believing that it would work since her telekinesis didn't work. Piper stepped towards the wall and blasted it, watching with satisfaction when a few pebbles fell out. Her powers were working on it, but they weren't working quickly enough.

"Here, let me try. We can go at the same time." Melinda said, moving forward.

"Good idea." Piper acknowledged, giving Melinda an encouraging smile. Melinda stood next to Piper and they counted to three before identically flicking their hands. Piper blasted the wall, but Melinda sent a rock flying at it.

"What the hell?" Melinda asked, staring at Chris's hands with annoyance.

"Your powers must reside in your body." Prue said all knowingly. Piper smiled, missing Prue more then she could say. Melinda groaned and moved into the background.

"Alright Phoebe, come up with a spell." Piper said, staring at her Phoebe.

"OK, give me a second with myself." Phoebe said, walking over to her past self and brainstorming idea's. The screams finally ceased for a moment before starting back up again and Piper cringed, hearing Melinda's voice begging the demon to stop.

"Do you really thing they'll be able to come up with a good spell?" Prue asked Piper, wondering what she was thinking, giving Past Phoebe such a big responsibility.

"Phoebe's matured a lot Prue." Piper said with a soft smile, missing her big sister immensely. "Your very proud of her." Piper said, looking over at Phoebe and really seeing the difference.

"OK, we've got it." Past Phoebe said excitedly, running forward and eager for Prue's approval.

"Who's going to read it?" Melinda asked, wondering how this was going to work.

"Well the power of three will probably be the best." Prue said immediately and without hesitation.

"Actually I think all of us should read it. After all we're all Halliwells." Melinda said, glaring at Prue's insinuation that she was weak. Past Phoebe and Prue stared at her in shock, wondering if they heard her right. "What?" Melinda asked eventually, getting weirded out.

"Your a Halliwell?" Past Phoebe asked, looking at Chris's face and seeing the Halliwell traits.

"We don't have time for this." Piper said as another scream silenced their quarries.

"Right." Prue said, shaking her head and getting to business.

"A giant formation of rock

Remains our only block

Remove it now from our path

So we may finish our task."

Immediately the rocks exploded backwards and everyone dropped to the ground, protecting their heads.

Piper and Prue raced in, the others following behind. Piper gasped at the scene in front of her and immediately felt anger bubble inside of her.

"Bitch!" Piper roared, flicking her hands at the demon and blowing her up. Themal quickly reformed and her eyes widened at the small army that had been sent after her.

"Melinda." Chris cried and Melinda raced towards him, knowing his plan. Melinda grabbed Chris's, or her own, forearm as he screamed,

"Demon of pain, we are now released

Your rein of terror will now cease

Burn in the fire you used for pain

And go back to hell, back to were you came."

The demon screamed, burning in her own fire before finally exploding. Melinda shielded herself and Chris from the explosion while Piper ran over to Paige and shielded her.

"Are you OK?" Piper asked Paige anxiously, looking her over for any sign of injury and, finding none, sighed in relief.

"Fine." Paige whimpered. She wasn't really doing to well, but that was purely psychologically and wasn't something that could be healed. Piper nodded in understanding and blew up Paige's restraints, wincing when Paige fell to the floor.

"Switch us back." Melinda demanded of Chris frantically.

"Why?" Chris asked her with exasperation. That was hardly their biggest problem.

"Because I... you have to pee and there is no way in hell..." Melinda began. Chris gagged and immediately got the message.

"Gotcha." He said, quickly thinking up a spell.

"Whats yours is mine

What's mine is yours

Let our souls cross the line

I offer up this gift to share

Switch our souls through the air."

Chris chanted, sighing in relief when he was slammed back into his body. "Thank god." He said, feeling his chest and thanking god that guys didn't have boobs. His back was really starting to ache.

"Umm..." Melinda said to Chris, feeling awkward. "Mind cutting me down?" She asked. Chris smirked at her.

"I should just leave you up there for pissing the demon off." He said sternly. Melinda pouted and groaned.

"Come on Chris." She whined. "I'm already grounded." She told him with annoyance.

"Really?" Chris asked, amused. Chris shot a glance at Piper and started laughing when Melinda glared at him. "Alright then." He said and swung his hand, using telekinesis to cut her down. Melinda dropped to the ground and landed on her feet, shooting right back up.

"Maybe I can tell mom it's your fault." Melinda brainstormed, laughing at Chris's incredulous look. "It worked when we were kids." She reminded him, Chris grimacing at the memory.

"Your a pest." Chris said affectionately, giving Melinda a tight hug that she returned. They were both incredibly happy to see the other alive and well.

"You two ready." Prue called over to them as she started walking out of the cave, ready to get her family out of there. Melinda lifted an eyebrow at him and Chris smirked, walking forward.


The seven Halliwells reformed in the manors attic. Past Piper had been anxiously awaiting their arrival while feeding Wyatt a bottle. She was scared for them. Past Piper felt kind of bad for not going with them, but there was five people that left and that should've been enough people. Past Piper took a deep breath, trying to calm down and not panic.

Piper gasped in surprise when the seven Halliwells orbed in and she smiled with happiness, happy to have her family back in one piece. Quickly Past Piper put Wyatt down in his play pen and ran up to Prue and Past Phoebe.

"Thank god your alright." Piper said excitedly, giving them a hug. "I was so worried."

"Don't worry Piper. We're all OK." Prue said, pointing towards Chris and Melinda, both of whom were enjoying having their own bodies back.

"Thank god." Past Piper repeated sincerely, smiling at Chris and Melinda. Chris smiled back at her and Melinda waved, enjoying the attention.

"I think it's time for the three of you to return to your time." Chris said, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen over them. Immediately there was an uproar.

"No way!" Past Phoebe yelled, determined not to leave until she figured what this future was all about.

"We didn't even figure out who your killer is yet." Past Piper said to Chris, wanting to leave and return to her semi-normal life, but also hesitant to go.

"We can take it from here." Melinda promised them, agreeing with Chris and already thinking up a spell.

"Are you sure?" Prue asked, ready to let the future people handle it. Prue was thinking along the lines of all the people from the past; they didn't really like the future too much.

"We're sure." Piper said, with tears in her eyes. Piper didn't want Prue to go. She wanted her to stay so badly that Piper would almost risk the timeline. But destiny had given her a gift. It had allowed her to see Prue one more time, and it warned her about Chris's impending death. Piper sighed, and breathed heavily, ready to mourn Prue the second she left.

Prue nodded and asked, "How do we leave?" Prue wasn't really sure what to think of this place. It wasn't that they seemed to have bad lives or anything, but she hadn't seen very many pictures of herself throughout the house and it seemed like she and her sisters had a major falling out.

"I'm going to erase their memories when we send them back if you want to spend some time with her." Chris whispered to Piper, completely understanding the feeling of loss and what it could do to you.

"Thank you." She whispered to Chris. "Tell Melinda, Phoebe and Paige for me please." She told him and Chris nodded and started passing on the message.

"Their all filled in." Chris said, not really sure were Piper was going with this.

"Prue, me, and Past Phoebe." Piper called getting their attention. Piper smiled and turned towards Paige. "Paige isn't just some witch that helps us out." Piper said, smiling at Paige's sheepish expression. "She's our sister. Mom had an affair with her whitelighter." Piper said, seeing their stunned looks and nodding.

"Sam?" Prue asked incredulously. Piper nodded at her and Prue contemplated this for a second before realizing that this was highly possible. After all they had met Sam once and they knew about the love Patty had for Sam.

"And these two." Piper said, almost laughing at Chris's and Melinda's horrified expressions. Apparently they wanted their identities to remain a secret. "Are my future children, Christopher Perry Halliwell and Melinda Prudence Halliwell." Piper said, smiling at Prue's proud look.

"Really?" Past Piper asked, looking at them and her future self, seeing the resemblance. "Wanna tell me who the dad is?" She asked jokingly, raising her eyebrows.

"Nope." Piper smiled when her past self groaned.

"You named her after me." Prue asked with a small smiled, stepping forward and giving Piper a hug. "Thanks." Prue squealed happiliy.

"Your welcome." Piper said softly, feelings tears rushing to the surface again at the thought of losing Prue again.

Melinda moved forward, grabbed a piece of chalk, and started drawing a triquatra on the wall. Past Phoebe walked up to her excitedly and watched her closely.

"What are you drawing?" She asked curiously, seeing the half drawn figure and feeling like she should know what it is.

"A triquatra." Melinda said with amusement. Phoebe was the one who had taught her about triquatras at Magic School when she had been taking another sabbatical from work.

"Like the one on the book of shadows?" Past Phoebe asked, with interest now. She loved to learn whatever she could about magic.

"Yep." Melinda nodded, almost done with the drawing. "They're good sources of power for time portals." She told Past Phoebe with a wink. Past Phoebe smiled back at her and watched Melinda until the drawing was done.

"Well I guess this is goodbye." Past Phoebe said sadly. She wasn't ready to be an aunt yet, but she had grown fond of Melinda and felt like she didn't get to spend any time with her or anything.

"I guess so." Melinda said, without the sadness. She had a Phoebe in this time that wasn't her real aunt yet either. Neither of them could be and Melinda had come to terms with that.

"I'll miss you." Past Phoebe said in a sad and childlike voice. Melinda laughed at her innocence and hugged her back.

"We'll meet again." She reminded Past Phoebe quietly. Past Phoebe nodded and stepped back.

"Just tell me one thing." Past Phoebe asked cheerfully. Melinda nodded, telling her to go on. "What's your favorite color?" Past Phoebe asked excitedly, looking like she was ready to file this information away.

Melinda laughed and thought about it seriously for a minuet. "Sky blue." She finally decided with a wistful look in her eyes. In the future the sky was alway a disgusting gray, but Melinda had heard stories about what the sky used to look like and she thought she would love to see that color someday. Past Phoebe nodded, smiling at her choice.

And so the round of goodbye hugs began. Past Piper hugged Melinda gently, telling her how beautiful she was and Melinda blushed before moving on. Prue smiled at her and apologized for hitting her own nephew; asking if Melinda could forgive her. Melinda smiled and nodded, giving Prue a tight hug that lasted longer then all the others. Unlike Past Piper and Past Phoebe, Prue didn't have a future self here that Melinda could spend time with so, despite their disputes, Melinda was sad that she was leaving.

"Sorry I tried to kill you." Prue said jokingly, but with real remorse in her voice.

"Don't mention it." Chris said quickly. "That's kind of the Halliwell trait isn't it." Chris asked, smiling when Prue laughed. "I'll miss you." Chris whispered to her once they had stepped back from each other. Chris scanned her face, trying to remember every feature and file it away for later information.

Past Piper stepped forward and told Chris that he would grow up to be very handsome. Chris blushed and thanked her, stepping out of the hug and being immediatly hugged by a grossed out Past Phoebe.

"I'm so sorry." She apologized, feeling disgusting for ever thinking he was hot. Chris smirked at her and asked what she was sorry for, deciding to make her squirm. "For hitting on you!" Past Phoebe exclaimed in disgust. "EW!" She added to emphasis her point. Chris laughed at her and assured her that he wasn't traumatized... much.

Pipers eyes started to water when Prue walked up with her arms outstretched. "Can't wait to see you in a few years sis." Prue said with a joking smile, not seeing Pipers tears. Piper smiled at stepped into Prue's arm, trying to remember everything about her sister. Even though their memories were being erased, Piper wasn't going to tell Prue about her death. Piper didn't want to upset her just so she could cry over her leaving without looking stupid. "I love you." Prue said, suddenly feeling that Piper needed to hear that. Piper nodded, choking back her tears and sob with a watery smile.

"I love you too." She whispered, being as quiet as possible so her voice wouldn't break.

"I'll always being watching out for you." Prue said seriously, stroking Piper hair and having an idea of why she wasn't around in the future. Piper nodded and put a hand over her mouth, unable to say anything. Prue leaned forward and kissed Pipers forehead lovingly before turning around and stepping back, letting someone else have a turn.

"I can't wait to see what happens to change me so much." Past Piper said, still in awe of herself. Piper smiled at her sadly and replied in a serious voice.

"You don't want to see it." Before nodding at Prue. Past Piper immediately got the message and felt sorrow for her future self before pulling her into a tight hug.

"I wont let it happen." Past Piper vowed, knowing there was nothing she could do if destiny didn't want her to. Piper nodded and Past Phoebe came barreling up to her.

"Bye!" She exclaimed, her innocence not at all affected by the sorrow and loss in the room. Piper laughed, momentarily shaking away her tears.

"Bye." Piper replied quietly

"I can't wait to meet you." Past Phoebe said to Paige excitedly. If Paige were around then maybe Phoebe would have someone else on her side when Prue gangs up on her.

"We're good friends." Paige assured Past Phoebe with a smile and a hug. Past Phoebe stepped back and Past Piper stepped forward.

"I hope your not as much trouble as Phoebe is." Past Piper said jokingly, laughing when Paige winked over at Past Phoebe conspiratorially. Paige gave Past Piper a quick hug and waited with baited breath for Prue to make a move. Prue walked up to her with calculating eyes and decided that she liked what she saw. Paige watched her cautiously. This was Prue; superwitch. The girl that Paige has compared herself to for years. Finally Prue walked forward and wrapped her arms around Paige.

"Your going to make a great sister, Paige." Prue said with her usual air of confidence and trustworthiness.

Prue moved over to Phoebe and quickly gave her a quick hug. "I hope you mature a bit, but even if you don't I love you anyways." Prue told Phoebe reassuringly. Phoebe nodded tearfully, unable to say anything. Prue stepped back and allowed Past Piper and Past Phoebe to give Phoebe a quick hug before grabbing her sisters hands and turning towards the portal. "Let's go home." Prue told them with a smile.

Chris and Melinda looked at each other, grasped hands, and started chanting:

"A noble cause to travel through time

We now send you back with this rhyme

Go back to your home through time and space

Your memories of this we now erase."

They finished wincing at the loud, "Hold on a second, no one said our memories would be erased..." Prue shouted before screamed, and getting sucked through the portal.

The people left stared at each other, waiting for someone to break the mourning silence. "Let's go into the kitchen and talk." Piper suggested, leading the way out.


A half an hour later and they had decided that Melinda would stay in the past to help save Wyatt and help stop Chris's killer. Piper had decided to not to tell Leo a thing until Chris and Melinda had went back to the future and Piper had demanded that her children stay in the manor. Just about everything was decided until Melinda asked,

"Am I still grounded?" In a pouty voice. Chris looked at her sternly and was about to say yes when Piper answered.

"Yes." She said firmly, wanting to smile at the look on Melinda's and Chris's face. Melinda looked pouty and Chris was triumphant.

"What does that mean, exactly?" Melinda asked, knowing that Piper wouldn't do anything to interfere with Melinda and Chris's missions.

"No T.V." Piper said firmly, smirking at Chris's that's-not-enough look. Melinda smiled and stuck her tounge out at Chris.

"K." She said happily, totally cool with that.

"Alright, it's midnight so why don't we all get some sleep." Piper suggested, yawning widely.

"Actually I was thinking of going to the underworld and..." Piper looked at him sharply and Chris's eyes widened at the immediate threat of grounding in her eyes. Chris quickly changed his tactics. "... and I can do that tomorrow after at least eight hours of sleep." Chris said sarcastically.

"Good boy." Piper said, petting his head. Chris rolled his eyes and Melinda smirked, leading the way up the stairs.

"Goodnight." Chris said, turning into the room he and Melinda were going to share.

"Goodnight!" Melinda told Piper giving her a quick hug.

"I love you two." Piper said sincerely, giving Chris a hug as well. They each entered their seperate bedrooms, turned out their lights, and went to sleep.